Maddie Poppe - Whirlwind

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Whirlwind Tracklist:


Nothing good out of California song is fire. She has an beautiful voice. Beautiful soul.


This album has been out for over a year and I still listen to it daily. It is THAT GOOD. Give Maddie Poppe all the Grammy's. ALL of them.


The flow of the songs — top notch — I can listen to it over and over again. Her storytelling is very relatable. Just love her easy going style.

Music fo liifee

Maddie is one of a kind; and this album is amazing!


Love every minute of this album. Beautifully written lyrics. Super raw and honest. Find many of the songs very therapeutic! So good! Highly recommend “Roses!”


I can hardly wait for her next album to come out! This Girl is on her way to super stardom. But best of all, she’s a truly nice person raised by great parents.


Great catchy tunes that know how to hook.

The boy who's awesome

Maddie Poppe is A👏🏻MAZ👏🏻ING👏🏻!!! Seriously how can someone be this talented?!?! Every single song is so well written. When she sings it’s ALWAYS so fabulous I am blown away every time!! Seriously every single song is my favorite, picking a favorite is too hard because they are all so spectacular!! I listen to this album 25/8!! Tell everybody about this album!! Tell your family, your friends, your dog, everybody!!


all of these songs are amazing!! i can’t choose which one i love most!!! maddie is the best human💓


My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing her show and meeting her tonight. Seems like an awesome person and has a voice that is an absolute gift. Can’t wait till discover her whole album after this purchase.


In an Interview talking about her album, Maddie said she was worried people might say “we don’t know who you are” because the music is varied. That’s what makes a great album! Her songs are meaningful, I can hear and understand every word, which is rare, and her voice is special.


Not only does Maddie have a clear beautiful voice but the lyrics are rich and varied! Love her sound and her story telling!


This is literally the best album I’ve listened to in a long time! Her voice sound like an angle! ❤️❤️❤️


Wonderful Album!


I’ve had the album on repeat for days!! I love Maddie’s versatile style and subject matter. None of the repetitive types of romantic messages that permeate the music industry so much. Creative and playful.


I love every i god song on this album. Her voice is amazing and I can’t get enough of it! I love all the lyrics to the songs too! One of the best albums to ever come out from an American idol contestant

Kayley G

Highly recommend -- I love the variety of styles that Maddie includes. You can listen to this album on repeat ad love it more each time.

mac and toshy

After giving Whirlwind more than a few whirls, I listened to the debut album Come Away with Me by Norah Jones. I enjoyed both albums, but after listening to Norah Jones, I had to log into You Tube and watch Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 at Tanglewood. After listening to Whirlwind I had to keep hitting the replay button, because I could not get enough of Maddie Poppe's rich, textured, beautiful voice, and and how she weaves in and out of her falsetto -- all with such emphasis and clarity to the stories she is conveying. It is masterful. A previous negative reviewer asked, who starts an album with a ballad. Well Norah Jones did in Come Away with Me, and the song "Don't Know Why" won the Grammy for Record of the Year. Oh, and the album won the Grammy for Album of the Year, and she was named Best New Artist.


This is an absolutely wonderful masterpiece of music! Each song stands on its own, strong and heartfelt, as Maddie effortlessly reveals her thoughts and feelings.

Mr Archive

She has such a clear warm resonance in her voice, great addition to the collection...


This is going to be a very successful album. I’m so excited for Maddie because I was always a fan, knew she was very special and this album is perfect to showcase her unique talent. She’s a keeper!


Wow Maddie great new music love your the song Not Losing You....all the songs are great! Can’t wait for the CD to come out! Also looking forward to your video of Not Losing You that you made here in Iowa!


I only half watched American Idol last season, but I was so glad to hear that Maddie won. Still, nothing prepared me for the depth and maturity that comes across in her debut album. I’m honestly so excited that her album is as strong as it is. Her voice sounds effortless and fun. Can’t wait to hear what comes next!


Quality:award worthy Artist:Brilliant Voice:Unique Hotel:Trivago

Best cutting app

A year later and I still think it should’ve been Gabby Barrett who won American idol .she’s fallen off the tracks no wonder why American idol doesn’t care about her anymore .


I love this, she has the best AI voice in a long time!


I’m honestly surprised Skeletons is one of the songs that is lower in the ratings, I think it’s an amazing song and it’s super underrated same with Take It Out On You (That piano solo is Bomb). Appreciating all the good songs on this Album!

ear herpes

Who starts an album off with a ballad? Completely the wrong way to set the tone for the rest of your album.


Perfectly Maddie! Every single song is a winner! No skips here!


Every song on this amazing album speaks to my heart! Maddie Poppe is my all time favorite artist!!


Honestly it’s so good! All of it. Give it a chance. It will not disappoint!


Congrats on releasing your album! Love the songs, music, and talent. Maddie sounds amazing and I love her style. ❤️


Love everything about Maddie Poppe’s new album, from the cover to the original and heartfelt songs. It’s hard not to feel emotions when listening to her unique voice sing the storytelling lyrics. Highly recommend it!


I have been a huge fan of Maddie since American idol and this album was worth the wait. Combination of great lyrics and and amazing voice to make a top notch album!🙌🏼😊


The songs and the voice are easy for the ears and cleansing for the heart.


and you are very arrogant and selfish acting like AI needs to focus only on you.


I love this album so much! Not Losing You is so heartfelt and touching whereas Made You Miss is so upbeat and fun. Maddie Poppe is changing the world of music.


Maddie’s voice is so beautiful. I love the tone and I can listen to it all day. Great album


This album is exactly what I needed my life. I can relate to just about every song on a very personal level. She touches my soul and makes me feel all the feels. She hits home. AND those high notes! Maddie Poppee has evolved as an artist. This is only the beginning of what is to come from her.


I can’t get enough of this album. Each song is different and unique & displays Maddie’s talent so well. She can do so many things with her voice from hitting an airy, breath taking note to hitting a thick, deep & sultry note. Can’t wait to follow her career.❤️❤️

Sara Sunshine

My daughter and I have been waiting for this album and it doesn’t disappoint!!


The best debut album I’ve ever heard!! Cannot stop listening!! EVERY song is fantastic and beautiful and tells it’s own story!!! Masterfully done!! ❤️


This album is nothing short of pure greatness. Maddie is undoubtably the best winner ever to come from the show. She is pure, raw talent and this album is an example of that. Every song on here is gold. If you haven’t bought it yet, please do yourself a favor and bless your ears with this masterpiece. 10/10

Tess Hanson

Everything I never knew I needed.

Not her Mother or Relative

Every single song is a hit, no need to skip any of them or make a play list with your favorites‼️Just put it on and enjoy the Whirlwind of Ride with her‼️ Maddie’s vocals and talent are Timeless and Classic‼️ Not a one hit wonder‼️


Great album!!


Pretty good for a debut album. “Not Losing You” is my fav! Maddie really is storyteller. Her voice is just beautiful!


She’s simply AMAZING!

Yanna M.

This album is everything that people knew Maddie could do when she won Idol! Great lyrics with so many colorful melodies! These are songs you’ll want to play over and over! Jan M.