Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed


When Broken Is Easily Fixed Tracklist:

dish pup

Listened to it like fifty times and it never gets old!

iTunes user DP

I heard this cd more than 10years ago and I still absolutely love it!!!!!


I don't know about anyone else, but the more I listen to their new stuff I find myself loving it but it ALWAYS makes me want to go back to the old stuff. Favorite band of all time.


I know of this band from back when i was 12 and "til this day they continue being my all time favorite band. I absolutely love each one of their songs and love their concerts! I definitely recommend this band, its more than just hearing shane scream him lungs out!


All U haters of Older Silverstein Need to shut UP or Consider the Following: 1.) This is their 1st recorded Album from Victory Records when they WERE YOUNG!!!!! And if you aren't in the music business, if you haven't heard, Victory Records had a Stellar Line up back then & still do today for the most part, BUT the rumor is they treat most of their bands like Crap! Also They didn't have nearly as big of a budget to produce this Album as they would today because they are more known now & have Been in the Studios NUMEROUS TIMES BEFORE NOW (AKA the experience & even a BAND'S BUDGET WILL ULTIMATELY EFFECT HOW WELL THE QUALITY OF THE FINAL MASTER VERSION OF THE ALBUM WILL SOUND due to many reasons with a tight lower budget they had back then such as equipment they used & had available at the time they could afford versus NOW BEING A MUCH MORE WELL KNOWN BAND & SWITCHING RECORD COMPANIES over the YEARS, Gives the Band a MUCH MORE BIGGER BUDGET & WIDER SPECTRUM OF WHAT THEY CAN & ALSO WHAT THE BAND WANTS TO USE IN THE LINE OF EQUIPMENT that maybe wasn't available for them at the time to use or they wanted it but DUE TO BUDGET CONSTRAINTS & DEADLINES TO MEET, they were forced to go with what they had whether all of their equipment was Top Of The Line Or NOT! I Mean how many other bands that you like sound THE BEST QUALITY & SOUND WISE IF IT WASN'T REMASTERED TO BEGIN WITH???? 99.99% of the Time you won't find one bc of these reasons!!!! 2.) You have never been in the music business or know how it goes from a basic point of view on How HARD IT IS For A BAND TO GET OUT THERE & GET SIGNED TO A RECORD LABEL & ALL THE COUNTLESS HOURS OF SHOWS & HOME-MADE recorded basement tracks they might have had on cassette tapes & CD-Rs, etc. just to first get noticed! IT'S NOT EASY UNLESS YOU KNOW ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE RIGHT OFF THE BAT FOR CONNECTIONS FOR GETTING SIGNED! 3.) You also probably don't realize that this is Silverstein's ROOTS TO ALL THE MUSIC THEY ARE MAKING NOW BOTH LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY!!!! They Have just gotten more $ to Record their next Albums Budget Wise & ALSO MATURED AS A BAND & GOT EVEN BETTER Some may Argue as time went on BC their SOUND QUALITY WAS MUCH BETTER ON FUTURE RECORDING STUDIO & EQUIPMENT THEY WERE ALLOWED TO USE! Clearly this is evident in Discovering The Waterfront which was the next album after this one! SO I AM 100% convinced that if they had ALL THE EQUIPMENT & Bigger Budget & Better Recording Studios that they have access to or available to them now, that THIS ALBUM WOULD SOUND JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHER ALBUMS THEY HAVE PUT OUT AS WELL. 3.5) TO ALL YOU Other Old-School Haters of Silverstein, it's most likely because you never knew who they where until or after ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES came out So you haven't a clue on what the band's sound was centered around to begin WITH! Anyway it's a Great Album IMO & I Like ALL of their stuff but ANY OF THEIR NEWER STUFF THAT SOUNDS LIKE THERE ROOTS VS. a half-way forced early due to deadlines & label contracts like some of Arrivals & Departures was IMO (even though I liked that album, it wasn't my favorite out of all of their works they have put out there on the market) So Don't start hating on a Band if You really weren't there from the beginning or don't know the whole story! I love Silverstein & always will. Especially now that they have seemed to improve as musicians despite a member moves & that they have gone back to their ROOTS! Some may not like this cd bc of the quality in the master, but I do & can appreciate it for what it is & seeing them playing them at NUMEROUS LIVE SHOWS, IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE ALL THEIR OTHER STUFF & when you look at the crowd & see who is singing along with them as they play live or who knows their older lyrics vs. the others in the live audience separates the OLD-SCHOOL Die HARD Fans from the rest of the newer fans (which is ok if you are new to checking out their stuff, just don't judge or hate on it if you are a newer fan is all I'm Saying). Overall this Cd is worth Listening to & like I said some people like & others Don't & that's the Beauty of The Music World, there will always be something for someone, whether you like this Album or Not. Overall I give it 5 Stars bc the Haters are being WAY TOO HARSH ON THEM! 5/5


Must have, for all the die hard old school silverstein fans. Totally worth the 10 bucks.

Mike plomondon

The vocals aren't the greatest but they are real and not the stuff from nowadays where it's all big labels and doctored every step if the way. An all around powerful album.


Their newer stuff is so much better than this.. They really turned themselves around.. in all honesty i really love all of these songs but the screaming is.. lets face it.. aweful.. If they re did this album like they do their other stuff this would be great


Huge fan if their other albums but this just didn't do it for me...

silverstein rocks

This album is awesome!!!!!!