Sara Bareilles - What's Inside: Songs from Waitress

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What's Inside: Songs from Waitress Tracklist:


Masterfully done


From the first notes, you become swept sling in the current of simple and yet complex songs; each one speaking it’s truth with a haunting and timeless beauty.


I’ve been obsessed with listening to this album its crazy the progression of waitress since this album release! Only gotten better and better highly recommend for everyone even those who don’t like theater


So i might be a little biased about this since I'm a hardcore Sara stan (really i am!) and i do love this album! Sara is really talented if you ask me, and this album is no different (there isn't an occasion where she isn't tbh). i think my favorites are definitely i didnt plan it, when he sees me, and she used to be mine (even if you don't like the other songs you HAVE to get this one song it's AMAZING i swear!). so 10/10, 100% recommend but do make sure you preview the songs before just incase you don't like them! (just as a reminder hehe)


My favorit song off the album is probubly opening up. Then probubly I didn't plane it. both colaberation with Jason Mraz Bad Idea and You matter to me were great, and then I love every thing changes. All in all great songs and well done.


A bit skeptical about this album when I first saw and heard--HOWEVER, the more I listened the more I fell in love with the harmonies, lyrics, and the musical itself. Please give it a listen! Sara is most definitely one talented lady. Love, love, love this.


This is seriously great! I had to listen to it a little differently, understanding that these are songs from "Waitress." That said, I think a lot of people can get into these songs and enjoy the imagery and still get the feelings and emotions from songs like "She Used to Be Mine" and "Bad Idea." Wonderful album!


I bought this thinking it was a traditional album. I had no idea they were songs from a musical. I'm not a big fan of musicals, so I didn't really connect with this album. Her voice is still magical throughout and I can't wait for her next traditional album though!


Beautiful Music!!


The play is great and the music is just incredibly beautiful.


Talk about versatility in song writing, Sara has that cornered. This sounds like an album based on a musical, but a cut between Broadway and pop, which makes it much better. I'm not a "show tunes" type of person, but this album is infectious and I gladly can't stop listening. This will make you laugh, cry, ponder, sigh, and just plain be happy you experienced it. If this is the new standard for "show tunes", sign me up!


After seeing the show in NYC I have to say this is one groundbreaking musical! Such a beautiful score on top of it! The music truly maintains Sara's lovable sound! Sara and Jessie are a perfect match!!


I have loved all of her previous albums, and was excited to see her release this one. I instantly was moved by "She Used To Be Mine", which reminded me a lot of her previous song "Gravity". The other songs are catchy, but I admit it wasn't until I saw the musical that I fell in love with the entire album. (As a note, I've never seen the movie and wasn't sure how I felt about the storyline beforehand.) Seeing the actions, facial expressions, etc just added so much more to the songs for me. The score is a nice mix of moving, funny, and catchy. Now I'm listening to this album on repeat, and will buy the official cast recording when it's released this summer.


Just got home from seeing Waitress live on Broadway and let me tell you, amazing songs!


I love everything about these songs. They're all beautiful in their own way and these versions only make the Broadway show more enjoyable! Saw it last night and was blown away! Sara is a queen!!

Keen ennobled

Always been a fan of hers; She never disappoints me with her music. Love the new album!


She used to be mine--Almost every woman can relate to a part of this song! So beautiful


Great album to go with a cute movie! My favorite is "used to be mine" cried a few times....


amazing who you can like and where it can lead you...Sara B. smooth and strong vocals, with; I Didn't Plan It, hooked me being the first song I've ever heard from her, and I will play this album and have become a #fan4life. Continued success Sara B.

Myself and the Other One

Sara Bareilles, please write the music to my life story. I mean, it would be a pretty boring show, but you would find a way to spice things up.


Great album- feeling like a Broadway show should be made around the songs!


I had doubts about the broadway blending, but then I gave the album a listen. Listening to this album was like eating the most delicious cake ever created, so I listened to it again. And again. And again. And another 37 times. I simply can’t get enough of this sugar and butter, and I can’t get it out of my bloodstream. I'm paying the price for listening, and I have absolutely no regrets. It’s simple: No one can bake an album like Sara Bareilles.


We saw the show in Boston - it was incredible! Songs are great, and well worth it. It will do very very well on Broadway.


I preordered this before I realized it was from a musical. I'm a little disappointed, I was expecting an album like her previous ones. Even knowing these are musical songs, I still thought they were hokey and lacked depth. The melodies aren't even that catchy. Usually her voice and lyrics hit my soul but none of these songs did that this time. I look forward to her future albums. I also wish she'd do more covers.

💚💚💚💚luv it!

Sara never ceases to amaze me or her band of fans.She creates the most beautiful, poetic songs. Sara I am truly grateful of your existence and the evidence that there are still true artists out there. I'm just kidding there's millions of joyous artists out there whom I also truly love. Well farewell thank you for making a song. Hope this is a reminder that you are coming back not that you were ever gone but you get the point


Great album! Sara has such a beautiful voice. She could sing the phone book and it would sound beautiful!!!

The computernerd023456

I will admit, I was a doubter. I did not know what to expect this. But my god can Sara write a song. I love love love this! So excited for its Broadway debut!


I suspect that most of the reviews here are from women. I'm a guy - I like rock, alternative, etc. But I'm also a fan of good songs and good music. This is really a great album.

John shank83

I love her!! I just think it's okay.


Another wonderful album from the lovely Sara Bareilles. Full of brilliant melodies, catchy tunes and fun lyrics. On repeat since it released on Nov. 6.

Evan the big gamer

I love this album!!! Sara Bareilles has the loveliest voice and a excellent song writer. My favorite song When he sees me. Also big Jason Mraz fan so I loved hearing him on the album. Now I need to see the play.


I don't know how to put it but she just kills it on this album. "She used to be Mine" just rocks my soul and the melodic imagery is amazing through the whole album.

Laura Oprisch

Sugar, butter, and flour: that’s all Sara Bareilles needs to make her new album a delightful hit. She has finally written music for a musical in her new album What’s Inside: Songs from Waitress. While I’m not a diehard fan of hers, I have enjoyed her popular songs like her first hit “love song” and rediscovered her album after album. She wrote this album for the 2015 musical adaptation of the 2007 film Waitress. You can tell the songs are written for the story, not the story written around the songs like Mamma Mia! You can understand the plot just from the songs without seeing movie or musical. She perfectly captured the comedy drama genre of the movie in the music by having the up beat melody for songs like “Bad Idea” about an affair. You might find sugar, butter, and flour from the first song “What’s Inside” either catchy or annoying, either way you’ll hear it repeated throughout the album. It’s easily recognizable as her type of songs with just some piano in some songs, clapping, snapping, a bit of drumming, and occasionally joined by other singers. If you are more into musicals you’ll like songs like “Opening Up,” “When He Sees Me,” “Door Number Three,” and “Bad Idea,” they are all up beat. If you are into Sara Bareilles more then you will like “She Used to Be Mine” and ”You Matter to Me,” they are the slower songs. My favorite songs are “Opening Up,” “When He Sees Me,” “Door Number Three” and “When He Sees Me.” The song “Opening Up” is like a sunny morning where the day is going to be great even though from the lyrics she is clearly unhappy. You can’t help but tap your feet to its up beat playful melody. Filled with a mix of sounds to give it an odd sort of beat in the beginning “Door Number Three” is a song of being curious about new relationships. Sara Bareilles nailed the jittery anxious thoughts before a date in the song “When He Sees Me” Her lyrics start out with silly things like “He could be colorblind. How untrustworthy is that.” And then into scarier scenarios of the guy actually liking her, “And make me laugh, come out of hiding. What do I do with that? Oh, God.” But the ending line is what we all think when we like someone new and want, “Someone who when he sees me, wants to again.” The song pinpoints the shift from being nervous to daydreaming with the quick anxious speech like singing then gradually into a smooth waltz when dreaming of the guy liking her. It has the musical formula that is easily recognizable but with a Sara Bareilles sound to it. After listening to this album you will want to watch the movie or buy tickets to the musical and treat yourself to a piece of pie.


Brililant!! Sara nails it!


I don't usually encourage artists to go for the pop songs, but i just don't dig her ballads. Her witty pop songs are awesome, but i get instant ADD when those ballads come on.

Marcy Bautista

I love this Album. I can’t wait for the Musical. Each song has her trademark on it.

Miss Edie A

This album is more me than I am. Her songs not only have a creative twist musically but her lyrics turn my soul to melted butter. Brava!


Sara Bareilles is the queen of everything. This album is no exception; can’t wait to see Waitress on Broadway!

Locker G007

Went to see the show when it was playing in Boston... Truly incredible. The concept captures any audience and the lyrics are extremely relatable, no matter what stage of life you're at. I hope that in the future there is a cast album recorded to show off more of the characters!


Okay, I haven’t heard the entire collection, but “She Used To Be Mine” is fricking epic — a "showstopper". Sara Bareilles is both a relevant, contemporary artist and a throwback to classic singer/songwriters like Carole King.

Dannelle Charles

I'm glad that she's back with an ablum, I've been waiting for 2 years! I love it and it has Jason Mraz! Congrats Sara and I hope it wins a Grammy!


I need more Sara B and Jason Mraz duets.


Sarah B and Jason M finally collaborated together!!!


Disappointed. Only one song doesn't come across as written for the purpose of supporting a musical. She is so talented. I hoped for more.


Sara's an amazing talent. Anyone would enjoy this wonderful cycle of songs.


So good. Sara is a force to be reckoned with. the songs sounds so fun and I've already been listening to it over and over and over and over. Can't wait to see it live especially with the amazing Chicago bred Jessie mueller!


Sara has done it once again! She is truly an exceptional singer/songwriter. "Everything Changes" and the duet with Jason Mraz "You Matter to Me" are my favorites so far. Can't wait to see Waitress live!


this is amazing already have our tickets to see waitress


One of the most talented minds and voices of our generation. I can’t wait to see this explode on Broadway. Sara, your music has inspired me in so many ways. Keep it up. “She Used To Be Mine” just kills me, and my play count on that is already up close to 100.


I re-found Sara Bareilles while listening to her recent "Sounds Like Me" audiobook. She is a fantastic storyteller which is apparent in songs from her past albums. But now, she seamlessly transitions this talent to a new Broadway musical score/lyrics. There's just no stopping her. Brava!