Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 75

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NOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 75 Tracklist:


OMG this album is great, but stupid love? Why not rain on me? Stupid love is good but rain on me is way better!!


Where is Taylor Swift?!

mimic vampier starlight

Ya go queen I love you 💝


Horrible choices of music!


Why did t they put juice WRLD in there? He died! I mean, come on! His music is fire! There are a couple good songs in here, but the rest are trash.

jinjin astro bby

Y’all don’t know good music

Pop for life


no nickname needed to express

All this songs are absolute GARBAGE!


I love all of the songs my favorite would be break my heart 💕


Juice should be on here for sure


That’s a very good song it needs to be here anyway i like break my heart i love the album pic!


I can’t ☹︎ t̑̈ȏ̈ s̑̈ȃ̈d̑̈ c̑̈ȃ̈n̑̈t̑̈ h̑̈ȃ̈v̑̈ȇ̈ ȇ̈ȓ̈g̑̈ȇ̈ t̑̈ȏ̈ ಠ_ಠ why did I just put the song back on ಠ_ಠ ☹︎☹︎☹︎☹︎to sad ddd


Like, it’s pretty good, until you’re halfway through. Let me give you a few suggestions, bc after like that, everything else is straight dodo. Roses(Imanbek remix) The box-Roddy Ricch Life is good-Future(feat.Drake) Midnight-Alesso(feat.Liam Payne) Falling-Harry Styles Broken glass-Kygo & Kim Petras Lose somebody-Kygo & OneRepublic Didn’t I-OneRepublic Savage love-Jason Derulo & Jawsh 685 The bigger picture-Lil Baby Come & go-Juice WRLD & Marshmello 11 Minutes-Halsey & Yungblud Teeth-5 Seconds of Summer Anyway, jus sayin’.


What a bop! 💓

DJ Derek R

Has clean stuff on here and great for DJ ing.



verge fortniter

He so deserved to get blueberry faygo on here!!! He is so my Celebrity crush!!!!


As in pay money for this? This is music for lobotomized people.


There was so many better songs


I did not expect it to be this good


ariana grande and lady Gaga’s song needs to be on here


I do think they have good songs on here. However, I’m surprised “Roses” didn’t make the list. I think it should have replaced “Sunday Best” since it was included on the previous album. Also I’m surprised that “The Box” hasn’t been on any of these albums yet.

CJ Billington

I can’t wait to get it


All the songs are good; go stream and buy daisies and smile


Why, just why?

Liam-Man 72

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in place, I’m glad that Now! 75 has finally been released!

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