Various Artists - NOW That's What I Call Music Country 13

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NOW That's What I Call Music Country 13 Tracklist:


really good set of songs of all the best country songs

mimic vampier starlight

Niki you’re trash!

Emarald dumond

This is dumb stupid and dumb. I can’t believe people like this crap!




Feminizing! Feminization! We need the female artists to be in it! Miranda Lambert! Kelsey Ballerini! Ashley McBryde (whoever that is)! Tanya Tucker! Other female country artists! Whenever I’m listening to my radio on my CD player I’m always so disappointed at the number of males on this and once every hour or so “hey Carrie Underwood!”

wanting a credit

This can not be played on my iphone 11 for some reason. I purchased it but can not listen. not the albums fault just a glitch. feel like apple stole from me.


Love this album so much I bought four of the artists full albums! Love these, now that’s what I call music/country albums.


2/3 of these are poor pop songs and just claim to be “country.”

🐖piggy pop🐖



All these poor excuses for country music sound the same.


Country isn’t music. This album is a joke.


What about George Strait?

cool cook29

While it’s a pretty good album I do wish more women where included on it, it was definitely worth the wait. I quibble that to a t is on it, it wasn’t a big hit. I’m glad that it has some what’s next artists, I just wish Gabby Barrett was part of it.


Left out some of the best songs of the year. 20 songs but only 4 songs by country women. Left out hit tunes by Kelsey Ballerini, Jana Kramer, Ashley McBryde, Miranda Lambert, Dixie Chicks ...

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