Alanis Morissette - Underneath / 20/20 – Single

℗ 2008 Maverick Recording Company, manufactured and distributed by Warner Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company.

Underneath / 20/20 – Single Tracklist:

alanis rocks

Where is "Break,"the song Alanis wrote. I know it was supposed to be released like 20/20, with a single, but I can't find it.


20/20 has to be one of Alanis' best songs in her career. Download this gem!


This is a wonderful song that should have found it's way on the album. But its nice to be able to have it. 'Undereneath' is the best song she has ever written. See the popularity of it iTunes? Maybe more people would buy b sides if they were available.


If you want a great song that you can relate to, then BUY 20/20! This is one of Alanis' best!


I bought the Underneath single in the Heathrow airport and it had 20/20 on it. I was shocked and dismayed to find that the U.S. version did not include it at first! It's a great song, and all true Alanis fans will love it.


20/20 is actually one of the best song in Alanis' Flavors of Entanglement era. This single is a-must for every Alanis fan.

Mon Yorke

Buy this Single, 20/20 is a great song.