Alanis Morissette - Under Rug Swept

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Under Rug Swept Tracklist:

play your guitar loud and proud

I bought this when it first came out, and still like it. I think it's stood the test of time and is worth a listen.

Adam A Anderson

If you are contemplating purchasing this album at the very Least buy “You Owe Me Nothing In Return”. It is one of my favorite songs of all time by any recording artist! It perfectly encompasses what Love should be.


One of her most effertless and fun records. Could've been a smash hit if Americans had better taste. 21 things, Hands Clean, Precious Illusions, At that Particular Time, So Unsexy...ALL should have been singles and hits. Very under rated LP.


Let's just say the b sides and outtakes (Feast On Scraps) contain the best songs from this self produced production. It's not an over all bad album in truth, it's song choices fail in comparison to songs like 'Awakening Americans', 'Symptoms', 'Fear of Bliss' & 'Simple Together'. Look them up if you have the chance and you'll see what I mean. The 11 songs here start our with what sounds like a great song '21 Things' is good but was a little weaker in the lyrics than her past works. But not knocking her on that, will always be a huge fan and will buy anything she does. She is a musical genius. 'Utopia' is the best song she's even written and although it fits in more with the outtakes, I am glad it was included on the albums track list. 'Hands Clean'I have much more respect for after having my own similuar expierence and 'So Unsexy' is another very relatable song that will connect with listeners.