U.S.A. for Africa - We Are the World

β„— 1985 USA for Africa

We Are the World - Single Tracklist:

Sayuri 5.30.19

This song brings chills to those who have had the opportunity to partake in the meaning of this message. There may never be another song that would be able to match the level of positivity spread to a diverse amount of people. It is rare to see a lot of famous singers to come together nowadays to try and lift the world up.

Indiana Goof

Why not rerelease the entire album and have its proceeds continue to go to charity?

Morgan Hamron

The Song is such an incredible idea and such a generous donation. I think it’s so cool the way that they did it. The fact that all the music icons and in this song. It’s just so amazing

Reed girl 72

In 1.985.All the different choral groups got together to perform in a Joyful Noise Concert that was held in St Ignatius. I remember at one of the planning meetings held in our house in Chicago Illinois concerning the proceeds from the concert. I suggested that all the money be donated to USA for Africa fund. I am still very concerned about the horrible situations that are happening in Africa and also in Haiti.That is why even now this particular song still rings true today.I have this cassette. We Are The World .We Are The Children etc


Along with beautiful artists. It's sad some are not with us anymore. Will always listen to this song. It's so powerful....πŸ’š


It's a beautiful song. I am in a choir and we are singing this it's so beautiful.


I can remember getting off work gathered around our 19 inch and watching the countdown on MTV [when it was only music videos,no shows] along with my wife and 2 young children. Michael and Lionel put it together quickly and boy did they do it up right ,even a Nobel Peace Prrize Winner. It counted down for onew hour until the realease and boy was it worth it,and ver suprizing solos by some you'd have thought of as band singers ,not soloists,Then Ray Charles and Stevie. Springsteens so;o overwhelmed me..For those to young it was the talk of everyones work the following day and raised awareness and funds like never before.As a Woodstock and Summer Jam[Watkins Glen,72] attendee ,A different Genre with a universal goal ,peace and Love. My now 35 and 32 year lds still remember it. A collaberation like none other.To all artists and Ackroid ,WELL DONE.


This song is a true classic and there is a ton of well known artists collaborating on this song. Like Willie Nelson, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, Steve Perry, and Michael Jackson, it's all a masterpiece!


This is so inspiring, i had to go back to the future!

Best American Girl

Such powerful lyrics and talented singers. Iconic artists like Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and Huey Lewis join together to belt a tearjerking ballad about making the world a better place. One of the quintessential tunes of the eighties. Michael Jackson was a genius with words and music. Totally worth buying.

Lokura azul

the best song ever


We are the world.. 🌍🌎🌏


The song is one of the best song that MJ has ever made along with other best works like man in the mirror,heal the world, will you be there! All these songs have one thing in common is that we all need to make a change/difference with our selves(&also it was made by MJ of course!) Having different of artists join with Michael Jackson to sing this song is pure beauty and sadness to my ears!ξ„†ξ€‘ξˆξ€Ž We all really need to have this song and sing this song bc it really speaks a lot on what it says! #we#are#the#world and #MJfan forever!ξ–ξ€‘ξŒ¦ξ€

New Fan Today

I got to bouncing around iTunes and found this song after so many years. I still get goosebumps as soon as Lionel Richie starts singing because instantly you know what direction the song is going to take. Continues to be one of the all time greats.


I was in my last year of Jr. High School when this song came out, I listened to it so much my mom had to hide my cassette from me, I thought I had lost it so when I earned enough money I went and bought another copy. I would sing along, or as my mom said loud enough to wake the dead, and by the end of the song would be in tears.


I hated this song from the very first time I heard it. Glad they made some money for a good cause. Kind of interesting that it got so much press and it won a Grammy for Record of the Year, but does any radio station ever play it anymore? It has been decades since I last heard it.


Great song but why can't we have something like this ever again?


Man this is when music was music


more. my lover


This is my favorite song <3


This song is beautiful I rate it five stars

rockin rob M.

i remember this when it got played on the radio for the 1st. time. brings back some memories of my childhood everytime i hear and 80's song. the 80's rocked back then and still do today. the 80's music is comming back.


I thank Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for this beautiful song, a great gift that spread the message of Love worldwide. As a child growing up in a small province of Japan, listening to this song made me realize how big the world really is yet each of us share so much in common despite the distance or differences. Thank you, I love it.


Oh my this brings back memories!! I remember standing in Memphis TN and participating in "Hands Across America" on a Saturday morning. I think I may even still have my tickets and invitation for the event. LOL


I watched the music video last year in biology and fell in love with the song! I love cyndi Lauper's part!!!


It's amazing I love it the voices are great R.I.P Michael Jackson


i learned this song when i was younger loved it me and my freinds still sing it together love it if u would like to buy it go buy it i did loved it its only 99 cent


As someone big on peace it's amazing to see so many different artist come together to make this true masterpiece, Steve Perry & Bruce Springsteen have to be my favorite parts of the song. The new one doesn't even come close in comparison


I LOVE STEVE PERRY! I'm 13 :) Go 80's!


My favorite part of this whole song is Cyndi Lauper's part (considering she is my favorite singer). I love this song!


The politics are still pretending. You can sing what you want nothing will change only a moment of imagination remain how change can be when you listen to that song.

Don Boeding

The version from 1985 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the version used for Haiti relief. They were both good causes but the rapping and will.i.am stuff was just ruining it :)


This is such a great song for Charity. It has good lyrics and a good singing cast. Although I like the Haiti version this original version is still the best and it's still amazing.


Where can I find the entire album on iTunes?


For anyone who was an 80s child, this song brings back so many fond memories. It's hard to hear this song and not tear up from the profound meaning of this song and from every singer pouring his/her heart and soul into singing it. I love this so much and more so b/c of what it meant for. Merry Christmas!!!


I know that i am only one person but sometime i wish i was a million peole like the ones who sing this song they are all great. i feel so bad to all of those who were close to micheal jackson. REST IN PEACE, he was a great inspiration to all we miss you. thank you to all who contributed.


I love this song but can't buy it yet:( we listen to it in school all the time its inspiring and I love y'all s hope thanks


The song is great, but I'm confused as to where the rest of the material is. I have the vinyl copy with work by Steve Perry and some of the other artists. Other than that, this is definitely a good buy.


ORIGINAL We Are the World video on I-tunes??? I've typed in every thing I can think of & the song is here but NOT the video :o(??? I of course have the new one all the I'm torn about how I feel about the re-making it!!! I HONESTLY think they should have wrote a different song but still had ALL the artists do the video & singing! I agree much more with Mr Jz that you can NOT re do what the KING of POP already did & PERFECTED EVERY SINGLE time!!! The man ALWAYS was & for EVER will be "THE" musical GENIUS of my/our time!!! May you FINALLY Rest In PEACE Michael Jackson!!!!


U dont have to be born in the 80's to appreciate good music. Obviously this is a beautiful song with the worlds best music legends. The new version is all editing with a bunch of fools. Over night get rich and famous with no talent fools. I listen to music b4 85 more then 2010 stuff....... And i was born late 90's

Emmy's M iPod

Great song! Great artist!


I love this song but i cant find the new version for Haiti!!! HELP!!!


I did not like this version of the song


I love this track it brings out the passion and soul inside you! Its really good because it has great singers, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Lionel Ritchie, and more other great singers. I highly recommend it!


i like this version better but love both versions. i think the singers in this have real soul


I love both versions. They are both great! I love how in the new version they kept mj in it. Also how they changed the old version to fit the stars of today. This is now my favorite song!!


It wasn't recorded for AIDS education in Africa as previously mentioned. It was to provide financial assistance to relief efforts for the victims of the famine in Ethiopia.

lil Sal 2

they should not remake this song it is already great


its good only cuz of MJ, they should hav added som1 else 2 it though like a non croaky 1

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