Lewis Capaldi - To Tell The Truth I Can't Believe We Got This Far – EP

A Vertigo Berlin release; ℗ 2020 Universal Music GmbH

To Tell The Truth I Can't Believe We Got This Far – EP Tracklist:

Leeann Gasgonia

i like very specific types of music and it can be hard for me to listen to new artists and albums because of it. but when i listen to lewis’ work, it’s so easy to get lost in the sound of his voice. his album is so great and i’m so excited to see what comes next :))


To tell the truth, I’m surprised you can’t believe you got this far! Awesome EP, Lewis! I never really got on the Shallow bandwagon until hearing your version. It was beautiful.


hes got a roaring yet soothing voice !!! ontop of the fact that his lyrics are incredibly original and unbeatable !! 100% worth a listen/buy 🥺


This is the most amazing album I ever heard. I died when I first head it. And shallow WOW he is a god from heaven. He is a saint. Lewis is like the best artist on the face of the earth.... Niall Horan too... Lewis is so good love you thanks for being alive and thank you to lewises parents for making such an amazing and talented kid. Thankyou


These live recordings just show how much Lewis can truly sing. It’s something that we didn’t know we needed. I think everyone should give this a listen. As soon as it came out I sent it to all of my friends.


knowing that I won’t get to see him this year (thanks a lot corona) has made me very depressed but now all I have to do is throw my AirPods in and instantly I have my own personal concert! Thank you lewis for sharing your favorite live performances


this ep is just like you’re at his show. throw on some airpods, lay down in the dark and you’ll think he’s laying in bed right next to you belting his heart out right in your ear. 10/10 would recommend if you like having a big fat sexy jungle cat singing directly to you 24/7. i personally listen to it everyday and i still get chills because it’s like i’m at his show. i only wish he would’ve done that note change at the end of headspace like he did in concert but besides that it’s amazing. pls give it a listen and help him pay his bills (he still lives with his parents :/ ) thanks


Lewis is SO talented. In a studio recording,or a performance,WHATEVER! Lewis will do it and do it not well,not great,not perfect, but whatever is better than all of that


Talanted, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before


Lewis Capaldi makes straight bangers and no one can convince me otherwise


Great versions and extra song.


I’d have to say Lewis is one of the best songwriters around right now. He manages to ignite feelings for music that I’ve never felt before, and it’s an amazing feeling. All of his songs hold a very special place in my heart.


One of the best voices of artists right now, and it really shines in all his live performances/recordings. Definitely worth buying and streaming :)


Honestly this man has my whole heart. His voice on this EP had me ascending to the heavens. I cried about 3 times just listening to it. Would highly recommend to anyone with ears. If you thought he sounded good on the album, get ready for a wild ride. His vocals have me shook every time. Hope this helps :)


These songs are good by themselves and them live is so amazing


Lewis’s music is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time! I definitely recommend this Ep especially during quarantine!


and i live by that


I love this album from start to finish. Not a single time did I hit skip.


Lewis Capaldi can quite literally sing anything and make it sound amazing. He just never misses.


Lewis proves that he is brilliant live as well as in the studio reaching us just when we need it