Thomas Newman - 1917 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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1917 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Tracklist:


This is one of Thomas Newman’s greatest works but, we’re is wayfaring stranger?


Thomas Newman has outdone himself. What a stunning score. It carries so much of the weight of the film, and does it flawlessly. I left the theater knowing this would now be one of the most affecting film scores I’ve heard, and one of my favorites. Well done.


Let’s listen to some GeHanna


Absolutely beautiful music


Please add Wayfaring Stranger from the movie.

Bipolar Volcano

I’ve been a fan of Thomas Newman’s compositions for years. His music is some of the most hauntingly beautiful in cinema. I find it difficult to explain how his score(s) possess the ability to move people in a way I thought not possible. With his newest soundtrack getting an Academy Award nomination, he now has been nominated an incredible 15 times. I hope he wins this year at the Oscars, he undoubtedly deserves it. Favorite tracks: The Night Window. Sixteen Hundred Men. Come Back To Us.

Pats Radio

Wow!!!! Thomas Newman just keeps rolling out gems. Don’t miss it. Tremendous.


Where is wayfaring stranger and how do I find the version in the movie and can that singer record an album PLEASE!


I will buy anything Thomas Newman, but the people want Jos Slovick singing Wayfaring Stranger. It was a beautifully haunting scene in the movie when he sung it and this album is incomplete without it. I won’t give spoilers, but the song is the movie’s lynch pin and not having it here is like not having whip cream on pumpkin pie.


the score is hauntingly beautiful..and the the young soldier's acapella rendition of 'wayfaring stranger" is the fulcrum on which it is balanced. That song is the reason i came to itunes to download. I have many versions of the song..but none as haunting and pure as that one. i hope it becomes available soon! i cannot give more stars until i have wayfaring stranger.


Amazing movie and an amazing soundtrack!


I read that the person who sung the version of Wayfaring Stranger that’s in the film recorded 3 verses of the song. I would pay $1.29 for the song no matter the length of the recording and I’m sure a lot of other people would to. Please release a official copy of it the whole song would be even better but I’d just be happy with 3 verses of the song.


Such a beautiful version of that song. Too bad it didn’t get added ☹️

Haley Schneider

Where’s Wayfaring stranger that played in the trailer?

Estencial thinker

It's on repeat!

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