Silverstein - This Is How the Wind Shifts

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This Is How the Wind Shifts Tracklist:

Springfeel 2013

These guys never fail to impress. Their music is not to be compare to that of other scremo bands. These guys are truly the best!


Silverstein has a knack for concept albums. This album is so well put together and produced that they may have set the bar too high for the furture albums. The thought and work that went into this album is beyond measure and almost 2 years later I still can't stop listening to it.


This bands lyrics are pretty intense. A fan since the beginning, I have appreciated the different sounds and approaches they have taken to grow with their talent. Silverstein always dish out great records.


Easily one of the best albums I've ever listened to. From the first track to the last, this album tells a story, much like any good book, you can't walk away from. I have been a Silverstein fan for over a decade and this is probably my favorite. Do yourself a favor and put this in your collection.


The only other full Silverstein album that I liked was 'Discovering the Waterfront', but this one is even better.

Steve Dietrich

This album blew me away. They've been my favorite band of all time since the Arrivals & Departures cycle, and they keep getting better and better with every album they put out. I didn't think they'd be able to top albums like Discovering the Waterfront and A Shipwreck in the Sand, but I think this album has done it. Can't wait to see what they've got next, cause I'm sure they have plenty left in them.

Anger birds rule

With saosin inactive, and secret and whisper on hiatus, silverstien gives me somthing to smile about :)


One of my favorite albums of all time. Has that epic feeling that A shipwreck in the Sand had. Silverstein continusouly puts out great albums. Great work guys! BTW if you ever get the chance..... GO SEE THEM LIVE!!! One of the best live bands ive ever seen. Enjoy them better live than on the CD.


Probably one of my favorite Silverstein albums ever!! Nice job guys!


I was scared this kind of music was dying <\3 because of crap like one direction and all that stuff. But I'm glad Silverstein made another album! I grew up with this music made me stronger. I have such a connection with music that once it's made it's impression on me I'm sold for life <3 AMAZING ALBUM <3

Jacob shaffer

Great cd yet again by Silverstein, could say they just get better and better but they've always been this amazing!