Silverstein - This Is How the Wind Shifts: Addendum

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This Is How the Wind Shifts: Addendum Tracklist:


This is literally one of my top 5 favorite albums ever.


Talk about going back to your roots! Love this awesome! Their best album so far!


Very few bands get progressively better with each release.. Silverstein is one of them. This album has the perfect balance between heavy screaming and good singing.


I've been listening to Silverstein since i was in 6th grade, (I am now a senior) and I can say that this is really the only band that i know of that sounds the same but improves their lyrical motifs. Silverstein is working on sheer perfection.


The original album was absolutely perfect. I'm a new fan (the first song I ever heard was to live and lose), and already, in the brief time that I've known Silverstein, they've become one of my favorite artists and this is now my favorite album. It's beautifully made with a beautiful storyline. As for the addendum, the very last song (this is how the wind shifts) is worth $15 alone.

chile dogs

Amazing song, can't wait!

Diego dude 500

More from silverstein is always good!!