Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left to Lose

℗ 1999 Roswell Records, Inc.

There Is Nothing Left to Lose Tracklist:


Learn to Fly, great. Underrated tune: Next Year


I’m the kind of person that moves from artist to artist and genre to genre pretty quick, but Foo fighters has and will stick with me for a very long time. This album is them at their best, easily. Especially Stacked Actors. I will have that riff in my head for the rest of my life.


This album was hands down on of the greatest FF’s albums there is to date.


I'm a lifelong Foo and Nirvana fan and the more time goes on the more convinced I am that this is the greatest Foo Fighters album they will ever release. And that's ok. It's everything an album could be and every song is a masterpiece. I used to say Everlong was my favorite song but Learn to Fly resonates with me more than any song I've ever listened to. Thanks Foo. Please try to get back to this sound and this vibe..


Brought up on this album live by this album


All the songs in this album are like puzzle pieces, they all fit together


Every single review is five stars. That says it all. Incredible music.

Modar Kajo

An all time favourite album, not even a single "okay" or "meh" song. Just a set of amazing melodies and lyrics that will stand the test of time.


Such a raw mix of crazy moods. Try it you'll like it! Cindy said.

Sgt Will

Yes you read the title right and I stand by it. This in my opinion is the Foo Fighters best album to date. I remember the day it was released and I was immediately blown away. Track after track just blew me away more and more. To this day (I'm writing this in 2015) it is still their best album. Wasting light is a very very close second.


I love the Foo Fighters. This is hands down the best album that they've ever done. This album came out two years after I was born, and let me tell ya. Jamming to this album in 2015 is totally worth it. Aurora is hands down the best non-released single & possibly best song ever, that they have. Buy this whole album you won't regret it!


Can you pick and choose who is your fan? Are you a private club? Or is your music loved by EVERYONE? b/c an artist who passionately loves music isn’t bound so much by agenda as love of their art. Or are they?


Probably their best album ever!


Just another great album in the Foo Fighters awesome catalog. Some of the songs on this one were a little different from their typical work, but I fell in love with most of them pretty quickly nonetheless. The best songs here are Stacked Actors, Breakout, Learn to Fly, Gimme Stitches, Live in Skin and MIA, but if you're a hardcore fan like me then you will want to own the entire album, and usually listen to it front-to-back. The songs flow together very well, excellent transitions from song to song.


it's not super hard rock, but it's the best Foo Fighters album IMO. Love it, it's always on replay. Key Tracks: Next year, Generator, Learn To Fly, Breakout, Stacked Actors, MIA

Turtleman 123

I remember listening to this whole album and then starting it over and then listening to it again I love the foo fighters if you like the foo fighters you should check out stone temple pilots, green day, nirvana, and soundgarden keep up the good work foo fighters!


Every song has a great hook, and I love it! It's not their heaviest, probably their lightest album, but every song is great.


They will never top this album.


All the songs in this album belong together. Every song is amazing.


This is by far the best Foo Fighters album so far (the new stuff is pretty amazing). I particularly love this album because they made it when it was just Dave, Nate, and Taylor in the band (Pat had quit for the first of two times and Chris was not in the band yet). While some of their other records tend to be slightly overproduced, this record is absolutely raw. You can definitely hear a strong Nirvana influence on tracks such as "Stacked Actors" (my favorite Foo Fighters song), "Generator," and "Live-In Skin." Also has their hit, "Learn to Fly." Essential Foo Fighters. Buy it all.


1. Stacked Actors 5/5 2. Breakout 5/5 3. Learn to Fly 5/5 4. Gimme Stitches 4.9/5 5. Generator 5/5 6. Aurora 5/5 7. Live-In-Skin 4.8/5 8. Next Year 5/5 9. Headwires 5/5 10. Ain't it the Life 5/5 11. M.I.A. 4.8/5


Great Record. You really start to feel Dave Grohl's songwriting here. Plus the Foo's made this record as a three-piece band. It's a very laid-back record. If you don't have it yet I would suggest buying it now. It's a great record and it's worth the money.


For an album that was created in 1999, it was way ahead of its time. This in turn made it an instant classic Foo album and the bands popularity went worldwide. The beginning of Dave Growl's maturation of music composition and lyrical prowess and overall creativity. In conclusion, a MUST album purchase in its entirety.


Stacked Actors- 10/10 Electrifying opener! Thrashy and grunge just like Nirvana! Breakout- 10/10 This could also be an opener. Loud guitars and dave screaming is just pure awesomness Learn to Fly- 10/10 A calm, catchy, and awesome song! Probably the best on the album Gimme Stitches- 9/10 A nice upbeat song its catchy too Generator- 10/10- This song is fast and sticks in ur head all day! Excellent use of the talk box Aurora- 10/10- Very calm and uplifting Live- In Skin 8.5/10 This song is ok, but its still pretty awesome! Next Year- 10/10 Kind of like Learn to Fly except slower. Headwires- 9/10- Great songg! Ain't it the Life 10/10- Sounds kinda like Big Me if u listen closely and this song is really awesome M.I.A.- 10/10 Couldnt have asked for a better ending! Its like Walk from Wasting Light! These are both great endings Album: 10/10!!! BUY IT! BUY IT NOW


This my favorite album from the Foo Fighters. So many quality songs. This was the album where Dave really got comfortable as a lyric writer and you can definitely hear it. Absolutely beautiful record.


It feels like the most authentic Foo Fighters album. Every song appears to have a specific experience or person in mind. As with any great album, each track is best heard in the context of the entire record. I would suggest buying in the summertime, for no other reason than my own personal experience with this album in my car, with the windows down, in the summer heat. It just instantly becomes a bookmark to that page in your life.


every song is good but M.I.A and learn to fly are my favorites

Syeda Foysol

every song is amazing


Stacked Actors, Breakout (love the screaming), Learn To Fly, Aurora, Generator, Next Year, & M.I.A.


This album is very different than other Foo Fighter's CDs. It is more melodic and alternative. Still, overall a great album. Stacked Actors 10/10 Underrated song with a great grungy riff and beastly drumming. Breakout 9/10 Really good song. It is awesome when Dave screams. Learn to Fly 9/10 An uplifting song Gimme Stitches 8/10 Pretty good, but it gets old. Generator 10/10 One of the best songs on the album. The use of a talk box is great. Aurora 10/10 Awesome and melodic. This one grows on you. Live in Skin 7/10 Ok, but pretty forgettable. Next Year 8/10 Poppy with nice drumming. Headwords 9/10 The guitar and drums shine in this song and mix well with Dave's smooth vocals. Ain't it the Life 7/10 A nice relaxed song, although it's a bit slow for me. M.I.A 10/10 An excellent closer, really moody and it sums up the whole album. Overall, the whole album flows together really well and I would recommend buying the whole thing.


Like all the Foo's other music


This was one of the last Foo Fighters CDs I bought (I own them all now). After listening to The Colour and the Shape; Echoes Silence, Patience & Grace; One by One; etc. I already knew I would like it because I like all of their stuff. I instantly fell in love with TINLTL. It flows so perfectly. My favorite song is Aurora (very underrated song imo). I've listened to this more times than any other album and it still sounds fresh. Without a doubt, There is Nothing Left To Lose is my favorite album.


Until now, I overlooked this album terribly. This is pretty much the second best album in history (2112 FTW). Gimme Stitches is worth the 10 bucks. Just think of the others as bonus tracks.


Dave Is awsm and every1 else


Foo Fighters best album. By far.


This is a great album, but I feel there is something to say. Learn to Fly seems to be the song everyone knows from this album. Now granted its a good song, as there is not a bad track on the album, but I feel Stacked Actors is way overlooked. Stacked Actors is a tremendous song. Taylor Hawkins is amazing to the point where is almost as good as Dave Grohl,( but not as good since nobody is). Tremendous album. Buy it! And if not the whole thing Breakout, Auruora and Stacked Actors.

derekzoolander ! buying this album. and learn to fly is the most popular song on this for a reason: it's awesome! but pick up the whole thing, not just the one song. foo for life :)


I have always loved this album, I used to listen to it literally 2 times a day for an entire year because it was so awesome. Awesome lyrics, awesome sounds. I'm surprised to see the popularity of some of the songs is nil. This album is definitely a treasure find. Do yourself a favor and get it, it's absolutely one of their best and it is certainly worth the $!


you can tell they were having fun with this one


You know a record is great when you don't skip over a single track. There is Nothing Left to Loose is one such record. Every song is melodic and memorable, characterized by crunchy, driving rhythm guitar and jangly leads, not to mention killer drum beats. The songs are simple yet virtuosic. Every music fan should have this album, it really is worth every penny. In my opinion, it's the best in terms of songwriting and guitar work. Dave is one of the all time coolest guys in music.

jam'n jason

songs like " learn to fly" make this music great. this is music that just cant get better. other stuff cant come close.


Most people look to "The Colour and the Shape" as the Foo's best album. And while that album is great, I think this one is actually better; perhaps their best. At the time, I didn't think so as "Learn to Fly" seemed only so-so to me. But the rest of the album is really quite amazing. It's a solid work all the way through.


I have listened to this album at least thirty times already and I wake up in the middle of the night singing some of the songs. All the songs on this album are very "catchy", but seem to maintain a perfect amount of the raw edge I enjoy from The Foo's. A lot of people who have liked the The Foo Fighters harder work may tend to be misled that the Foo Fighters have "SOLD OUT" to a softer sound. I call B.S. Besides, who else in the last 20 yrs. has used a voice box on his guitar. This is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Honestly, it's nice to see Dave Grohl come to terms with what he wants in his music. This album reflects how it was recorded. At Dave's home in Virginia while bbq'ing burgers at the same time. Just consider this album a portion of what is hopefully to come. I hope that these guys will continue down the path that they are on but still feed the angry side of life as well. We all need a release. If you like this album, may I suggest an album by a group called HUM- "You'd Prefer An Astronaut". Very similar to this sound.


This is my second favorite album by the Foo Fighters, just for Aurora. I'd buy the whole album, there is a ton of great work by the Foo Fighters that no one ever heard of, so I'd go all in or nothing.


This album is an amazing listen all the way through. The foo fighters are my favorite band and this is my favorite album of all time, I love every single song. amazing.


The best foo fighter album ever


Just as a begining, this is, by far, my favorite album by Foo Fighters, with The Colour and the Shape as a close second. From the very begining, this album kept me happily entertained, and when it came to a close, I was satisfied, although I wanted more. Stacked Actors- Probably one of the most underrated songs by Foo Fighters, it is very catchy, and one of my favorite songs of all time. 10/10 Breakout- Although it gained a music video, and decent radio play, it is not a very popular song. I give it a 8.0/10, because I like it, but it's not my favorite. Learn to Fly- Very overrated, although still pretty good. A kind of calming soft song, which I listen to, mainly, when I am sad. 8.0/10 Gimme Stiches- I don't especially like this song, and I pretty much consider it to be the low point of the album. 7.0/10 Generator- One of my favorite songs ever, moreso than Stacked Actors. It is remarkably catchy, and is almost irresistable. Second only to Aurora, which is my favorite song of all time. 10/10 Aurora- As stated above, my favorite song. Although I was, at first, not very impressed, I soon became more open to it, and realized the pure genius in it. Probably the best song on the album. 11/10, just because these go to 11, and I have to follow the stereotype. Live-In Skin- OK song, not really a favorite. 7.5/10 Next Year- A pretty calm song, although it's not really a favorite of mine. Despite that, it's ok. 8.0/10 Headwires- Has that kind of trippy element of Aurora, but not really to the same effect, or the genius. 8.5/10 Ain't It The Life- Pretty good song, kind of like Big Me and the begining part of Up In Arms combined. 8.0/10 MIA- Like I said in my Crack The Skye review, I hate the end of something great, although, this was an ideal end to this album. This song is sort of like a summary or There Is Nothing Left to Lose, it has a kind of sound like all of the other songs. All in all, a great album. I recommend it, totally.


This is magic in a box. Buy it.


Omg I waz playin rock band and learn to fly came up so then Im like what the heck is this I listened to this song and I fell in luv with it lol I luv that song K Clancy wrote this review

viva la foo fighters

This album is one of my favorite albums. It is truely amazing!! Learn to fly is a great songs but it isn't the best. I think Breakout is the best. Buy this album if you are a Foo Fighters fan.