The Weeknd - After Hours

℗ 2020 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

After Hours Tracklist:


Bebe sounds better than ever!!! Luv luv ur music !!!!!! #Faith my favorite song! ♥️💯


This might be one of favorite albums of all time....what a fantastic piece of art work


He just keeps on getting better and better each time.


At first I didn’t like it and kept skipping it but when I actually let it play I enjoyed it. Looking forward to Super Bowl halftime show this year 🎉


This is a constellation prize from being snubbed for Grammys. Plus, to see “Blinding Lights” trump “Drivers License” is also good to see - Weeknd has earned his stripes.






I don’t know how but this has been on charts for 4 months!


Can you make a song without cussing? Did you ever listen to your mother? I don’t think so.


Heartless is a banger though.

si da guy

The Weeknd is so good and performing at the 55th edition Super Bowl 🏟! I love the 80s vibes to blinding lights. That I think is the best song in the album because of the all out performance of the song it is nice and smooth and catchy and you want to dance to it.


I wonder how much he’s paying Apple to keep this thing on the top of the charts


why does this NOT sound like R&B at all 😭😭😭


but he with satan




Expecting much more

Cosmic Dalon



I love the vibe of this entire album. He did a great job.


the best album of 2020. abel never disappoints


so far I’m enjoying what you’ve composed, keep up the good work.


Fireeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

DJ Sir Mix a little

You’ve lost your way


This album isn’t for basic pop lovers. This album is a complicated story that’s filled with tragic events and unfortunate behavior. It’s a beautiful album, and very well done work! One of my favorite albums so far. This isn’t necessarily for the Starboy listeners.


What’s with the bad surgery?

Loco Rodriquez

Great soundtrack music for a great movie ...keep up the good work


So overrated artist

HB 92103

From the first track (one of my top favorites off the album) , Alone Again until the last note of the album I was taken on a journey of emotions that went from melancholy to elation and back again. His description of the album is brilliant and spot on. R and B, for those who have seem to have forgotten, stands for rhythm and blues. Rhythm and BLUES, people!! For those who were expecting a fast paced dance album, first off- you are not familiar with The Weeknd. Next, no one wanted B. B. King to step it up a couple of beats. Only using the two in comparison regarding the fact that neither of them had an entire album on the dance top 40. Never would liken them in any other respect. iTunes is pretty gracious in that it lets you sample the album before you buy it or even listen to it if you have Apple Music. So to those complaining about wasted money or time, maybe you need to be reacquainted with this feature. It’s pretty user friendly. When I listen to this album I can be crying and then in a couple of minutes I’m dancing- and this can be achieved all in one song! Currently listening to In Your Eyes on loop ( which has to be my new favorite, knocking Blinding Lights down a spot which I listened to for about 6 hrs the other night 😅). It’s a great album with a lot of depth. Read the description Apple Music gives, do a quick run through of sampling every song then buy the album. I’m not sure what some of these other people were expecting but this pleasantly surprised me and I hope you find the same.

ghd DV moment



Abel always delivers great music and this one will be no doubt amazing. After hours is a haunting song and builds into 6 minutes of perfect listening pleasure.🎶 I’m sure the rest of the album after the first 3 single releases will be incredible. Bravo👏 I predicted this would be great after the first 3 singles, wow! One of his best, if not the best 👍 Grammys got this one wrong! He should have been nominated for song, record and album of the year! 🤨 and won all 3


should’ve been nominated for a grammy


What do people see in this persons music? Seems pretty over-rated to me.

Unkle Ace

Thumbs up.

Killa times

This is better than Legends Never Die

PDF basics



Don’t understand the weirdness of him.


Classic 🔥🔥🔥


So good


This beats are giving me serious “Scareface” vibes & I’m here for it!


But slow


song of the year !


goodie :)


What I love the most about the album it’s so relatable especially for heartless and hardest to love. Hardest to love is a slow beat yes but all in all it’s still a good song


‘After Hours’ by The Weeknd exceeded all my expectations with this masterpiece as he succeeded in indulging us in a sonic universe soaking us in melancholic emotions like grief, regret, hindsight, and wanderlust. Themes regarding love are ironically tied within lyrics regarding a sense loneliness which no one is better at than Abel.


Whoever doesn’t like this album is stupid ahaha. The Weeknd always makes the best albums & although we’ve been waiting hella long for this album I am so proud of how far he has come. I love The Weeknd so much <3!!! This album is so good cause it brings some roots and elements to his older albums!!! Ughh my baby is just the best 🥰🥰




ROBBED!!! A great album. The scammys don’t appreciate talent

Bella Cullen 1245

The Weeknd does it again! Amazing album full of nonstop hits. Again he takes us to another place this time a crazy night though Vegas.


We need the remix



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