The Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks 1964-1971

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Hot Rocks 1964-1971 Tracklist:

Al Tilley The Bum

Paint It Black is a must have. Gimme Shelter’s also pretty good. Here’s an interesting story behind Paint It Black for me personally. I had an overall dismal 6 year experience at my elementary school. Paint It Black from a certain point of view perfectly describes my feelings and experiences there. That’s what a feeling of worthlessness as a student does to your school experience, “Paints It Black”. Everyone has a time in their life in which they feel depressed which is what makes Paint It Black great. Sympathy For The Devil while super catchy is a little controversial because of its title. But it’s not a devil-worship song, it’s a warning against human error. Some people might love this. I sort of prefer the Beatles.


They were the second best band in the 1969s along with the Beatles


One of the biggest and best song catalogs in rock music.


Dope band, this album showcases their greatest hits from their early days.


Best rock band ever!


There are truly amazing songs on here and it shows you how many hits The Rolling Stones really had and there were even more than what’s on here!! But even if the have more hits this is still the best of all the hits and this is an amazing album!!!

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