The Presidents of the United States of America - The Presidents of the United States of America (10th Aniversary Edition)

℗ 2004 PUSA Music

The Presidents of the United States of America (10th Aniversary Edition) Tracklist:


A fun album. Every song is great.

Tweety bird 2

My and my friend have told my teacher every day to play peaches. Finally she did it!!😄 The whole class loved it and my friend and I were rocking on!! (also laughing hysterically) we still burst out in laughter every time we hear it. My dad loves it and he was the one who told me about it. One of the cooler songs 4 sure!! Get it u won't regret!!💗❤💗 great job presidents!!!


I'm using the song, Peaches, for a project where we create a commercial.... hehehe... so funny...


Heard it in a car with my parents one day and I realized that that's my dream and I have been looking for this song ever since that day 2 years ago it is one of my favorites but I wish it was free... Any one who says other wise I pity

the ubber

one of the best.

DJ Fast 22

Double yup! Yup yup!

nuke hater

Yep. This is honestly my favorite band next to the White Stripes. Genius lyrics, awesome tunes, great playing.


This album defines a generation and feeling you can only know if you were there. P.U.S.A. will always have a special place in my heart. <3


D U N E B U G GY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The president of the USA are fricken sweet. Dune buggy, my favorite. Plz buy this album, it is funny, catchy, and is realy cool.


No one cares if a song has some swears, it's the music that counts, and PUSA is great


Man does this bring back memories! For all you guys giving negative reviews, you were either just born when this came out or wrapped up in bubble gum pop music. If you weren't there, you won't "get it." Everclear, Weezer, Space Hog, Crash Test Dummies, etc... Ah the good ol' days.


Warning--this album (which does NOT carry a parental warning label) DOES contain inappropriate references and language. My 14 year old son is not allowed to purchase such things, but was able to buy this.


tinyartist18 You are obviously missing the point of the Pres of the USA's music, and Alternative music all together. To be "Alternative" is to be different from the "norm". This was meant to be and is a fun album. These guys played guitar with 7 strings between them. 3 strings on one guitar and 4 strings on the other. The lyrics and music are just for fun. Gotta love it!!


Who says these guys are hillbillies? They're from frickin' Seattle. How people from Seattle can be hillbillies, I don't know. The PUSA sing that way to be funny. And it works. Oh well. No matter. Other people can be ignorant if they want to. This is one of my favorites. Classic songs, all of them. :D


My third grade softball team was named the Peaches, after this song- oh i loved how hard core a bunch of 8 year old girls were lol

Tortuga Santa

By far one of the best albums to drive to. My best bud and I would jam his Pres. USA casset tape when we would skip out for lunch in high school.Good times an Good music!!!

The Big Fig

If you complain about the songs having no meaning or the music not being emo enough to be alternative you have no idea what "Alternative" really is. This is the begining of a genre before it actually was cemented by the record companies. It's, arguably, meaningless lyrics and way out there ambiance may not have translated to other albums by TPOTUS but this work is pure alternative in every sense of the word when the genre was youthfull and vibrant. Now alternative has become overrun with emo and darkness. What will it take for another album to reach the heights of this one, no one knows. The clique of this album is not for those looking for sense in thier music or a traditional love ballad. It is for those with a sense of humor and the ability to listen to ALTERNATIVE music without trying to compare it to the status quo. Hence the name of the genre "alternative". So have an open mind if you have never listened to TPOTUS and realize that this was created at a time when rock was reinventing itself. This album is a corner stone for any true alternative music collector. A classic.


Buy any P.u.s.a album there all awesome best song by them is feather pluckn.


After having listened to two of their full songs, and snippets of the other songs, I am convinced that this band exists only to show the music-loving world why backwoods hillbillys should not be gifted electric guitars and a record deal. Peaches, I keep only on my iPod to show my friends what is an example of wanna-be Alternative Rock. The lyrics "Peaches come from a can/ They were put there by a man/ In a factory downtown" can only be described as shallow and boring. I am convinced that a second grader could write more poetic words. I commend them for breaking the "song about love" barrier and writing about more creative topics, but I do not recommend this band to anyone who likes actual Alternative Rock, deep lyrics, or indie bands that actually have potential. iTunes, please give me my money back.


This is definitely the best nonsense out there for our music time!

Pweetty Sweeeet

This album is amazing. It is great how in the songs peaches and kitty they really sing about peaches and kitties. The songs on this album are all awesome. If I had to pick a top 5 of these songs though I would pick peaches for number 1, kitty for number 2, lump for number 3, dune buggy for number 4, and kick out the jams for number 5.


This album is great. It is extremely easy to listen to and very enjoyable. throughout the album you will be laughing at the odd but good and amusing lyrics.

Butler_Scotch AKN

I grew up with this album so I am biased. However, This album is great from beginning to end.


an "odd" and "weird" (both of these discriptions are used in a number of these reviews) BUNCH OF NOISE. not musical AT ALL!

pie is yummy

these dudes are awesome OMG they are sooooooooo funny



caroline ☂

This review is NOT to diss TPOTUSOA. I noticed that on the album cover, it says "Anniversary" while in the description it's spelled "Aniversary." The first spelling is right while the second is not. Nice inconsistency, iTunes.

Dr. Morgan Clydesdale

As soon as I heard Boll Weevil in the credits of Ace Ventura I had to know who wrote the song! Definitely there best song... next to peaches. Great band to listen to. Always makes me smile to hear these guys.


why does f**k california not say explicit???


if you can get around to it apple, you spelt anniversary wrong in the album name


Great album, great band. These guys are soooo underrated.

Mr. doubtful

I Love this song about peaches! I have it rate five stars but it should be a 7 stars.

the real Yeti

This is a strange album, but in a good way. They have a fresh sound, and their songwriting, while weird, is also interesting because you don't know quite what to expect. Because of their quirky songwriting, their cool riffs, and their chill attitude, this album gets 5 stars... really interesting songs here. Kitty is strange but appealing Feather Pluckn has a cool hard rocking chorus Lump is also pretty hard rocking with good lyrics Back Porch is hilarious because its so random Peaches is also pretty funny Naked and Famous is also another good track


But it's okay, my intense rehabilitating was helped with the odd and catchy lyrics of Presidents of the united states of america. I wert myself (yes, we didn't mean to say wet... it really is supposed to be wert) (definition of Wert = eating a banana while going to the bathroom in your underware while bugging your sister and peeing your pants because the toilet is 100 feet above your house and your private jet is at the car wash wich isn't the best place to get your jet cleaned because the soap is made from snake skin which gives you an allergic reaction when you sit on your owl.) So anyway, I wert my pants and I listned to the song peaches (which these give me gas) and I became overloaded with gas my butt cheeks slammed together as the fart left me and it hurt me. So I locked myself in the closet, listened to the song poke and destroy. I poked myself in the chest and I burped so loud it lit the coat behind me on fire. I scorched my big toe wich I used to kick myself for listening to this amazing album. I was stupid enough to be myself (My therapist told me not to) and I did what I just described. I love this album. It helps me express myself.


be careful when ordering "kitty" for kids. Cute song, but has explicit lyrics not noted by itunes.



Dillo pec

This is my favorite album of all time, my "desert island disc." If you are any kind of alternative fan, buy this album and you won't be disappointed at all. Worth double the price.


One of the most original bands I've ever heard. "Feather Pluckn" and "Naked and Famous" are fantastic. These guys are still in my playlists over ten years after I first heard the songs. Fantastic!!

franki wooticers

the song peaches... random... very ramndom. but awesome!!! and its like the song handelbars by flobots. random and popular...


It's dump, It's dump, It's dump...IT'S IN MY PANTS!!!!


The greatest fun stuff I've listened to in a while. Just goofing off and funny lyrics. Great album. It's a MUST BUY!!


the presidents have been one of my favorites since junior high. It is good to see some younger listeners can get a glimpse of this group with this re-release. For those who dont get the fun lyrics, it isnt supposed to have some deeper meaning or even make sense. Just lysten and enjoy.


The P.U.S.A . are not PearlNirvanaGardenChainsCandleTrees to be for sure, but this album (CD, whatever) outsold most of them. It's not a surprise that a ton of good music comes out of Seattle (You can't go outside most of the year). It also explains why most of the music from my former home is on the sullen side (That can be a good thing). The P.U.S.A. are not downtrodden. They are fun. This album is fun. Sometimes a song about nothing other than wanting to go get a fuzzy fruit is a good thing. You don't always have to be deep. Gotta go, there's a kitty on the floor and I want to touch it!


The song Lump is funny but latter on Weird Al made the song Gump which wasn't as funny as the song lump


It is not worth the time to buy the lead singer is scary.


the song peaches. its just too amazing.


They are my heros. Anyone who can make thousands of people fall in love with a song about peaches is a her in my book.


This band is and has been my favorite band. Why, you may ask? Their songs are just good, they have a solid bass line and catchy grooves. The best part is there is no pretention about deep philosophical meaning (which I do like as well). They are just rocking my guts. If I didn't wear sock clips I am sure they would rock them off as well.


Man,this guy likes gets a little annoying but this is a great album.Peaches come from a can,they were put there by a man,in a factory down town.....catchy lyrics (sarchastic) no,these guys are good.And does anyone know what Lump is about? obviously that song ,ade this cd popular.