The Lumineers - III

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III Tracklist:

Jovian Tides

III is adventurous, inspired, and real, and carries a resonant message. The Lumineers' first two albums are more pleasing to listen to and I do prefer them, but I admire Wesley and Jer's bold creation of III. The best song on the album is the "Salt and the Sea." It's one of their new best of all time. I really like the build up to the climax in "Leader of the Landslide" and "Jimmy Sparks" as well as the powerful storytelling in both songs. "April" is beautiful but wish it wasn't so short. (Side note: we need an all-instrumental piano album from Jeremiah.) However, I was a bit disappointed with the album because some of the tracks are a bit rough-sounding. I will also say that the story is a bit confusing, especially without the videos. Hope this will grow on me in time, but can't wait to see what the Lumineers do next.

master commanderinCO

Most excellent music

SKY N/O 91

Check out the bonsus song Democracy. This release is well thought out. I was suppossed to seee them on their world tour in Mlwke on 3/11/2020. I could not. I have a lung condition. From serving our country(US). COVID19. So I let all 4 tickets go. I ate the cost. No one would even buy the tickets from me. Now the cd is well thought out. Deep words. Opening songs are great. They are always a band you can count on. They just get better and better.


A great album to listen to. Salt and the Sea is my favorite track for sure :)

Nawaf majid

I can’t stop listening to this masterpiece


Fine line is my fav


Never seems to surprise me their amazing music , the whole album is very very amazing


A piece of work and music long overdue, with today's climate of addication, and families ruined. Thank you Lumineers, for so brave a release!

Roberts Crew

I had high hopes for this album, even after not really caring for the early released “Gloria”. But this album is really just depressing. The Lumineers are wonderfully talented musicians, but this album just doesn’t sing to my soul.


Am I the only person who thinks that?!?


So good


I love these lame reviews saying this is unoriginal, uninspired, unhappy music. It’s not meant to be happy. It’s an album about addiction you morons. It’s their most inspired album yet. A story of 3 generations of people dealing with addiction and the effects on their family. It’s so real. So emotional. The short film for the album is brilliant. There’s never been an album like this.


This album seems like a shift from some of their more upbeat songs that play well before an audience into areas of reflection, exploring broken lives at a personal and societal level. At times, the songs almost feel like the demo version, with minimal instrumentation and vocals. It's a good album, hence 4 stars, but seems not as wide ranging as their first 2 albums.


So glad for another album, love your sound so much.


Cinematic masterpiece


Truly amazing.... first full album I'll buy in years


Great Great Great!!!


For all those thinking that the Lumineers need to change their music, please please don’t. I fell in love with your music, not the potential of what your new music can bring. Death Cab changed from their roots. So did OAR. Now the Head and the Heart. I don’t listen to any of these three’s new music.


So good

Na dolman

Beautiful Album!!!!

Deleted all my videos

Kept their same style, but threw in a fair amount of diversity into their songs too! Really liked it :)


I love the lumineers!! But I wish you made your newest album clean!! Keep writing but make it clean please!


This is The Lumineers best album by a mile. Mature songwriting and produced like its coming right off a vinyl record. All without slipping into the pop mentality that so many Alternative artists do by their 3rd album. Amazing job guys, keep it up!


This album is perfect! Just perfect! All your songs touch me in feelings. After Cleopatra I didn't think I could love them anymore. But here I am loving you guys even more.


Yes Neyla left, the sound is a tad different but in a good way. The band has moved into its next phase. Maybe it’s the writing, but the music feels for more serious, it feels more epic and grandiose. There is a couple songs with a very welcoming orchestra. Personally I love this album, the band has evolved and it’s very evident on this album.

big al18

Much like the second album. Not as fun as the first album. Very depressed tone. “It wasn’t easy to be happy” 😒


Another great album! Love The Lumineers!


This album pulls at the heart strings. If you have ever loved an addict, here’s your lullaby. So good and so real.

Lummy Fan

Just when I thought these guys couldn’t get any better!


Lumineers are 3/3


I’m a huge fan of their music, huge! My kids are as well. Not one song I don’t like of theirs from The Lumineers, Cleopatra, C-Sides, every single, soundtrack song, holiday, and cover, so I was stoked! This album definitely is different and I really like a few of them but this isn’t the same band we all know and love. The story, I get isn’t upbeat and feel good but without the music videos to fill the imagination, the lyrics are repetitive and seem incomplete. The beginning of Democracy, I was going crazy - something different and theatrical but then it stopped and continued the same chords and riffs. I’m not going to say I’m disappointed because these people are very talented but maybe this was just hyped up and anticipated a little more than it was worth.


The last album was amazing. this is pretty disappointing imo :(


Another fantastic and well written album. I love that all of the songs interlock to tell a complete story.


It never ceases to amaze me that in all three of their albums there are lyrics in multiple songs that seem to be headlines ripped directly from my life in a way no other song or band has ever been able to do so closely. I became an instant fan of the Lumineers since their first album and continue with their third masterpiece; equally excited for their future work in the coming years.


Great album all the way through


This album is the best.


This has to be one of their best works ever!!


There is no up beat songs in this one. The whole album brings me down:/


Here just 5 short days before the full release I have listened to the 6 pre-release songs on repeat. I’ve followed The Lumineers since earlier 2012, their songs were the soundtrack to college, marriage, and a kid for me. While this album feels a little rushed and the songs feel familiar it’s still a welcome sound in my life. The visuals are incredible, as always, the videos coincide breathlessly like a movie. The only thing I feel is creatively missing is the album artwork, it’s dry, but has zero detractions from the music itself. Overall I’m incredibly pleased, yet again, with this amazing duo. I worried with the departure of Neyla that we would hear a drop of soul but Wesley and Jeremiah still have it!

Tony Ambrose (ALA4)

This album is amazing. It tells such a gripping story.


Great to fall asleep to and I have insomnia. B O R I N G Don’t drive while listening.


Let me start by saying I am a big fan. I caught on to them following the first album, so I didn’t have long to wait before Cleopatra. I like the first album and the second album even more. Heck, I like C-sides and even the songs from Storks and Pete’s Dragon. So I was really looking forward to III; it should have been a complete layup for them to impress me. So far, it is doing almost nothing for me. I get that maybe they wanted to ‘strip things back’ closer to the first album, but so far, 4 ½ of the songs sound like a dude brought his guitar to a campfire and decided to do some singing. The lyrics are unimpressive, including the strange tribute to… themselves(???) in life in the city. The melodies are largely unimpressive, and that makes the singing sound marginal. He’s not singing badly, there’s just nothing more to the song. The two things I liked most were their story-telling and their musical talent. I’m afraid – as others have mentioned – that their best composer left when Neyla Pekarek moved on. I’m still hopeful with seven songs to go, but that hope is entirely based on what they have done before this album.


I haven’t been this excited for an album in a long time. This is next level excitement like Pink Floyd dark side of the album excitement. Great Stuff!!!!!


Thank you Lumineers for your music!! I feel so teased by bands acting like their folksy and they completely switch, faking us out but not The Lumineers! Perfection as always!


At first I enjoyed what I heard from these guys. But at this point, a change in sound or direction would be greatly appreciated. And how many songs can they make that involve women whose name ends with a?


This is so refreshing to my ears after all of these trashy musicians taking over the charts these days. Let’s bring good music back. Thank you, The Lumineers x


I’m so happy that while the Lumineers have grown in their fan base, they have managed to hold true to their original sounds. Their first album seems very timid in comparison to their newer music. Their sound has grown along with their popularity. I’m so excited for this upcoming album! I wish it would be released sooner than September.