The Lumineers - The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2013 Dualtone Music Group, Inc.

The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:


Why isn't there Scotland the song?!? 😭😭😭😭

Ale j.

I can't get enough of this album. great band!!


I heard the song "Ho Hey" on the pilot tv show "Seduction" and fell in love with it,it really touched my heart I looked on line and found who wrote it then realized that I've heard songs from them on tv commercials throughout the last year. When I demoed some of the other tracks I realized then that I was going to be a long time fan of there's. I love how they express themselves threw there songs. I don't ever write a review but find myself telling others about what a great band they are. ***** Only because there aren't any more stars to give them :) thanks for evoking me to feel, life sometimes calluses my heart muscle❤️


Great band, I'm excited for what's next!


One of my favorite bands

Mr. Only Extreme

Outstanding album!!

christian barnes

My 2nd cousin Caleb sings this ALL THE TIME but it never gets old! I love it!


Great and Awesome Band! Just like their songwriting and their music has it's clarity! I love the music videos and the tour behind the scenes video as well! I can't stop listening to their music at all!


A very talented group for this generation


$7.99 for 16 songs and some great videos! I thought it was a mistake when I first saw it. What a steal! And a great band too! Hey, this more often!

Vince Flores

I literally loved every single song on here. Im surprised these guys arent more popular


This album is amazing, and every song will give you chills, with the band's unique folk ballads. This band is a perfect mix of heart and folk music and they deserve praise for their work.


There is one good song on this album, it's the one on the radio, hey ho. That's fine, but to do a rendition like that of Naive Melody is downright criminal. Just my opinion.

Masshole rhody

This album is on repeat in my life for months now. 👍👍

Brother Hill

I already bought the cd from Starbucks last year. To buy it again. It's worth it!!! True fans will support the artist that means digital downloads and the physical cd besides The Lumineers are an excellent band. This is coming from a hip hop fan.


They have never let me down! From when I first heard ho hey on the radio, to when I downloaded all of there albums and bought them separately, I am a huge fan! Great job!


The Lumineers are awesome love their songs there awesome.


Can't believe you have to buy the whole album again, they didn't seem like that kind of band. Oh well still going to buy the new album.


You can purchase the new tracks individually if you want. No need to download the whole record but I would. The behind the scenes video is spot on!


I'm so excited! The Lumineers are my favorite band!


I'm very excited to hear their new songs! They are a fantastic band, and I can't wait to hear more of what they do.


They should at least give you the original songs in the meantime.


The Lumineers are by far one of my favorite bands. All the previously unreleased tracks on the album are great, and will be available for separate purchase. I feel bittersweet about the fact that their unreleased track "falling" isn't on here. It is so beautiful and cute, so I am sad that it didn't make it to this album, but on another note, I am happy. I am happy for the reason that it is too special for me to listen to 24/7. It is one of their only songs where the listener gets to hear neyla sing. I think it would kill that magic if it was on here personally

Justyn !!!!!!

I love The Lumineers but when you come out with the first album you come out with a deluxe so that's a huge turn off but I still pre-ordered it anyway


I love The Lumineers and would really like to purchase the new songs on the DE. So a Complete My Album would be perfect.

Blue Summit

All the people giving this one star reviews clearly don't pay much attention to the band since they stated on their Facebook page that "all bonus tracks an will be avail for separate purchase online so you don't have to buy the album again if you already have it!"


Although I am very pleased they are releasing additional songs, I will not purchase this album again. They need to release an EP or add a "complete my album" option.

Melih Gonenli

Deluxe Edtion come on!


Can't wait to have the release! - - I wish the duet was on there too.


The neers are where it's at.


Who's gonna pay again for the exact same album? This is disappointing.


It's like awesome-Leslie😋

Luke Escool

Great band!!! The additional songs are really good too. I have heard them live many of times. I sure hope that they offer a "complete my album" or an EP with the additional content. Don't punish your fans that have been with you for years now.


So excited for this! The new songs being released are wonderful and I'm ecstatic to be able to listen to them now whenever I want!


I'm going to your concert in Utah can't wait! Great sound!


Don't get me wrong, The Lumineers was one of my favorite albums of 2012. But they had to ruin this with a "deluxe" version after 1 year? Why? Release a new EP! But I guess it's all about money. Smh.