Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

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B Jennings

If I could give this ZERO STARS I would ... BeYAWNce at her untalented OVERRATED best. Just one more boring song that is in no way innovated or different nor is it fun or catchy. Hopefully with all the PATHETIC black LIES matter crap BeYAWNce will be able to write some more RACIST HYPOCRITICAL GARBAGE


Some songs on the soundtrack/record are good! But I don’t really like it overall ... not worth buying!


🚨Have you heard (To the point ) by Damarion Matchem you have to go listen 💯


This album is definitely for the culture! If you not apart of the culture ✊🏾 then you wouldn’t get it.

Xavier Rion

If Beyoncé just PROMOTED then this album could’ve achieved GREATNESS! Songs in this album are SUUUUUUUUUUPER GOOD! Truly a love letter to Africa!


This song is so catchy it stock in my head


If you are close minded and out of touch with yourself I guess you won’t like it... this whole album is a piece of art. I see how it resonates with the movie and also how it represents Africa and the values of a culture that perseveres. Beyoncé knows exactly what she’s doing and I appreciate how she’s evolved and settled into her own truth. Y’all just some haters man, dang! Lol GREAT ALBUM! The movie sucked though, just because the original can’t ever be beat.. 🤷🏽‍♀️🧡✨


Great music

B.B. Homemaker

This Album is a banger. I sorry y’all aren’t educated enough. It’s not Beyoncé’s fault

Trust and Us


DanYiel Teflon

I like to hear Beyoncé flex her vocal ability. The way these artist came together to make this gift is awesome!! 👏🏽

Believable girl

I love find your way back


I love Brown Skin Girl because I have dark skin and the message is to love you the way you are.


One of the best projects from Beyoncé. From Bigger to OTHERSIDE, what a wonderful album. Beyoncé knows how to empower people through music (Brown Skin Girl).


Everyone slept on this masterpiece and they are missing out.


B is a mother now and she doesn’t have to grind like a new artist. She has an empire to run. I think the cd was definitely a gift as she is. It was powerful, enlightening, and dope. And how can anyone say it’s not lion king. Bigger shows us we are all connected for a greater purpose like the circle of life. Jealous is what Scar was of his brother. Mufasas Spirit is still alive after his death to guide his son back to him. In the movie Simba had to Find his way back to his family and purpose. Not to mention the scenes from the movie being played between songs.

Henry Guion

Figuratively off let me say the album cover is two lions fighting nothing demonic! Second I thought it was a great album. My first time listening to a album like this and though I love Bey even the songs without her are really good. I say give the album a chance and you’d at least find one song you’ll enjoy or you’ll end up loving the entire album, either way you’ll find yourself moving and dancing and having fun! Peace and love everyone ❤️


I love Beyoncé because our birthday is the same date and month


This is what make good artist great, diversity in their music. This project was special for Beyonce. The sounds & vibe of this album was ancestral, and some listeners will not appreciate it. It’s a side of Mrs. Carter a lot of fans will enjoy.


Beautiful Album, Beautiful music💛💛💛💛


This gift is a masterpiece. Whoever don’t understand the beauty of this album, go watch the making of this on YouTube then LISTEN AGAIN from start to finish with quality speakers, a quality mindset, TURN IT UP and got lost in the stunning soundscapes of Africa!! These artists really pour their blood, sweat and tears into this project. Why are people so concerned about the connection of the movie and this album?? It’s an incredible piece of work regardless. Love how the album tells a story from start to finish! Sequencing is perfection! So much meaning, so much fun at the same, I cannot help but dance and cry at he same time!! This album is a celebration of humanity!!! What we all need right now!! Thank you Beyonce and the amazing talent that worked on this mesmerizing masterpiece!!


BUT the album was not her best.


The Gift captures Afro beats and introduces popular African artists from Nigeria, Mali, South Africa, etc, not widely known in the U.S.. Starry collaborations and compositions to reflect today’s African music and is a super supplement to the Lion King movie, This album is the perfect definition of Sankofa; looking back to move forward - as it pays homage to the foundation that started it all. Once again, generous and inclusive Beyonce makes sure everyone eats. Artists got a boost and so did we. Well done!


I really liked this compilation, Bey really expanded her range on this one. She’s normally R&B or pop but now she’s trying out Afro Beats genre I’m with it. Haven’t really purchased a Bey album since dangerously in love til now


A masterful, musical retelling of a classic story and as a stand-alone album it works it’s way into becoming a true GIFT for the human soul !!


True to the roots of Africa, this really celebrates the culture and the film. Wonderfully done.


True to the roots of Africa, this really celebrates the culture and the film. Wonderfully done.

Lorraine M. Hill

I absolutely love this project!!!! Everyone did an amazing job! The film and its soundtrack are iconic. I am grateful for this beautiful body of work.


I have listened to this album multiple times now and I think it is beautiful! The arrangements are fun and I now have a new found love for Burna Boy. I cried the first time I heard Brown Skin Girl, it was so powerful to hear black and brown women celebrated in a powerful and beautiful way anthem. I still cry listening to it. I am a white female and absolutely understand the importance of this album. The representation of black culture and various artist Beyoncé chose to put this together is solid through musical translation. I think of this album as a family album something fun, vibrant, rhythmic and motivational to get up and dance. This album is about the celebration of black culture! I knew going in this was not The Lion King soundtrack, people need to understand it’s literally in the title The Gift and Beyoncé delivered just that.


I love this entire album. If you don’t like to don’t get it. This album was inspired by the movie. It’s beautiful.


We are so blessed to have this amazing music!


Omg! Live it Bey. Keep shining hun🖤💙🖤💙


This Album is a piece of work and is one of her best. She shows love to the motherland with this album. By giving it a very nice Afro-Beat vibes with her powerful vocals. She also is singing more in her lower range which is great. Beyonce keep outdoing yourself.


Love it!!!


For those reviewing, THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A SOUNDTRACK. This is an afro-beat meets american hip hop album. The music on this album is great! Her verse in MOOD 4 EVA, her voice in WATER, the inspiration & vocals in BIGGER. BROWN SKIN GIRL is such an uplifting song for our beautiful brown skin girls who have always been put down for their gorgeous skin. ALREADY just gets me in the mood. I personally loved everything on and about this album. Beyoncé just keeps doing what she loves, and creating great things with her passion and love for music. I love to see it!


Beyoncé took the time to hand select nearly 50 producers, vocalists, rappers, and more from Africa to truly bring Africa to this album. The themes of every song match the pace of the movie, from “I took a swim in de Nile” coming after Simba runs away to “You’ll never take my power” playing alongside the fight scene. Beyoncé serves amazing vocals and even bars on Mood 4 Eva with Jay-Z. Watch Making The Gift broadcast by ABC, written, directed, and produced by Beyoncé to see how she put this masterpiece, THE GIFT, together.


I never leave reviews but I had to drop a line because the hate in here is out of control. I understand if the style(s) of music is not your vibe but the level of distasteful comments is unfounded. Just say you hate black women and go. Nothing on this album merits that much hate. There is meticulous artistry and talent in this work. That’s why the “bad” reviews skew high— the five vs one star ratings are polarizing—but there’s no actual critique. You could argue the album maybe doesn’t need so many interludes with dialogue from the movie— that’s a legit note— but the talent in undeniable. Saying it’s put together for publicity when it’s barely been marketed is just inaccurate and clearly showing a lack of actual attention when listening to the album. BIGGER, OTHERSIDE, AND SPIRIT should go down in history as some of the most beautiful poetic musical pieces of this era. The melodies transcend this Earth and the harmonies take us beyond. TRULY DIVINE. A GIFT INDEED!!


Beyonce Beyonce has done it again !!!




This is not just about the lion king. You guys don’t seem understand or appreciate afrobeat music. And if you actually took time to read the summary of the album maybe you would understand why Beyoncé made this album. I think this album is great especially to someone who is actually African American. And maybe some of you who wrote one start reviews are also African American, but I know not all of you are. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect the people who make it. I’m not an expert on afrobeats or African music but I’ve recently started to listen to some and I like some of it. I don’t know the history behind all of it but I find it very interesting. I think listening to music from different cultures is very cool and something that should be appreciated nowadays since this kind of music and other cultures might one day be gone and taken over by the millennial generation. Being a millennial myself sometimes it’s hard to see the significance of some things that are of the past. I just think it’s important to at least respect other types of music other than the modern music we hear today.


Love it! 💛💛


Loved the whole album from beginning to the end. If you don’t get it - IT wasn’t written for you. There is a new Lion King sound track... this is not it. This is simply The Gift and it is triumphant!


Love everything with Beyoncé on it.

Lil weezyy

Brown skin girl


If you don’t vibe with this album then it wasn’t made for you. This is a celebration of African culture and music.




I love this album ! The movie was alright.

Indiana Atwood

Although a lot of this album is decent, some of the songs including “FIND YOUR WAY BACK,” “BROWN SKIN GIRL,” “OTHERSIDE,” and “SPIRIT” are absolutely fantastic! I’d call this a win! 😁

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