The Killers - Imploding the Mirage

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Imploding the Mirage Tracklist:

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I’m so stoked for this new album!! I only wish I had the whole album while in isolation!! (Hint hint😉) I better not die before I get a chance to here this album!! Ps please come back to Portland Oregon! You guys were rad!


I never heard of the Killers until I met my wife. She changed my world, and my tastes in music. I really enjoy these guys, and this sound is both old and new. That’s a big deal. Listening while on quarantine!

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If their first single is THIS GOOD, I can’t wait for the rest of the album! they sound as good as when I Saw them at LOLLA-Chicago: incredible sound for an incredible band.


Love this single and now totally looking forward to more synths like back in the day. Reminds me of some good times. Love, love, love! ❤️


Caution is fun and upbeat! They stayed true to their sound. I can’t wait for more!


I grew up listening to this band but they could be better. Brandon has good vocals tho. Y’all should listen to 5 Seconds of Summer


Caution is gooooood


The Killers are back!


Not bad so far


Heck yeah.

Antonio León gto

A great first single!!! The killers still making great music keep it up!!!


I need this to get through this awful time.


Sounds good!


First off I was sadden to hear can’t think when that they were gonna be done making music I heard that from few resources but to come across this man I’m so happy I guess it wasn’t true these guys there music I really enjoy has that 80s vibe i love so glad they putting out new cd great first single


Song has potential, but this is a different band now.


Great guitar work

Tech Treecko

I’ve been waiting for sooooo long. It’s here! AND ITS ROCKS!


amazing. incredible. spectacular. the killers truly never disappoint


Already love the first single I’m excited I love the killers 👍🏼💗💗

billyfrrom philly

Im feeling and hearing the BUCKINGHAM vibe!!!!!!!! Yesssssss


The Killers can do it all. I’m so excited for this album!!!!


Vannucci!!! Claypool just called me and wants a new Toenail single...


this song blows me away

blah blah is right

Really great start🎶👍🏼


Wish they would just take a long break if all 4 can't make an album together. Not sure if that will ever happen again!


It’s so beautiful just like all of their albums.


I gotta admit, expectations are always low for The Killers music these days. But this song does not disappoint. It sounds like something from around 2006. The big hook is there - FINALLY. Thank you, Jesus. Please let the rest of the album be a return to form. Please??


Such an amazing, distinctive, talented voice Brandon Flowers has! There just that type of band that you can play there music anywhere. Listen to them Live in concert, in the car, by the pool, relaxing around a summer’s nights campfire. You name it, there awesome!!!


Awesome 💜🌙


From the moment the single starts you're in for a great ride - the sound breaks wide open and reverberates like when you are riding with the top down! Flowers' voice is full of lush emotion and the longing that is such a hallmark of the Killers sound. Just when you think the skies couldn't get any wider it shuts down and makes you want more....can't wait for the rest!


Have been listening since first album Hot Fuss. First single is really catchy and hopeful the rest of the album matches


I'm blown away by the first single. I've always loved The Killers. I'm so excited to hear the rest of the album.


I love this band like no other!! Caution is a beauty, it’s uplifting and absolutely makes me smile. Reminds me of Sam’s town, battle born, and the 80s all mixed together. The Lindsey Buckingham guitar is a treat as well. TK means more to me any other band—Can’t wait for the rest of the album!🥰


they did whA T


Great to hear new tunes


Have been waiting and waiting and this did not disappoint- SO looking forward to the rest of the album as well as the tour. My all time favorite band. Haven’t stopped listening ❤️❤️❤️


Much better to me than any thing on wonderful wonderful. Looking forward to hearing the rest!


The world was better with your 3 yrs of silence branden💀 and the only thing you have going for you is getting people to stream your only hit🤡


Loving the 80’s vibe

Tina the nana

Thank you again for “Caution”! 3/13/1947 my birthday and I found the perfect surprise! Preordered the new album. Looking forward to more.


This a great way to comeback with a new album classic the killers sound


I am so excited for this album! The day and age sound was my favorite and this fits perfectly. Hoping the rest of the album is like this 🤞🏻

Godzilla Thrilla

“Caution” is absolutely incredible! I cannot wait to hear the entire album!


The first track has kind of an 80’s ballad vibe to it and I like it!

Bsd yo





I love how they’re expanding upon the Wonderful Wonderful sound.


Just wow...I almost forgot how good The Killers were until I heard this single and it instantly took me back to a time of the 80’s but with The Killers twist and boy does they’re twist work! Can’t wait for the rest of they’re album!


Love it, Thank You ❤️ Can't wait for the album!!


The Killers have always been my favorite band/artist. When Caution came out I cried. I’ve been waiting a while for new music and now it’s here. My heart just went 🤯. I’m literally so excited! The Killers will always be my favorite. I have so much love for them.