The Cure - Disintegration (Remastered)

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Disintegration (Remastered) Tracklist:

Trust and Us


Yorick Delano

For a while I never really understood the hype around the Cure. Sure I thought Friday I’m in Love was a cute song but nothing really mind blowing, but then I heard this album and I totally got it. My personal favorites are the title track, Fascination Street, Same Deep Water As You, Plainsong, Picture of You and Lullaby, but honestly there’s not a single dud on this album, check it out if you haven’t already it’s absolutely worth your time


The 80’s were Junior High and High School for me. Loved the 80’s but I was a metal head and classic rock guy. Wasn’t open to the alternative, quirky universe of music that surrounded me. But I knew lots of girls that loved The Cure and Depeche Mode. Got into DM several years ago and finally saw them live last year. Amazing. 2019 was my inquisitive introduction to the Cure past the “Hits”. This album is amazing. A couple of songs I can do without but songs like “lullaby”, Pictures of you” and “The same deep water as you” is worth every cent spent on this album. There are other great tracks too such as Homesick, Prayers for Rain, and Disintegration. I can see why a lot of fans call this a masterpiece. It is a gorgeous plethora of music candy. But I now want to experience other highly regarded albums like the Head on the Door, and Kiss Kiss Kiss. I recommend this album to other once upon a time only metal heads such as myself.


Disintegration is one of the best albums to come out of the 80s. There are albums that have great songs in them and then there are albums like Dark side of the moon ok computer Sgt pepper Deloused in the comatorium that’s are perfect. Every song is good and it feels like they are all connected. Like the album has a theme. Disintegration is one of those rare masterpieces.

Jack Lee

This is Robert Smith’s Best Album. And he’s got plenty of more great albums before and after this one too. But I can’t think of a more touching, and heartfelt album in his catalog than this one. It will make you cry, smile, and just feel great inside. You can feel his emotions and what he was going through writing and singing these songs. It’s a masterpiece.


This album is timeless and a must to own!


This album threatens to drown you in its rich instrumentals right from the very beginning, only for Robert Smith to save you, pulling you up to bemoan your misery before tossing you back in the water, face pushed deep in the best and worst memories of your life. Truly the best album of all time.

Cardiac Cat

The title says it all. This is in their top 3 all time and could easily be argued as their best. It’s also one of the most complete rock, alternative, pop albums ever. It has so much range; it will drag you through a roller coaster of emotions.


Still perfect after all these years...


Ok so I found out abouth the The Cure from supreme. Started to listen to a couple of their albums, and ending up liking thieir music. This is a nice album. It really displays The Cure raw talent. The Disintegration makes me feel like im in a 80's miami vice scene!!

Cat Neath Starlight

Truly a legendary album.


I mainly purchased the song “PlainSong” because it was played in the briefcase scene of the action movie called “Ant-Man” where the bad guy steps on the home button of the iPhone and yells “I’M GOING TO DISINTEGRATE YOU!!!” at Ant-Man and Siri automatically says “Now playing Disintegrate by The Cure!” And I laughed so hard I had to buy the song. So I accidentally bought Disintegration but then realized the actual song played in the movie was PlainSong by The Cure and that the album name was Disintegration. XD Still good songs though. :)


Watching CNN THE Eighties reminded me to download this whole album remastered. So wonderful.. and tons of memories erupt from every song.

Foreign Comic Collector

I used to think Seventeen Seconds was the top album for me. I have since changed my mind. I think of all the Cure Albums maybe because form what I have read this might have been Roberts most personal albums. A true masterpiece of goth music, before The Cure went even more into the pop realms later in their career.


spun from heaven metal. I would vote for this album to be sent out into the cosmos as a representation of what we are capable of. I can't imagine anyone else singing, but if you remove the vocals it would be just as amazing.

Jcole is the goat!!!!!!

I am a huge music fan. I listen to everything. But this is something different. This isn't just amazing. This is beautiful. This is heaven on earth.


If Paul Stanley of KISS and the ebola virus had a baby, it'd be this album. James hates this.


This album is just Beautiful! I agree with practically every review! I was a child when this album came out but am loving it oh sooo much in my adult years..... Im seeing The Cure this May!!!


Alluring, textured, layered, romantic, eerie and gloomy are all appropriate adjectives to describe this remarkable. Disintegration is one of those rare albums that when listened to from beginning to end is an experience. An hour and 12 minute escape into the writer's (Smith) dream world which for me is primarily but not entirely romantic goth epitomized by "The Same Deep Water As You" which could be a soundtrack to Wuthering Heights. Great tracks throughout this is a must-have for those who like to put on the headphones, kick back and take a break from reality for awhile.


why we must grow old? when it felt so good to be filled with life?

Toilets rubber

It took me years to realize just how beautiful this album is... And how real some of the songs feel to me.. Plainsong & Pictures of you are my personal favorites from this album

Samantha Scarlette

One of my favorite albums! The title track in incredible, as is “Plain Song”. I love it.. It’s so moody and atmospheric.


It's perfect.


This isn't music, it's life.


This is not only my favorite gothic rock album, but my favorite album in general, without a doubt. Most gothic rock albums require a special taste to like and aren't exactly what some may call "easy-listening", but this is one that almost anyone can enjoy, despite its dark and depressing themes. It also helps that Robert Smith is an absolute poet.

Vaughn Felix

This was introduced to me years ago and, even then, I couldn't stop listening to it. The melodies and beat and bass and everything just meshes together so perfectly that it pierces the soul and plays a movie projector in your eyes of the feeling and passion each song was portrayed!!!! Love it forever.


….followed by Joshua Tree. If you don't have it, buy it. Life changer.


One of my all-time favorite albums. A must have.


Dark moody yet very enjoyable to listing too...brings me back to my college days in a very nostalgic way. A top 10 CD for sure. Get this and enjoy on a moody rainy day or...??


The Cure is Awesome!! Remembering good times seeing them in concert give me goose bumps....


Love every song. The first half with all the hits, and the last half with all the epics. And Plainsong might be the greatest opener to an album, ever.


I'm not a huge Cure fan but I like Kiss Me and Staring at the Sea. I bought this album on a whim and I can't stop listening to it. It is grandiose, heart breaking and majestic. This may be The Cure at their finest. If you are a Cure fan this is a no-brainer.

Just made this book up

BAck when albums were meant to tell a story from the beginning to the end, like a book, this is one of the 2 best albums by the cure along with Wish.


A melodic journey through time and emotion, Disintegration displays Robert Smith's creative finesse in its darkest and brightest of moments. Although it may seem a bit heavy to the newer Cure aficionado, I whole-heartedly recommend it for anyone who has appreciation for artistic alternative rock, and this is it in its purest form. From the crisp nostalgia of "Pictures Of You" to the morose laments of "Homesick," this album is one to be experienced and is an ethereally gripping accomplishment.


Disintegration has been with me for many years of my life. Through happiness, sadness, battles with demons, drugs, etc. However, as my once happy marriage turned dark, cold and lonesome...Disintegration in all its gorgeousness and gorgeousity became a beautiful companion that helped me through it. This piece of music is more than a classic can be a FRIEND, a COMPANION, a LIFESAVER, that for me, held my hand through a lonely, lonely time. I know I'm not alone. All I can say is THANK YOU!!


Where is this album at iTunes?


This album is amazing. At the time of its release I was a bit apprehensive... Just coming off Kiss Me x3 and Head on the Door before that. I thought Disintegration was a bit too main stream. But as time wore on, it became my '89 & 90... Now after all this time, I think it still holds up. For me, The Cure always will. However, I don't appreciate Apple trying to squeeze a few extra cents out of us for the songs that are more popular... ridiculous... Hopefully that's not what they might consider "inappropriate". Doesn't matter anyway, I bought the whole album... :P


From start to stop it's amazing. The songs that aren't radio hits are some of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard.

Ze artiste

This album came out when I was going to art school! Good times!


The are so awesome and different. Reminds me of good times!!


I saw that this album did not have a lot of reviews and maybe because everyone allready owns it, but on the chance that you dont buy it right away it will change your life. This album should be in classes for teaching melody.


Just purchased and listened to it. OMG... this is unbelievable. Masterpiece. They're actually about to become my fav group now bcs of this album...

Mama UP

Reliving such good memories with this album.


My favorite Cure album by far, listening takes me to another world.

Brock Rockhard

I'm a huge Cure fan and this has to be my favorite album! Fantastic from Plainsong to Untitled!


I'm only 16 live in Harlem And i gotta say These songs are just amazing. songs nowadays Are Just so pathetic.

Miss Lulu1

This is a great overall album. Yes it has Pictures of You, Lullaby, Lovesong, and Fascination Street. But the two best songs on the album are Disintegration and The Same Deep Water As You. Worth the money. Download the whole thing.


The best album ever!!! A truly masterpiece.


"Disintegration" has been played so many times when my love life was erratic, sweet and confusing. These songs have lifted me and not made me feel alone. Especially the last song "Untitled", it sums the album up with a song about making peace with chaos and letting go of what you thought was going to last forever. This album by the Cure is my favorite by them; words cannot express how truly madly deeply and darkly amazing this album is for all who have loved and lost.


I can still Listen to this album like it was 1988 again with the same nostalgia. A classic Cure Album one that I can easily listen to from beginning to end. My personal favorites are "The Same Deep Water As You" , " Disintegration" , "Plainsong" no need to mention the other classics as they are very well known.

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