Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1997 Roswell Records, Inc.

The Colour and the Shape (Bonus Track Version) Tracklist:


Everlong. The end


These guys have yet to produce a " bad album ". It's just a matter of which are better than the others !!!!

MikeG 312

Foo Fighters = must buy. Simple.


Greatest rock band in the last 20 years! Love this band so much!

Jim Donner

I put this album on for the first time in probably ten years, and it's still great. The only song I skipped was "Hero," which I'm probably only bored of because it is played out. Otherwise, this album rocks with just the right amount of dynamics.

Guy from San Pedro

Classic 90s Alt Rock record.The Foo Fighters are a great band.This was their breakthrough album.Features classic songs still played on the radio today like Everlong,My Hero, and Monkey Wrench.My favorite song on this album is Hey,Johnny Park.One By One and In Your Honour are my two other favorite Foo Fighters albums. Don't buy just the hits buy the full album. This album is like the Nevermind of the Foo Fighters.


This is why the foos are so great. They have amazing balance between soft and hard rock so everybody can enjoy their music. The breakdown of this album. Doll=soft Monkey Wrench=Hard Hey, Johnny park!=Hard My poor brain=Mixture Wind up=Hard Up in arms=Mixture My hero=Mostly hard See you=Soft Enough space=Mixture February stars=Mixture Everlong=Mixture Walking after you=Soft New way home=Hard See the balance. It's great. My favorite on this album, February Stars.


I remember getting this cd as a gift from my uncle, before knowing the FF or their backstory I was jamming off this album as soon as I hit play on my "Walkman" life was awesome that day and this album still takes me back! A must buy!

I still have my original CD of the this album from Junior High. I was in 7th or 8th grade when this was released,depending on which part of 1997 this was released in. Love this album. I listened to it through high school and saw them at the Gorge,WA the summer after my sophomore year of H.S. They played with Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was a great concert! He played Everlong on top of the sound booth in the audience. Nobody saw how he got up there from the stage ,he was just there. This will always be my fave Foo album,along with his self titled first album. I was lucky enough to be given tickets for another show 2 months later in Spokane,they played with STP. Great album,awesome shows. This brings me back. I wish I could have seen him drum with Nirvana too,but I was a little young for that :) If you don't have this album yet,do yourself a favor and grab it. It's one of there best.


My best friend died while coming back from ACL, where the foo fighters were playing, and died on his trip back. My Hero was his favorite song and because of him, it's mine also.💚💚💚 #AaronLivesOn


Not on guitar though Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is better


I don't get why Canadians can buy the special edition version with the additional songs but U.S. itunes doesn't offer it.


This is their best album.


This album goes down as one of the greatest of the 90s and one of the top Foo Fighters efforts. Not a weak track on this one. The self titled is an important album for a Foo Fighter fan to have because it's the debut, but if you are cutting your teeth and want to test the waters, download this album and you will not regret a minute of it. A pure classic.


This entire album is awesome, beginning to end. If you gave this album anything less than 4 stars, I'm positive you're a Bieber fan and don't have the mental capacity to appreciate truly good music by truly talented musicians. #yolo


This album is by a long shot my favorite by them. Something about it, from hey, johnny park!, to See You, to My hero, the entire album flows together as one cohesive mass of amazing.

Connor Welsh

You should notice not any of the songs on the album are below one bar of popularity. Each song is carefuly crafted into pure Foo Fighter's awesomeness.


I've always liked the original 1978 version of "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty but Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters do a great cover of Gerry's smash hit, too. There's a problem. FF's version is missing here at iTunes. It was a hidden bonus cut on the "Colour and the Shape" CD. Could've sworn I saw it here not too long ago at iTunes. Where did it go? I wish you'd bring it back. This entire album is excellent. However, the absence of the Foos' rendition of "Baker Street" prevents me from giving this album an overall 5-star rating. At this time because there is no "Baker Street" I have to give this album only 4 stars. "Baker Street" counts for a single star. Bring back FF's cover of "Baker Street"!


Why isn't it on the iTunes album? Foo is the best.


The Foo Fighters will always be my favorite band, and this album will always be the overall best they've ever recorded. It "flows" along with one great song after another, and every single song on it is great. You never have to skip a track., and that is rare for any album. I have no doubt that the Foo's will be remembered in Rock-n-Roll history right along with The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin etc., they are just that good :)


You could turn this into a greatest hits album with the whole album. Every tracks fantastic!!!! Its a must buy


From the documentary, before the band had the current lineup, this album was re-made dozens of times, with Dave ultimately doing almost everything on the album. But nonetheless, though it may have burned a bridge or two in some relationships, this may be on the Foo's best albums and it all came from Dave.


1. Doll 4.9/5 2. Monkey Wrench 5/5 3. Hey, Johnny Park! 5/5 4. My Poor Brain 5/5 5. Wind Up 5/5 6. Up In Arms 5/5 7. My Hero 5/5 8. See You 4.9/5 9. Enough Space 5/5 10. February Stars 4.9/5 11. Everlong 5/5 12. Walking After You 4.7/5 13. New Way Home 5/5


The Colour and the Shape is one of the most entertaining, artistic, smart, unpredictable, fun albums you'll ever hear. It's a beautiful masterpiece that hasn't been matched in its 15 years of existence.


The best Foo album would be either this, TINLTL, or Wasting Light. Doll - 9/10 Monkey Wrench - 10/10 Hey Johnny Park - 10/10 My Poor Brain - 9/10 Wind Up - 10/10 Up In Arms - 10/10 My Hero - 10/10 See You - 9/10 Enough Space - 9/10 February Stars - 8/10 Everlong - 11/10 Walking After You - 5/10 New Way Home - 10/10 Color and the Shape - 10/10

Syeda Foysol

This album made them the awesome band they are today


This album (in my opinion) is there best. An instant classic for many reasons. It's beautifully bi-polar lyrics are highly memorable and it advertises there true potential with such a wide variance in sounds.


Thank foo fighter for this album it is amazing! Italy love Foo fighters


Best songs are Monkey Wrench, Wind Up, My Poor Brain, Hey Johnny Park, Everlong, My Hero, & Enough Space.


A true classic album


Front to back this album if one of the best of all time, if not THE best.


The best Foo Fighters album. Some highlights are: Monkey Wrench, Hey Johnney Park, Wind Up, My Hero, Everlong (one of the greatest songs ever) and Colour and the Shape. Exellent and hard rocking album overall.


Those are the three words I would use to describe this album. The Colour and the Shape is a immaculate album. All of Foo Fighter's work is. Dave Grohl is a musical genius. Along with some very talented muscians this album is very good. The single complaint I have with this album is that the Expanded Edition it gives you five more songs. Most are which are over five minutes long. Which is great, the more songs the better, however this album is already pretty long so with the bonus tracks it gets very lengthy. Nonetheless, great fricken album. Definite buy for anyone who likes Foo or rock in general.




My Hero takes the cake. Great overall though.


This album is like one big symphony about guy and a girl in love. No offense but everyone I've seen review this album are not true Foo Fighters fans (the greatest hits is NOT their greatest hits). The truth is this album is great, but not because of Everlong, Monkey Wrench, and My Hero. It's because of the songs like My Poor Brain, Wind Up, and Walking After You. Botto, line is DON'T BUY THIS ALBUM IF YOU ONLY LIKE EVERLONG. Buy the greatest hits and be like the fake fans.


BEST. ALBUM. EVER. It came out two months and a day after i was born.... but I like it alot now hahaha. February Stars is the most amazing song ever.


and by the best, I don't mean best foo album. i mean best album ever

Caleb Dale

This is classic foo fighters. You should DEFINATELY buy it. Wish iTunes had the version with 19 songs (That's what I have).


This CD should have one more bonus track the "Down in the Park" cover. Um iTunes you sleeping? Get the song on there! All the rest of the songs of course they're good c'mon it's the FF!

derekzoolander !

okay this album is great and all, but everlong. my gosh, i get chills whenever i listen to this song ! seriously. as soon as i hear that amazing, beautiful, epic song i get goosebumps. in case i wasn't clear, *everlong* is a song that everyone, hard core foo fan or not, should have. capiche? kapiche? however you spell it.

The best & coolest person ever

Even after all these years and all the incredible foo fighters albums, this ones still my favorite from them, and one of my favorite albums ever. Just bought it on disc even though I already had it on my computer so I can listening my car. Totally worth it.


My favorite album of any band


The song Everlong defines the Foo Fighters' career, and is their best song ever.


one of the best albums of the 90s from one of the best bands. dave grohl cannot be stopped and everything he is apart of is gold.


The other version of WALKING AFTER YOU is also really awesome and IMO slightly better than this one. You find that on the X-Files: the movie soundtrack. The flow of the WHOLE ALBUM is artistic. This is still my favorite foo fighters album to date.

Garret of The Moderates

My favorite Foo Fighters album they've recorded What I find amazing about this album in particular (which I just found out today) is that the whispering part in Everlong isn't just a jumbled mess of whispers, it's 3 separate tracks one is a love letter being read, the other is a technical manual and the last is a story about the father of one of the studio engineers. That is why Dave Grohl is an amazing musician... the little things like that


Best foo fighters album in my opinion. The best songs are everlong, my hero, monkey wrench, and hey, johnny park.


Where's down in the park?


I bought this when it first came out in the 90s...I just need Baker Street!!! Itunes please bring it back!!!!