Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles

℗ 1999 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

The Battle of Los Angeles Tracklist:


Great album, but even though there's a "Parental Advisory" label, half the album is censored versions of the songs.


This album holds true to exactly what’s happening in the world today, It speaks to the mind and soul indefinitely.This is a modern classic, for new RATM fans start here and work your way back.

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Simply amazing

Big Time Brett

Saw them live at Randall's island. First rock the bells. Was insane. Saw them back in 2002. These albums are classics!!!


With the current political climate I need Rage Against the Machine to get me hyped in... well ragging against the machine.


Real Metal never dies. It just gets stronger and stronger. Beating death, & livin' for a new day. Rock n roll, brothers. Stay strong in rock & roll. Metal Forever. Peace.


This is BY FAR the best rage album! Dont think im saying its predecessors are not good. They are godly. But THIS is a whole new level. My personal favorite tracks are Calm Like A Bomb and Born of a Broken Man. Those are likely to stay my favorite songs for time to come.


Im 13 and considered a nerd but LOVE these guys.

Guy from San Pedro

Not as good as Evil Empire and Rage Against The Machine,but this album has great songs like Guerilla Radio and Sleep Now In The Fire. BUY IT!!!!!!!


I know I'm really late reviewing this😂😂 but solid album👌 and I wanted to point out somethin I thought was kinda funny. There's "Rage Against The Machine" and "Rise Against The Machine" and a "Rise Against" as bands XD Okay, continue scrolling

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One of the best RATM albums. In all honesty you don't have to say anything else. The only problem is why is it not mastered for ITunes?


... band that can make you think you can put your head through the freaking wall. This is their best. Need to go buy more drywall.

Alain Del Rio

I'd like to meet the person who gave this a one star review. If you were alive in the 90s then it's apart impossible to give Rage a one star rating! Great album !!

The cool guy4882910

Testify: 4.95/5 Guerrilla Radio:5/5 Calm Like a Bomb:10/5 best song !!


This album is electrifying in its social and political ideas. My one major qualm with it is that it can never hope to live up to the band's very first album. With the possible exception of "Testify," a politically influenced song with amazing lyrics and an acridly judgemental video, no real classics in the vein of "Killing in the Name" are to be found. This album is better than some in its era, but can never fulfil Rage's legacy. Highlights are "Mic Check," "Guerilla Radio," and "Calm Like a Bomb." The best part of this album, as usual, is de la Rocha's extremely loud, empowering voice and Morello's extreme riffs and musical effects, which lead the charge all the way to the band's saddening, yet appropriately timed end.

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Game set match


This is my Favorite album because from the sound and the loud screaming makes this band better and i love the title The Battle of Los Angeles. And this is what I'm looking for in a band a loud crazy screaming terrorizing band. With loud instruments, voice, mixes, and funk. With the lyrical and military music, mixed with wars, and causes against our race. With illegal immigrants or murder for no reason. Testifying against war, criminal investigations, and racism comments. Zapata is a role model to Mexicans people and believers. He also believed in that the sun the rain was telling him things people over took. The rumored enemy attack and subsequent anti-aircraft artillery-barrage which took place from late 24 February to early 25 February 1942 over Los Angeles, California. The incident occurred less than three months after the United States entered World War II as a result on the Japanese Imperial Navy's attack on Pearl Harbor, and one day after the Bombardment Ellwood on 23 February. Initially, the target of the aerial barrage was thought to be an attacking force from Japan, but speaking at a press conference shortly after Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox called the incident a "false alarm." Newspapers of the time published a number of reports and speculations of a cover-up. Some modern-day UFOlogists have suggested the targets were extraterrestrial aircraft. When documenting the incident in 1983, the U.S. Office of Air Force History attributed the event to a case of "war nerves" likely triggered by a lost weather balloon and exacerbated by stray flares and shell bursts from adjoining batteries. BUT ONE BAND, ONE ROLE, ONE BELIEVER, AND ONE TESTIFYER... Rage Against the Machine!!!! 98/100 1. Testify 5/5 2. Guerrilla Radio 5/5 3. Calm Like a Bomb 5/5 4. Mic Check 4.8/5 5. Sleep Now In the Fire 5/5 6. Born of a Broken Man 5/5 7. Born As Ghosts 4.9/5 8. Maria 5/5 9. Voice of the Voiceless 5/5 10. New Millennium Homes 5/5 11. Ashes In the Fall 5/5 12. War Within a Breath 5/5

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it makes me want to kill everybody.



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Zack out does himself as a emcee, he pushes his rapping and poetic abilities to the next level. Lyrically speaking he is a genius, and the power he has in his voice... Amazing!!! Tom was pretty creative far most in this album, Tim bass lines in Mic Check and War within a Breath are genius, the drummer was y good here, I noticed the tech. Has been improved. Amazing feel!!!


RAGE at their best, Guerrilla Radio and Sleep Now in the Fire are my favorite songs on this album......Wolfe76 is a complete idiot if he thinks that RAGE is overrated, if you dont like them why look this band up and write a pointless review, just wasting space and effort


i recently got into rage. i don't agree with their anti-government ideas but their lyrics, guitar riffs are just great. my favorites are: ashes in the fall 9.5/10 born of a broken man 8/10 war within a breath 7/10 i don't think this is the best rage album bur its pretty near it.

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Ashes in the fall has one of the best guitar riffs ever.


People say Yelawolf writes "dope" lyrics, these guys get the word out about the government, the world, war, and even construct clever, true and just... great rhymes! Go home Lil' Wayne, MORE RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But that guy who said linkin park sounds better that's bull Rage has been around longer. Rages first Came out in 91 linkin park 96 so don't say they needa stop rapping.


Guerilla Radio 10/10... Sleep Now In the Fire 10/10... Born of a Broken Man 10/10... Testify 9.5/10... Calm Like A Bomb 9.5/10... New Millenium Homes 9/10... Voice of the Voiceless 9/10... Maria 8/10... Ashes In the Fall 8/10

joker 91

I love this album! If you're looking for something controversial aside from System of a Down or Green Day, look no further.


Awesome cd!! I would get it in a store thoug


had to buy New Millenium Homes because the CD was messed up, but well worth it

Trickster 501

It sounds good but a little staticy

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This style only works with linkin park and deftones and he sounds like a little kid screaming into a mic... way overrated.


Rage Against the Machine is one of my favorite bands, and i recommend listening to them, but something about this entire album just didn't really hook me. Its still a great album, but this isnt my favorite RATM. The songs that i recommend getting are War within a breath, sleep now in the fire, and calm like a bomb. I like the rest of the songs, but they just arent my favorite RATM songs.


Love this album! I'm not sure where this album goes in comparison with the others, but they are all great and all have extremely powerful messages. On the whole I think this is the most inventive but they are all great. I can safely say they are all tied for one spot in my top 10 favorite albums of all time. An amazing album by an amazing band. They are the only band I've heard that directly heckles politics, but is able to get away with it because the lyrics are so clever and then you get lost in the stream of sonic rage that is Rage Against The Machine. They are just great to listen to and even if you don't get the political warnings and messages, you can say you still listened to some great music. Here are my song ratings: 1. Testify - 9.5/10 great intro song, great guitar effects 2. Guerilla Radio - 8/10 highly overrated, worst song on the album but still good 3. Calm Like A Bomb - 10/10 if nothing else get this, everyone in the band goes crazy here, great bass lines 4. Mic Check - 8.5/10 a little repetitive but a cool pulse and great lyrics 5. Sleep Now In The Fire - 9/10 really energetic, great to just rock out to, then again what rage song isn't 6. Born Of A Broken Man - 10/10 awesome, zack gets more angry than usual here and has an extremely heavy crunch 7. Born As Ghosts - 9/10 a bit of a filler but still really good 8. Maria - 10/10 great guitar, amazing build and explosions, best lyrics on the album along with Ashes In The Fall 9. Voice Of The Voiceless - 8.5/10 good but seems like it's missing something, too short for a rage song 10. New Millennium Homes - 9.5/10 great song and begins the trilogy epic of the final three tracks on the album 11. Ashes In The Fall - 10/10 best lyrics on the album along with Maria, great guitar and drums pulse, and an amazing ending 12. War Within A Breath - 9.5/10 awesome energy, this song defines going out in style Great album. You need to have this along with every other rage album and then your musical life will be complete. When you listen to rage there are so many different musical genres and aspects that come into play. They are an amazing band. Still waiting on a new album but that will come with time. Rage continues to amaze!


Fantastic guitar, followed by fantastic rhymes, fantastic drums, and fantastic bass make this album one of my personal favorites. "Testify", "Guerilla Radio", "Mic Check", "Sleep Now In The Fire", and "Born Of A Broken Man" are fantastic songs. Zack De La Rocha is at his finest on this CD.


Look nuthin against em iz just I don't like all their songs I'm also sort of a music genre jumper so... if u like it go ahead nothin against you and if u don't there's no need to be hatin'


Where's "Live & Rare". U need to get it for songs like "Darkness" and "Clear the Lane". Also need to get their cover for "F' the Police"


Rage against the machine is not only a band that talks revolution-and never acts revolutionary. But from a musical stand point they are just not very good. Zack De la Roca sounds like a 12 year old girl on Steroids. Yes the guitar work is accomplished but it's also thin when it needs to be heavy and heavy when it should be languid. I hate this band, I hate what they stand for. I hate their fans acting like they are fighting the system while they smoke pot, play Halo and vote for bigger government control. You should too.

A New Desperate

I thought this was better than the self-titled one, this is SOO much better than whatever my generation is listening to, that sugary sweet pop stuff. This was and still is one of my favorite albums to date. Now for rankings! Testify - 10/10 Guerilla Radio - 10/10 Calm Like a Bomb - 8/10 Mic Check - 9/10 Sleep Now in the Fire - 11/10 Born of a Broken Man - 9/10 Born As Ghosts - 8/10 Maria - 9/10 Voice of the Voiceless - 7/10 New Millenium Homes - 11/10 Ashes in the Fall - 6/10 War Within a Breath - 11/10


I'm only writing this because I read a review about the fame monster that said to ditch lady gaga and listen to good music such as rage against the machine. The guitar is okay but I would hardly call this music the singer just talks the whole time. But if that's what you like more power to you


I have no rage agianst this album.


This is what good music looks like, it's such a shame that RATM broke up, but still excelent album. Testify:9/10. Guerilla Radio:9.5/10. Calm like a Bomb:9/10. Mic Check:10/10. Sleep now in the Fire:10/10. Born of a Broken Man:6.5/10. Born as Ghosts:8/10. Maria:7.5/10. Voice of the Voiceless:10/10. New Millenium Homes:8.5/10. Ashes in the Fall:6.5/10. War Within a Breath:8.5/10


ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also should make a new album..............


Good CD, not as good as thier debut oe Evil Empire. Mic Check, Guerilla Radio, Sleep Now In The Fire, and Maria are the best songs.

Just Liam Pls

they are all explicit espescielly guerilla radio. but i love this album so much


Testify-10/10 Guerrilla Radio-10/10 Calm Like A Bomb-10/10 Mic Check-10/10 Sleep Now In The Fire-10/10 Born Of A Broken Man-9/10 Born As Ghosts-7/10 Maria-8/10 Voice Of The Voiceless-8/10 New Millenium Homes-5/10 Ashes In The Fall-5/10 War Within A Breath-5/10


I love Rage Against the Machine. In fact they're my second favorite band only behind Tool. All the songs are great except for Born as Ghosts. Not that it's a bad song it just doesn't hold up to the high standard the rest of the album sets. The best for me is Calm like a Bomb. I don't know why but I love that song. Buy the whole album because it's amazing.


RATM is most likley the only band in the world where at their concerts, at least 5 people are bound to end up in the hospital. thats how much these guys rock. i heard thst they might be getting back together. but just like guns n roses, nothing like the old days.


Rage is one of my favorite bands because they are super funky and they can rock HARD. The main riff in this song will be stuck in your head for a while but I don't think thats an issue.