The Avett Brothers - The Third Gleam

℗ 2020 The Avett Brothers (by special arrangement with American Recordings, LLC)., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord.

The Third Gleam Tracklist:


I have to laugh at the "ding dong democrat" who took a shot at people are right wing. I happen to be a "right wing republican" who happens to love the Avett Brothers regardless of their political views. I will say that I can at least spell "Victory" correctly. Look, leave your political views off a music review. Scott and Seth harmonize beautifully and will continue to enjoy their. They're no worse than Bono of U2 and I still love U2.


I love all their albums but this one is so welcome right now, just mellow, great songs, god bless the Avett Brothers

EB 👍😃😀



I’m a relatively new fan who will eat up anything that they put out. The Third Gleam is a pretty place to be. It’s stripped down instrumentally, but it’s essentially the lyrical sweets that the Avetts are famous for. Falling in love with each new listen.


I would like my $9 and 40 mins of my life back. Honestly we really want to believe that the group/duo we fell in love with so many years ago will eventually once again steal our hearts. This, clearly, is not that moment. The last album was really, really, hard to listen too and this one makes me want to cut my ears off. We still have tickets for next years show. Hopefully their live shows don’t suffer because of such crappy ‘studio’ albums.


I look forward to Avett release days more than others. I don't always like everything, but always appreciate the work and the music. This recording hits at the perfect time, an inflection point in American life that is served well by this vibe and these songs.

It's me...SCMF

Victory sounds good and having Untitled #4 on it give me hope that it won’t be hot garbage like Closer Than Together. Time will tell though. After hearing all songs, I am so happy. And to address a comment by another reviewer, I am no a right wing nut. I like music that flows. And on their last album, m The music was garbage, didn’t work with the lyrics or flow. And the talking? Come on. Not sure what’s up with Seth though, his songs on this, again, do not flow real well. Maybe he’s trying to hard. So hopefully the next full band album will be good.


This album is truly a welcoming continuation of “The Gleam” series. Beautiful, unplugged music that keeps you soul searching, sad, and happy at the same time. A special note, the album’s end is definitely fit to make you shed some tears with “No Hard Feelings” vibes. Get this album, sit down, and just listen.




This album goes back to the very basic, bare-bones, simplistic sound, and it doesn’t fail to exceed my expectations

Elvis meets Godzilla

This album is perfect. These guys just get better and better. Gleam III does NOT disappoint. It is terrific.


Talented band and cool guys but please go back to playing more up tempo songs. You guys were fun to watch back at the Wine Vault back in the day but the energy is gone. Songs are way too slow and boring.


It had been a while since the last Gleam and the new songs do not disappoint so far. IMHO this band is ageing better than wine. The ABs are one of the reasons why I love this country.

Neck Deep in Snow

Few artists deserve these words. Few work so hard to earn them as the Avetts do. Whether you keep pace with their growth or not is besides the point...these guys are the best American band currently and have been for awhile. This stripped down duo will make Gleam III another offering to be savored. And we all need some blessings right now.


Vicotry is a nice song. But, the trashing of the previous album by reviews I've read here so far leads me to believe The Avett Brothers fan base are a bunch of red neck right wing yahoos who can't stand the fact a band they like has progressive views on things, and actually sings about them. Shame on y'all.


Victory is a great song. I’m hopeful this album returns to why we we all love their music.