Taylor Swift - reputation

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reputation Tracklist:

by peachy love

Taylor we all love you but we know you can make better ok👌🏻😭💕☺️


Four stars because of Scooter. The album is great in general, but its reputation, not Reputation. I stick with you, Taylor!😉


So amazing I can’t stand it


you can have 5 stars :)


I think reputation is great! I’d like to see you haters write something half as good as Taylor’s music, much less perform it. You should be the one getting criticized not taylor. I have looked up to her in all of my twelve years of life and I think there is nothing better than her music. She will always be queen of the music industry no matter what you insensitive meanies say about her.


Hi I really like Taylor Swifts music bit I have been reading reviews about a man named scooter so thank you all for tell people about it I hope soon scooter won’t do stuff like that


My favorite album by her and being at the first night of her tour was just amazing and crazy emotional


I love her songs and everybody that criticizes her is playing dumb she’s amazing #Reputation #Lover #Folklore


Taylor I am a huge fan I love your look what you made me do video on vevo and song and I am a little kid but I want to be like you write swear words songs to . I love you Taylor.


Love this album! I love the songs ...Ready For It?, End Game (feat. Ed Sheeran & Future) and Look What You Made Me Do!


Good but “I did something bad” should be labeled explicit

joey rivi

This album is absolutely amazing. It changed my life and is by far my favorite album of all time



Peach perfection

🗑 🗑 🗑 🤢 🤢 🤮 🤮 😷.


Please don’t buy unless the album says “reputation”... not “Reputation”. Scooter Braun is a terrible, racist, homophobic man who has his wife stand up for him in public. I love you Taylor! 😘 Definitely a great album!!!!! 😁😁😁😁


This is my favorite album of hers by far. I’m in a time in my life where I’m learning the my Reputation is a very confusing thing


I can talk about this album all day! It’s her best, my favorite! She did an amazing job on it!


Don’t buy y’all give a good review but don’t give money to a theif



Thankfull person

I cannot express how much I love this album.


when this came out, a lot of people said they didn’t like it as much but i loved this album! i think after her documentary came out everyone kinda grew to love this album. getaway car is my favorite song on this album. it’s so good 🥺🥺 gorgeous is also one of my top favs, new year’s day, and so many more.




I fell in love with almost all of the songs and Taylor Swift herself


White people have an extensive history of stealing ideas from black people. Beyoncé’s music video style and lemonade album was groundbreaking, but whites didn’t like it cause it was “too black.” So Taylor turns it white and now she’s “original?” Some songs are ok at best🤷🏾‍♂️


This is my least favorite Tay album. I’m honestly not sure how she went from 1989 (only two skips) to Reputation. So many of these tracks have painfully boring production (so it goes, call it what you want, dress), or else terribly executed dubstep-influenced production (king of my heart, LWYMMD), or else is redundantly expressing a topic that’s already been explored earlier on the track list (delicate, end game, and call it what you want all have the same lyrical concept. LWYMMD, I Did Something Bad, and This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things are all pretty similar lyrically too). The truth is, Taylor Swift’s drama with Kanye West isn’t that interesting, and it shows in her execution of this “concept” record. We never get any in-death analyses on why things occurred, just “I’m upset, but my baby makes me happy though all of it.” Her fifteen tracks can be summed up in that one sentence. If that’s not a lack of direction, I don’t know what is. Favorites: Delicate, Gorgeous, I Did Something Bad, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Getaway Car, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, New Years Day. Meh: End Game, Ready for it, Call it What You Want, Don’t Blame Me. Worst/Skip: So It Goes, Dress, LWYMMD, King of My Heart.


Taylor’s PRIME. It doesn’t get much better than this. reputation will stay Taylor’s finest work, it is so well written, thought-provoking, and overall just an absolutely iconic record. reputation is beginning to stand the test of time. Well done.


Every time I listen to it is so amazing.I just chill under this music

luke :))

I LOVE this album and I really wanna buy it but 🛴 owns it and he is a bully. But the songs on here are ALL amazing!


This album was ok. To me, in my opinion, all the songs sound the same. The only song, to me, that is distinct in this album is Look What You Made Me Do. That song is my fave along with Don’t Blame Me, Call It What You Want, and New Year’s Day.


This album is probably the best album ever I love this album Taylor Swift has done an an amazing job!!❤️


Look at what you made me do and are you ready for it are great songs.

Trust and Us





She is a queen. Masterpiece.

Ender daimand

#westandwithtaylor ( unless she did something bad sorry for the bad pun 🙂) #staystrongsister get all ur dont buy any of her albums that r owned by 🛴 tg i bought it on the cd before it was ever owned by 🛴 they cant take that away 😁 also i saw a tutle that said “kill 🛴” but guys like dont say kill 🛴 thats just too much yes i hate VERRRRY much but dont kill say youre gonna kill him


This album is amazing. Each and every song but do not buy it because Taylor Swift does not own it. Scooter Braun owns her music.

silly ney



This is the best album from Taylor Swift ever. I love "are you ready for it and " look what you made me do" and " I did something bad" This girl is on fire 🔥

candy123 holly

the best song if look waht you made me do but all the songs are good plz buy all the songs by taylor swift


amazing comeback


Amazing! Taylor Swift will always be very talented!


Taylor never disappoints me with her creativity! She uses good beats and uses catchy lyrics. Reputation is about the only album you need if you want to listen to music!!

Anonymous User 33

I love Taylor Swift, but don’t love this album. Literally every other album of hers is great but this is such a disappointment! Very odd style and way too edgy for a Taylor Swift album. She is such a talented songwriter and it’s such a shame that she wasted so much talent on something that is a terrible showcase of her talent. I listened to the first song “Ready for it” and didn’t really even recognize her voice due to the heavy auto tune. Her music used to be extraordinary and oh so different from all the other generic pop singers, but now she is apparently one of them which is very sad to me. This album is just generic pop and shallow. Not one song except for “New Years Day” has any real meaning to it. Nothing really stands out about it. Very sad that Taylor is now just another generic pop star that only sings songs about shallow topics😭

Kylie Sortem

This album was an absolute masterpiece. Lyrics,production, the tour!!!Everyone says it’s too “dark” but if you actually listen to it it’s more about her focusing on herself and her new love rather than the things that hurt her and learning from that. Scooter , you’re a horrible man for taking this from her, but nice try for getting your 15 minutes of fame. As Taylor Alison Swift the critically acclaimed singer/SONGWRITER would put it “KARMA IS REAL”.


What a great 👍🏼 album especially the song ❤️👍🏼👊🏼🤛🏼🤜🏼”LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO”! Totally Off With Hook! #BADASSLADYSWIFT 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍👊🏼!


This album shows a deep feeling inside of Taylor. It shows her dark side. This album will make you feel very emotional and powerful.

Dude. no

Is amazing. I am seriously such a tay fan now. But I refuse to buy from that piece of trash named scooter Braun. Still love you tay!!! #istandwithtaylorforeverandalways Thank you for a amazing album sis!!! Keep going!!!☺️😍😆🤟🏻🤟🏻😊🤩🥰😝🤛🏻✌🏻👏🥳 Go away Braun. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻😑🙄😒

Halle Buxton

I don’t care what anyone else says, this should’ve AT LEAST been nominated for AOTY at the Grammys. This is by far Taylor’s best album (in my opinion) and most cohesive. My favorites are ... Ready For It, Look What You Made Me Do, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Call It What You Want, and New Year’s Day. Great job on the album Taylor, I can’t wait to hear the re-recording of it.

taylorswift queen

This album is amazing and she did a freaking amazing job at her tour! Taylor deserves all the praise 🙌 P.S I’m only 13 but LOVE Taylor

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