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Definitely one of my favorite albums from her! It’s so different from her usual style but that’s what makes it so good!!!! 10/10 💗💗💗


Listening to this album and ignoring Jesus Christ turned me into a wicked woman and filled my mind with evil. Hellush satanic lyrics. Don’t believe me? Read them carefully. Are they of God? No. Satan would sing stuff like this I fully renounce all pleasure derived from these lyrics all desire all fun all jokes all love for these songs, they soiled my mind. They are disgusting evil lyrics. Beware. Hell is full of this attitude and it’s a fearful thing to disobey Jesus. Run to Him. Not away. It’s hard I know but keep fighting to get to Him no matter what the cost.


This album is so good I heard the songs everywhere. I ❤️ Taylor 🤬scooter #StayStrongTaylor

Stephen l.



her best album in my opinion. look what you made me do paved the way for artists and their comebacks. youll see people clearing their instagrams and it all started with this hit single. then you have the artistic masterpieces that are dancing with our hands tied, getaway car, and call it what you want. the album in total is a whirlwind of emotions. [email protected]

Flutterby Flutter

This album is the best album ever!


Godly tier , did not expect this from her revival she shocked the whole world with a album that deserves recognition and praise


Her best album to date

Never got my pony

way to pull through!!!


The only album I really and truly enjoy. I love this. Go, Taylor. Growth.


her best work


Period. There is no explanation needed. It is the best.


She is a queen


And one of the best pop albums of all time <3


Her best album.


Good album


Great album

reputation 222


Princess Meem 💖👑

But this album doesn’t hit any standards. Not her best, could be better tbh. Most of the songs are dark and I don’t think they fit Taylor. End Game is the only song I like. 😕


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Adriana M. Hillstrom

Hands down, sincerely my favorite album by Taylor Swift ever. I feel this is her best work. I love 1989, but this just happens to be something I love to listen to more. Love this, & will never grow old for me. Best year ever, for her to release this album. I wish I could actually go back to when I first heard “LWYMMD”, & how everyone knew, this was the album that was coming to us hot like, a nightmare dressed like no daydream. She can definitely write songs. Phenomenal artist. ❤️🐍🖤🎸 #reputation

Garrus Vakarian12

Terrific. A few songs might turn you off but a majority of the songs are superb. Her vocals, lyrics, and rhythm are fantastic.


Best album yet


I loved the song that I here’d but didn’t listen to all of the album.#loveyoutaylor

Overall Criticizer

I purchased Getaway Car, King of My Heart, and New Years Day. My favorite is New Years Day because it sounds a story that resonates with me very well. It’s unlike any song I heard: toned down with that raw piano in the background. Getaway Car is very upbeat and I like the key change and it’s quirky, sounds like a song she tucked in her songbook during her Red album. King of my Heart is to Taylor as Believe is to Cher; the techno aspects are flourishing but fail to define the artist. Reputation is an experiment gone wrong and Taylor just made the album for a successful tour it’s not as meaningful as her previous material...


i know that i’m like 2 years late, but i just have to say new year’s day is the only thing that sounds like her, the rest it just her singing about anger and hate


her best pop album


Just amazing


i like it because thats the kinda music i like

Swift ❤️❤️

Please wait for you by this album because Taylor made this but she won’t get the money Scooter Braun will


I'm loud and proud about the fact that I love most of Taylor's music (including the album that followed this one, •Lover•), but this one has a special place in my heart. It's probably her most musically sophisticated — both in terms of the instrumentals and what she does with her voice. Plus, the lyrics are so clever!


Love u sm

dodgy looking pond

Call what you want is my favorite


This album was SOOOOO good. I remember being really scared that I wouldn’t like it when it first came out. And I was right. I don’t like it. I LOVE it. The lyrics are powerful, the beats are amazing, the message and vibe are both incredible. This is unlike anything she’s ever done before, and even better than her new album Lover, in my opinion. Totally worth the download! Although it’s a shame all her old music was sold 😔


Happy 2 years of the reputation album!

Fbbvcn bccv

Your favs COULD never. have NEVER. and will NEVER. Ever since this album dropped Beyoncé has gone into hiding and so has Adele. They should just retire


I love Taylor Swift 🐱🐱🐱🐱


Dark but good sounding


All of the songs are amazing! I love how each Taylor Swift album has a theme. The dark theme of Reputation is perfect. ❤️


Even though Scooter wrongfully owns this now, the album is still great. Taylor Swift is truly talented, and she deserves to own what is rightfully hers! 👍


Reading the comments I was reminded that a bully owns this album now. For those who aren't aware, a man named Scooter (yes, like the toy) bought the masters to all of Taylor's previous albums this year. Taylor knew that her previous manager was going to sell them eventually when she left Big Machine (as stated by her through Instagram) but could not believe they were sold to a man who has tried to drag her down throughout the years by criticing her. Now he aims to make money off ofthe albums she wrote, produced, etc, almost entirely by herself. If you don't believe me, just go online and read the story yourself. Because Taylor doesn't own her own work, a lot of swifties are refusing to buy the previous albums because they are owned by someone else. So until Taylor can get her masters back, we will listen to Lover again and again and again.


Scooter is a bad man but you are very good altogether good work Taylor

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Ok, the way she releases this album was genius. Deleting all her stuff on social media, the snake stuff, and then releasing look what u made me do? Genius. Bop. The music video is mind blowing too. I think she should have released I did something bad after that, since it deserves more popularity, but that’s my opinion. I think there were a lot of underrated songs here, like don’t blame me and getaway car. Loved the era, too! But it’s also good she released and era like lover because it would be sad if she was dark forever. Anyways Taylor, your my wife lol 😂 (that’s right imma dude) and scooter is a bully. This album was epic, like always! 👏🏻👏🏻 p.s. I loveee the song miss Americans and the heartbreak prince, but it also kinda makes sense with reputation...


Taylor Swift is my idol I love her I’ve seen the Fearless Tour,the Speak Now World tour & the 1989 World Tour & now I saw the Reputation Stadium Tour In Foxboro I love her

Mom 8-5-2

Love you Taylor!!!!! Best album ever!!!!


Good beat and catchy.


Go away scooter no one likes you

olive ➕🍭eaquals 😍

I love this album! I listen to these songs all the time 👍 My favorite is End Game! Good job! Cannot wait to hear your next album!

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