Taylor Swift - 1989

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1989 Tracklist:

Dude. no

And don’t give one star cuz of scooter, because ratings make and break Taylor!!! This album, as we all know, is spectacular and deserves five stars!!! Thank u tay!!! Go away scooter you big racist bully!!!

taylorswift queen

Taylor is amazing and very talented!! Her music is fun and interesting. I’m singing “How to Get the Girl” for a talent show for my school. Taylor changes lives without even realizing

biggest taylor swift fan❤️🥰

I know every song in this album and what is not to like. This album is full of her opinions so don’t judge her. My favorites are bad blood and how you get the girl. Amazing work. ❤️💖🌹👍😁


Now you can buy this album because Taylor got the rights


this album is amazing!! i’m also thanking mr harry styles for inspiring a majority of the songs on this heh


Yup yup yup


Taylor is unstoppable and 1989 is an incredible album. Never disappointed.


Best Taylor album by far. Don’t buy it yet until she re-records since Scooter owns them, but stream it!!!!

merila moriss

Dt dtyd

Yvette Br.

Simply amazing 💕

Bob Ross👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Each song is incredible and Taylor is my girlfriends lol i can’t even tho it’s too good


Just like everyone is saying, dont give guap to the greedy people


I used to like her music but now I believe she sold out. Then she added politics into the mix. Unfortunately, it started with this album when she switched genres from Country to Pop. I think all of her songs are always about her anyway. After a while that gets old because the songs are a bit narcissistic. It’s sad that she doesn’t own her own music anymore. Stay true and stay humble.


This girl is an overproduced untalented pop star who like her peers doesn’t make music - but total drek. She can’t carry a tune


If she wasn’t gorgeous nobody would know her name based on this lame music

Love Taylor 1989

The songs are addictive! Can’t stop streaming!

Stephen l.



I love Taylor Swift she has all kinds of different genres for her music so you don’t get bored of listening to the same genre over and over again 🤗🎧

Yorick Delano

If listening to this dreck doesn’t make you want to down a pint glass of Clorox with a shot of Antifreeze as the chaser, then your will to live is simply astonishing


Taylor is the literal only pop star who doesn’t have any bad worded songs and she doesn’t sing about anything inappropriate


Never ever

Never got my pony

I love all this music :)


BEST POP ALBUM OF 2010s..brilliant. QUEEN She was a man she’d be the man



reputation 222

Love this album !!!

Princess Meem 💖👑

Honestly this is Taylor’s best album, and no one can change my mind. Shake It Off, Style, Welcome to New York, Blank Space, Bad Blood, All You Had To Do Was Stay, and Wildest Dreams are my favorites. This album is iconic. ❤️😍

Matt MacBook Air

A great transition from country to pop!

Garrus Vakarian12

I liked it. Great singles but questionable lyrics or slow starts or bad beats in some songs. It was difficult for me to choose between four or five stars because the listening experience was bumpy once in a while but Blank Space, Wildest Dreams and Shake it Off made up for it. She could've improved this album but I think it's a fine album, not to mention her good vocals.


Love love it soooooooooooooooooooo much

Trevin <3

I use to hate this album. when I was a kid my favorite song in this album was Wildest Dreams, and Blank space. Now that i'm older now. I listen to this album way more often.



Overall Criticizer

I purchased Shake it Off, Bad Blood, and Wildest Dreams. My favorite from the album is wildest dreams even if the melody is better than the song itself, it heavily reminds me of Speak Now’s Enchanted from my favorite album: her best album. Shake it Off is more of a dance song than an easy listening song. Reminds me of We are Never Getting Back Together because it’s too repetitive. Bad Blood is a woman ballad that had a better music video than the song but I like the message the song conveys so I took a chance for TS. I honestly miss the Taylor Swift with the locks and the guitar, she went the easy way to get money and cheap music is her consequence. I only continue to stand because her lyrics remain thought provoking...


I co wrote this album with Taylor Swift, Max Martin and others between 2011 and 2012. While i do admit it was a small portion I did in fact co write it. Its unbelivealbe how scummy some very famous and rich people can be. Swift acts like she is the sole creator of her work when the reality is a team of virtuosos and geniuses with 10s of millions in marketing and advertising. Listening to blank space feels like watching BIll Gates eat in front of and laugh at the poverty of a starving child in Africa.


reputation outsold 😹

Swiftie Swiftie Swiftie

Top 1: Red 2. Speak Now 3. Lover


Okay, this is a great album, but is it in the Top 100 Pop Albums OF ALL TIME. Hmmmm probably not. What you millenials have to realize is that Pop music is over 70 years old and a lot happened before you were born so my advice to millenials is to get updated and realize that the world did not start when you were born. #thetruthwillsetyoufree


This is the album of the 10s



Gus master

Don’t buy right now wait until next year when she re-records it and is OWNER OF THE MUSIC SHE WROTE. Buy Lover instead she owns the masters to that.


The best of the best!!! 🥰🥺

Swift ❤️❤️

This album should still be number one album on iTunes Charts it deserves more than it got. I am proud of it and love it I listen to it every day. You should too.


SO perfect. SO catchy. SO easy to relate to. I like most of Taylor's music, but this album and •Reputation• are the two that I could absolutely never get tired of!


I love all the songs.wht would country sound like though

Saratoga XC

Embodiment of pop and country.

Jojo's 1st fan

Your better than Ava max. She is good but not so good. She is 54 on the scale. You are 100. Keep it up girl.




This alam was the first alam I ever had !!!!!!!! Incredible alam Taylor Swift ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💠


❤️ this. 💗 Taylor Swift. What more to say?

Lizzie Kate 86

I'm SO! glad I bought all of Taylor's albums as they were being released Scooter Brands as of July He has control of Taylor's Masters and Profits off of HER!!! Hard!!! Work!!!


One of her best albums

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