Alanis Morissette - Such Pretty Forks in the Road

℗ 2020 Epiphany Music marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Such Pretty Forks in the Road Tracklist:



Got that song on heavy rotation. I really like that one.


Alanis has always prided herself on her self-reflective & stream of conscious style of writing but too often I think that has lead her to produce songs that sound unrefined with forced and awkward lyrics. I'm sometimes left wondering why she releases the material at all if the regard for the audience is so secondary. I will always believe in the potential of Alanis' voice because in its finest moments it is nearly unmatched in its warmth and haunting beauty, but sadly, I was left wanting...again. Oh well.


This does not sound like the Alanis I knew. Bummer.

Courtney Love II

This is a great album Alanis! Thank you for giving a great album at a time like this ❤️ Beautiful work 💕

Awesome to disgusting

This album has made me a fan! 10/10!! Pedestal may be my song of the year.


The first 6 songs range from great (Reasons I drink) to decent (Ablaze) but from song 7 to 11 the production really starts to be a slog. Her voice is too low in the mix, and the music has too many overwhelming elements. If I look at this just from a wiriting and singing production it is good, but the production sinks the whole sexcond half.


It's been far too long since I've heard Alanis' incredible voice. I really love this new album and I believe everyone else will too. There is also a really cute video online of her peforming with her daughter virtually for a late night show. It will bring a tear to your eye.


This medium tempo stuff is a snoozer. Big fan of Alanis, but this album was very disappointing.


Listened to Alanis a lot in them 90's, saw this album dropped and was very pleased that it's such a great new addition to her portfolio. Great voice, great songs, thanks.

tornado too

I love an album that grows on you every time you replay it .



beth eyre

So glad to hear new music from her!!! Worth the wait!! Repeat all day😁😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️❤️💃💃💃💃


Amazing album! I can’t stop listening.


After reading many comments on different platforms, I’ve seen a lot of criticism of her change of sound in her in this album and her last one Havoc and Bright Lights. I will say it was an adjustment for me but we’re all human. We grow and change. The first track, Smiling, the lyrics speak to me in so many ways. Ablaze is my absolute favorite! Amazing album overall. She’s back and better than ever! ❤️❤️❤️


My heart was ablaze!!!


I absolutely love Nemesis!! ❤️


I just melt at the sound of her voice. What energy. What haunting, beautiful vulnerability. It takes a wonderful human being to put all of herself out there like this. OMG, how can you not absolutely love it. What an expressive and growing artist. Just — WOW. Just — WOW!


Was so excited for this album. After the fifth song it went down hill for me. I’ve been a fan since JLP saw her live so many times. I was a fan that followed her tours up and down Southern and Northern California, Nevada and Arizona every time she toured. Flavors of entanglement was the last album I really enjoyed from start to finish! This album I just can’t. It got very boring real quick. Sadly I miss our old rebel Alanis.


Love this album. Going to purchase it soon!


She had a really great voice and these beautiful songs show case it. Great album!! Great songs!!! Love it


So excited to purchase this album. She is an amazing singer. She never disappoints with her amazing voice.



Yank In Melbs

Piercing genuine lyrics, and astounding vocals. Thank you for something worthy in a highly demoralizing year.


As Morisette has grown, had 3 kids, suffered from life, and having a family (PPD and parenting). We not only hear the maturation of her voice, but the wisdom in her words. The newfound knowledge she’s gained through love, challenges, losing herself, and aging. This is an incredible album. Ablaze is poignant and tender. Her is inspiring. Another stellar album from an amazing singer songwriter. Welcome back, Alanis!

Blue Copper

I felt so intune to this album. This is very different from most of Alanis's previous records. She clearly put her heart and soul into it. I especially loved Sandbox Love.


I have been a huge Alanis fan since 1995. 25 years later, she is still making music that is emotional, deep, raw, and catchy. In my opinion, in these 25 years she has developed into a better version of the artists we’ve loved all this time. Each song is personal and detailed, but broad enough to relate to. Prepare for an emotional trip. I hope you enjoy the ride— who wouldn’t?


What an amazing album. I’m on the Alanis evolution train. Such fire, emotion, love and rawness. Another amazing Alanis album.


Very Alanis and very refreshing tracks! Beautiful!


I’m glad she’s still recording and making high quality music.


It’s been a long 8 years awaiting the release of the next masterpiece from this brilliant artist. Thanks for bringing so much happiness into our lives, for making use feel so good even when times are tough and for providing use with the most thought provoking lyrics in music history. We love you Alanis! God bless


I love Alanis. That being said, I honestly only liked 2 of the songs in the album. The others didn’t move me as much & after a while they tend to sound the same. But I do recommend it..she is singularly unique & the lyrics are powerful. I wish her much success with this & in the future. ☮️


powerful.. Like. Voice of a medic. heal the world🤙🏿


All the songs have at least one really touching subject that is very relatable regardless your age. It’s also very nice to hear her voice after all these years. this is also very refreshing regarding all the garbage music that has become mainstream these days (with a few exceptions) Very good one Alanis !


The girl, now a lady. One of your FANS. Since day 1 you came upon my life with amazing music. Got to see you live. It’s like putting soft butter on toast. Just plain AMAZING..!


I am so impressed with Alanis Morissette‘s ability to repeatedly create incredibly meaningful, beautiful, poignant music that I can listen to over and over again.


This is great. Up there with Jagged little Pill. Reasons I Drink is enough to buy the CD.


Great Album! I just love how she’s grown and matured. Such a classy lady! Thank You Alanis you never disappoint, such a hard worker.


Glad she’s back. We need more artists like her.


this album has the feels of jlp in a much chilled version. album is very good that i haven’t found a favorite track or skipped one. been on reply since i purchased it. love it!

Emma Shaye

Blown away. I love this album so much. The music, the vocals, and the lyrics. Wow.


Certainly a bit on the melancholy side, but those tend to be my favorites anyhow. Nice to hear great songwriting that's not overly produced. I think Alanis solidly proves with this album not to count her out. "Smiling" and "Diagnosis" are initial highlights. If you've been a fan at any point in her career, this is well worth diving into.


So nice to hear new music and there are some very beautiful tracks on here


Her most raw and emotional album to date. Each track hauntingly layered onto the next. An instant classic.


Alanis Morissette and so vulnerable in this album. She addresses heartbreak with healing. She’s pure magic.


truly amazing start to finish


She’s grown as we’ve grown. Relatable for 25 years now.


I’m very taken with this album. Haven’t enjoyed an Alanis album front-to-back since “So-Called Chaos”.


song are terrible too


My favorite album of Alanis is 1998’s Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, but this album may have changed that. It’s entirely a rock piano album and it’s amazing. I never heard Alanis sound this good in her other albums. Welcome back Alanis.