Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger in the Alps

℗ 2017 Dead Oceans

Stranger in the Alps Tracklist:


Sorry this is one boring album. There is talent here but feels like zero creativity. Like someone who can play an instrument but sounds like they are learning the songs for the first time by reading from a song book and not confident enough to play it without hesitation and searching for the right notes


My daughter introduced this old man to this phenomenally talented young woman. If there was a voice for this benighted time and place, it is hers. Live long, Phoebe—and write and sing for us always.

App KO!

Saw Phoebe Bridgers on the Netflix movie Between Two Ferns for brief moment and then searched to see who she was and instantly went on iTunes and bought this album Can’t wait for more from her I’m loving her voice and she’s my new favorite 👍👍👍👍👍

Hannah Flora

Phoebe Bridgers is an artist we need. Her honest and personal lyrics keep the listener tuned in. One of my favorite parts of listening to phoebe is the lightness of her voice singing such dark words. That is what will really get you! When you listen to phoebe you hear such a stunning peaceful voice and if you listen closely you feel the weight of the words she sings. The sound on this album is incredible. With the background synth and guitar combination it makes the perfect peaceful eerie. Be careful when listening to the lyrics. Listen close but not too close or you may drown... in your own tears! I suggest buying this on vinyl as well as an electronic download. Lights off, candle lit, broken heart, and Strangers In The Alps makes for a nice night in. Seeing phoebe perform these songs live is amazing and brings them to life. With her suited up band behind her and a packed room... that’s when you really feel it. Invest your time and ears into the sounds of Strangers In The Alps. It will be time and money well spent.

Dead Whale Queen

Bridgers' voice is haunting, ethereal, weightless and emotional, and her lyrics are dark, heartbreaking, honest and beautiful. However, one word can sum up everything about this album: timeless. "Scott Street" sounds like an entire lifetime condensed into 5 minutes. Her cover of "You Missed My Heart" is slightly rewritten and beautifully sung. The heavenly vcoal layering on tracks like "Chelsea" is gorgeous. Thank you Phoebe


This is pure

Desert music man

Saw Phoebe last night in Tucson. Went with my 20 year old daughter. I'm over 60. Two generations blown away by her amazing set. Even better than the studio album and that was pretty much flawless. To life long fans forever now


Best new artist of 2017


I saw her with Conor Oberst and she was great, amazing album, great lyrics!

mink minkin-shield

How is it possible that this album doesn't have 5000 5-star reviews. I can't stop listening to it. One of my fav albums in a very long time. Beautiful melodies, brilliant lyrics, original, poetic, haunting. And the production value is off the charts. Love every single song. One is more exquisite than the next. Georgia is just gorgeous, but her rendition of You Missed My Heart is a masterpiece. You should download it now. Just do it.


It's about time we had aonther strong female writer who can convey such strength.


Refreshing, haunting, just really good honest songs. Better than anything on radio for sure.


Saw her perform in Pittsburgh with Conor Oberst and i was immediately hooked. I love her style on this album!


Alright, yeah, no album is "perfect." But this one comes pretty close. It's so good, I love almost everything about it... hard to beat the original version of "Georgia"'s acoustic soul, but Phoebe really produces an awesome atmosphere with her refined, finished edition featured in this album. The only thing I didn't like was the duet in "Killer"... the guy's voice sounds overly lofty, old and strange. I'd love to hear a version of it where it's either a single track of Phoebe's vocals, or one where Phoebe harmonizes with herself by using two vocal tracks, like she did with many of the other songs on the album. All in all though, there's a ton to like. The songs really resonate on an emotional level, and they feel very meaningful. This is a wonderfully cohesive, poetic, stirring album. There's a relationship here between the instrumentation, the vocal tonalities, and the lyrics that's pretty difficult to find in other contemporary music — popular or not. It's clear that this is the product of much physical, mental, and emotional effort put in on the part of the artist. It's just great.


Everything I have heard from Phoebe so far has made me completely certain that this album will blow your mind. The authenticity in the way she writes is incredible. Her lyrics are strangely specific and yet completely vague, like she is telling you story you should already know. The singer songwriter is the most organic and pure form of music maker you can get and Phoebe embodies that idea.


I had never heard of Bridgers before, but after going to a Connor Oberst concert and seeing her open for him she blew me away! Loved her singles and can't wait for the full thing!!!