Silverstein - Stand Amid the Roar

℗ 2012 Hopeless Records, Inc.

Stand Amid the Roar - Single Tracklist:


Lol coming from a guy who gave Florence + the machine 5 stars, you have no right to put quotes around music when referring to Silverstein.


Choke yourself for comparing a legend in this scene to a young band. These guys are pioneers. I love that they brought their more raw sounding screams back!


Ha dare I say it sounds like the old school mmf to me but I like it a lot haha course I like all their stuff


I love it! Can't wait for the new release! Saw them live in baltimore a few years ago and have been following them pretty much since I joined the navy almost 10 years ago.


If you like emo scream "music" enjoy yourself. Hopefully you'll still be able to hear afterwards, cause my ears ran away...

alexander schickedanz

Definitely sounds more like their old stuff. Much much better than the past couple cd's that they have put out lately!!!


Love this song and can't wait for their next album. Silverstein never fails to impress.


Can't wait for the album!


This is by far my favorite band. They stay rockin. They have yet to disappoint me!


Finally, something that sounds like the Silverstein i know!


Just the best!


Thank you for sticking to your roots, not changing and getting better with every album!


I can finally listen to silverstein again


These guys just get better with age.


Silverstein is back!


This is the real deal Silverstein. It's Silverstein at their finest. This is what I remember from their glory days. This is a step in the right direction for sure and this song alone is better than Rescue and Short Songs combined.


Finally. something that sounds like "your sword vs my dagger with in 4 seconds of this song its instantly one of my favorites i cannot wait for the album to drop.