Taylor Swift - Speak Now (Deluxe Edition)

℗ 2010 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

Trust and Us



I’m a fan

Halle Buxton

Speak now is amazing, period. But let me explain. This is Taylor’s best country album, and her most magical album ✨. Every song is so cute and fun and amazing and her songwriting on this album is amazing. A lot of the songs are really long, but that’s not a bad thing. If you’re gonna make a good song, make it last. My favorites are Mine, Sparks Fly, Back To December, Dear John, Enchanted, Haunted, Last Kiss, Long Live, and Ours 💜

Swift ❤️❤️

Why am I in love with this! People who hate on pure talent are just jealous (no offense) she may have a lot of drama but you do not have to not listen and like her art even if you do not personally like her I mean how would you say, wait she is in drama now!! Ok delete every song I now hate t Swift! Oh the drama is over *buy every song again* ok ok I get it if you are sick of her music coming from so and so but just not for petty things ok you are just wasting money and time! Just wait till November and then buy because of 🛴


I love her she is so amazing I did not like the story of us or mine but dear John and last kiss & better than revenge were awesome!

Ninjago Jaya shipper 22

I’m 12 and I did a ballet dance to never grow up when I was 5,love it all ts




Taylor Swift knows how to produce an album!


Album cover 😍


you HAVE to buy it

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