Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

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Sonic Highways Tracklist:


How can people not like this? It’s great music, and a great idea to go along with it! Favorites are outside, feast and the famine, and congregation. Foo fighters haven’t made a bad album yet!


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Another album that plays like a greatest hits!


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I have listened to every Foo fighters album that has been made and this one is my favorite. My personal favorite is I am a river one of the best closers to an album I have ever heard. If you get that song you have to get subterranean also because the music never stops in between the two songs, Subterranean just goes right into I am a river. My suggestion is to buy the whole album, it's great.

Baseballl Dude

All 8 of these tracks were recorded in different cities around the US. Big deal. As a Foo Fighters fan, I'm just looking for some great rock 'n' roll. On that front, this album absolutely delivers. Every song is killer except What Did I do/God As My Witness and Subterranean, and even those aren't far behind. Congregation and Outside are masterpieces. In today's music landscape, where "rock" is becoming too metal and "alternative" is becoming too pop, the Foos are one of those few bands that refuses to compromise in either direction.


I like what I heard.


Might be great music to someone else but its not the same foo fighters sound i originally fell in love with. Ill take a pass


It's good


Loved it.

rainey fighter

It's very original!! It's the soft side of The Foo Fighters! I love it!


This album is authentic and raw. The meaningful lyrics are accompanied by driving riffs and great hooks. I think this is the most advanced and sophisticated song writing that i have seen from the Foos. They have moved great but sometimes too simple and mono-dynamic music to more subtle moments in tandem with with the requisite in your face rock. They are the best rock band of the last 20 years, and i think the few don’t get this album might not be "opening their mind” to a more advanced and interesting phase of this great band’s career. I can’t wait until the next album comes out.


Let me start this off by saying, This project was very creative and deserves your respect even if you THINK that the sounds aren’t as good as the old Foos. One of the joys you get in being a foo fighters fan is that they change from album to album. You can hear Dave’s voice and perspective change through the years as he matures. Same goes with Chris, as he has really stepped up into a bigger role with impressive leads at a more frequent rate. First song: Yes, The riff that occurs more than a third the way through is very much like Dio’s Holy Diver. However, the way this song builds is fantastic. Second song: Very cool sound i think this song is one of the most influenced by the area, as i live near that area. Third Song: This is my 2nd favorite song of the record, it was my first but one other is just to good. The lyrics here really paint a picture. The lead guitar is really something that Chris Shifflet should be proud of. Fourth Song: This song starts almost backwards as if something huge has just ended and near the end of the first title it sounds like something is just become, plus the way Dave twist the words at the end is genius. Fifth song: The little instrumental bridge here is great but the biggest flaw of the song is that the bass is not loud enough in the intro. Sixth song: My favorite. The string/ horn riff progression is so good, and the way the choir joins in near the end is fantastic. Seventh song: Another good one. Ben Gibbard’s voice and the background blends well with the sound. The lyrics remain in a pattern that is quite clever. Any disappointment about this song stems from the presumption that this song was gonna be 90’s grunge. 8th Song: Reminds me of the TINLTS album they did in 99. blossoms beautifully.


Do yourself a favor and watch the HBO documentary that goes along with the album. Great historical look at American music and those who were instrumental parts of it.


A lot of people say this album say its either gold or trash. Honestly, I think its well made. Sure, most of the songs are slow-paced, but they all have a good structure and form to them that just makes them stand out. You can think anything you want, but I say this album at least worth listening to.


This album is only 8 songs but they are great songs with true meaning to them. Watch all the episodes from sonic highways to appreciate. Subterranean is my fave.


It is a musical journey like no other! I promise, if you like Foo Fighters even a little bit, after watching the writing process for each song, you will love every song! As true music fan, I found the musical history of each city and how it influenced its own song fascinating. New found respect for the Foo’s!

Eat Eat 9 9

Oh my gosh this album is amazing it might be my favorite foo fighters album it is 100% tied for my favorite foo fighters album it is so so so so so so good the lyrics are perfection, the instrumentation is perfection, the production is perfection, and the music is perfection also it is one of the all time most beautiful foo fighters albums So I am a die hard Foo Fighters fan I have been since 2005 and I would like to address something in November of 2014 the Foo Fighters released there album Sonic Highways but from what I have seen from watching people review the album on YouTube is that there calling that album mediocre I am going to have to strongly disagree I think the album Sonic Highways by the Foo Fighters is an incredible, amazing, perfection of an album and I can not understand why people are calling it mediocre I might be bias but I do not care favorite foo fighters albums in order 1. wasting light 10/10 2. the color and the shape 10/10 3. theres nothing left to lose 10/10 4. echoes silence pertinence and grace 10/10 5. one by one 10/10 6. sonic highways 10/10 7. foo fighters self tiled 10/10 8. in your honor 8/10 1-7 are tied in every way possible to me sonic highways is the 3rd best album of 2014 and the album has 8 songs of perfection so to me I disagree with anyone who says Sonic Highways by the Foo Fighters is mediocre or bad but this is just my opinion (I know I am bias towards the foo fighters)


just want to point out to the person who called the acoustic tour "Dust n Bones"...u can't be a true FOO fan...the song was "Skin n Bones"...if you're gonna did my HEROES at least know what you're talking about!!! btw...think "Sonic Highway's" is a masterpiece

Star lord 16

Listen to this you won't regret it, boy they are back!👌🏻👍🏻


Most Bands start good and then get more plain, but really, i like there new stuff more that there old stuff!!! Great album!!!


They really made music history with this one!


This IS great. Watch the series. Then you'll get it.


I had actually kind of lost interest in the Foo Fighters over the past couple of years. But then I watched a couple of episodes of the "Sonic Highways" documentary series. It was great to see Dave and company collaborate with other artists from different eras and genres, and it was particularly interesting to see how a song is developed. "Something From Nothing" had me hooked, so I got the entire album and it has really been growing on me. This album kind of takes a mellow and contemplative turn. Unusual highlights for me are the lighter tracks like "What Did I Do/God is My Witness", "Subterranean", and particularly "I am a River". And of course there is the first track "Something From Nothing" which starts kind of mellow and builds up to a gnarly rocking song. The Foo Fighters seem to have developed a trademark sound, and listening to this album has renewed my interest in them. This album is great, but it leaves you wanting more...but that's not necessarily a bad thing!


They are out of the mainstream phase which is cool, but this album is probably one of the most over-rated albums. The Foo Fighters are good, but not great, and this album isn’t even listenable from start to finish without me trying to skip to a decent song. Love Dave though :-)


I am a huge fan of the foo fighters/Dave and love sonic highways series! Great idea/concept. Kinda go hand in hand lol so watch the series first then listen. Real music real musicians real good stuff


From reading the other negative reviews, those people have no idea what it is to love great music. The work and thought that went into this album is so rad and every song on here has a story. Real music, real musicians, it’s authentic. And I love that.


This is a horrid album that's all I'm saying


I am a die hard follower, but this? Well, I am dissapointed and confused. A few songs were great, typical Foo Fighters. But from there on out, they took us to church? That is fine if thats where you want to go. I don't. The whole thing made me sad. This one is going in the back of the cabinet :( Better luck next time?


As a deep lover of music, to learn the context of each song from the show was so amazing. After all these years I've been really hot and cold with the foos but this one, this one is amazing.


Songs vary in styles, rich in guitar and textures. Butch Vig and David Grohl make a great team. Don't pass on this one.


Although this album doesn't have any songs as memorable as "The Pretender" or "Everlong", but it's honestly it's one of my favorites. It's one of the most emotional albums they have, with each song completely different from the other, capturing the feel of the city the song was produced in (each song was produced and record in 8 different cities) which is something that's amazing . The foo fighters continue to surprise me and are with out a doubt the best rock group in this generation.

Rockin' On To Echoes

This is an awesome Foo Fighters album. Overall, I'd give it 4 Stars by itself. The reason I gave it 5 Stars, though, is because the songs mean less to those who haven't seen Sonic Highways on HBO. Watching the series allows you to learn where the lyrics fit in as well as show you how music affects people all across America.

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Legit this band has worked hard to get were it is, and it shows!!!! I LOVE THIS ALBUM✨


This is the best. The idea of sonic highways is so inspirational and the song are incredible. Every day, I wake up early go in my garage and jam out to these songs, on the drums and the guitar. What in saying is I love this album so much and I think it deserves more attention. Recommend buying this. Also watch the HBO series, it's pretty good.


After the first few listens I will admit I was disappointed after the greatness of Wasting Light. However, repeated listens, this album has grown into one of my favorite modern rock albums. All of these reviews here came out right after the albums release. Music cannot be critiqued that quickly. Something from nothing, congregation, in the clear and I am a river are just a few of this albums highlights. Excellent album.


Are people actually okay with paying $10 for 8 okay songs? I have loved the foo fighters since I was a young girl in the mid-90s but I just don't see paying that much for only 8 songs. Maybe I need to watch the show that goes with it to fully appreciate it but I think I might be visiting TPB on this one... Sorry guys. Maybe that's why the album is so overpriced... They have to pay for the expenses of the show? Idk but I don't like it!


Not gonna BS any here, just great music. New, or old fans will rejoice, nicely done guys!!!


Vocals, guitars and drums. So good, I bought it, twice!! 😊


I've been a fan of the Foo Fighters for a long time now and love that we got 8 new songs from them so soon after Wasting Light. On my initial listen to the songs I thought they sounded a little wordy, but on subsequent listening each track got better and better as I got to know it. Many of the songs are a little formulaic but listening to the layering of the instruments, vocals and drums shows how they have grown as a band. Each song was made in a week from beginning to end, instead of laying down the drums and guitar for the entire album and building on it. Some of my favorites are Subterranean, Outside, Congregation, with The Feast and The Famine being my favorite!! Listen to the end of The Feast and The Famine really loud and you may agree with me that it is the best ending to a song ever!!


Nothing to interesting here. I have listened several times. There is nothing relevant or interesting which is surprising considering all the artistic talent Dave Growl has. Feels forced. Skip thins to save time.


This is my first Foo Fighters album. Never been that much into them. But this album rocks. I don't think there is a bad song on here. Its different. Its unique. It sounds amazing. Buy the whole album, you can't possibly be dissapointed. Unless Rock isn't your thing!

Coyotes rule

Great album start to finish. Awesome concept to writing on this album. Foo Fighters always are great but this is beyond a studio album it has heart.


I'm personaly a foo fighters fan but when I heared this album I was blown away. The idea of it was great and they pulled it off perfectly. Songs like In The Clear, I Am A River, and What Did I Do? have a uniqe and meaningful sound yet don't leave their alternative/grunge roots. They did'nt go to nashville and write a counry song or a blues song in Chicago but made a song that related to that city and took influence from it. I didnt think they could do better than wasting light. They proved me wrong.


***Updated. Ok, been listening to this a lot for weeks now. It's definitely my favorite album of 2014 and I think its the best. I'm sure awards will follow. One note on something I've noticed and perhaps part of why I love this album so much; By inviting guests and giving them a lead solo spot on these tunes the Foos have gone to a more traditional rock format - generally rock songs have a lead guitar solo, many of the older Foo songs follow a more punk rock format with no lead solo. I've been waiting for Dave to turn Chris loose and put more solos in and I'm hoping this is a format they will stick with*** When I first heard the iTunes snippet of Something From Nothing, I wasn't sure I liked it. Then I saw the first episode of the HBO Sonic Highways and heard the entire song- it's really good. Now three episodes in, I'm not only liking the music, but mightily impressed with the show. Grohl pulls in music legends one after another and does it all in a comfortable easy going and throughly enjoyable manner, all building to the song offering for each episode. Great music, great concept, great work all around. Is there any limit to what this guy can do well? Apparently we haven't gone there yet. Thanks Dave Grohl and all the Foo's , really enjoying your work. Keep it coming. Update. The album and show are complete. Both are truly outstanding. This may be their best album yet, it's great. The show will likely win awards , it's that good. There's even rumor of a season two, now wouldn't that just be some of the sweetest icing on this one hellava cake.


I seriously loved Foo Fighters since the old school 1995 days. Self-Titled, The Colour And The Shape, Wasted Light, There’s Nothing Left To Lose, half of One By One: those are the classic Foo records where the Foos usually play more than one song from live, because those have the most songs that people care about. On that flip side, that’s not to say that they haven’t written some uneven efforts or dare I say it, fluff (the entire second half of One By One, some of In Your Honor, some of Echoes Patience). Needless to say, Sonic Highways is just a mild step backwards from the pop grunge candy confection of perfection that is Wasting Light. First, Sonic Highways is just 8 songs long. Even though these songs are lengthy and beefy overtures, it still feels like slim pickings to get to the good stuff. Second, I just can’t get over the use of Dio’s Holy Diver riff in "Something From Nothing”—the song isn’t bad, it’s just too derivative of Holy Diver. So the real good part of the album starts at "The Feast And The Famine" and continue through “Congregation” (the best song on the album, and the most Foo-representative), “What Did I Do/God As My Witness”, then “Outside” then maybe “Subterranean” if the right mood hits. But it is just really hard to get past the seven minute dirge of “I Am A River” without getting that cheeky classic rock ballad feeling. Generally, I start the album from “The Feast And The Famine" to “Outside”: just five songs. That’s not to say that Sonic Highways isn’t a good, decent effort, but for five songs: that’s just really frugally fulfilling Foo.


You rarely find an album where every song is good, this is one of them. You can hear so many different influences throughout the Sonic Highways. This could possibly their best album.


Some beauty to go with the angst. Outside and I am a river are just amazing pieces. The more I hear this album, the better it gets.

Hawaiian Lion55

I love the Foo Fighters but this album has NO BALLS and NO BITE whatsoever!


Look I am a huge foo fighters fan and love a lot of their music and this album was absolutely great and each song definitely captured the setting in which it was recorded I recommend watching the series too! Although I am disappointed with there only being 8 songs it was almost a year since there last album and I was hoping for about 12.