Foo Fighters - Songs from the Laundry Room - EP

℗ 2015 Roswell Records, Inc. under license to RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment

Songs from the Laundry Room - EP Tracklist:

Thank"U"Nikola Tesla



Two of those songs were on the FF's first album... Lame nice try ITunes I'm not buying music I already have!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha New Foo Fighters! Whoopeee! Wizard! Ha Ha Ha I'm so happy! Ha H a ha hahah haa aha a ha Ha

Mad dog mado

Good stuff!

Dr. Drum

This is stuff that Dave recorded before the Foo Fighters were even a band. Did all of the instruments/vocals himself. Dude just continues to keep it real!

Al L.

Dave and the Foo’s never cease to amaze. Give Taylor’s stuff a listen too. He can hold his own next to the legend.


Hi, I recorded this on a Saturday afternoon, what do you think? Better than what people spend a year doing!


Just a raw gritty EP and highly worth it if you love great Rock and the Foo Fighters!!


Raw, garage, live, no overdubs. This is Rock n’ Roll!! Somewhere Joey Ramone is smiling!


Foo's are superb whatever they do. Small record packs a big punch. Every song is delectable. Rock on!

Kunye vest

An amazing rock ep! FF never disappoint. This is one of the best rock eps out there, keeping it lo fi and true to art form. David is such a perfectionist. This is in every regard a rock classic that may be overlooked because it contains fewer tracks than their other releases , but it is so strong it will not need more tracks...not a second is wasted on this release. They remain as relevant as ever. 5 stars