Maddie Poppe - Songs from the Basement

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Songs from the Basement Tracklist:


if you don’t already have this album and you’re debating on getting it then here is me saying get it

TJ Sharkey

Even though this album was made two years earlier than her appearance on American Idol, Maddie's voice has only improved... I am really going to be impressed when she puts out her new music after winning the 'AI' title - "There's not a bad song on this album... and it only gets better every time I play it!

Michael Brian Schaffer Kaunley

My grandma loves your music!!!!!!


This is a great song! She has such a pretty voice.




I love this album and I can't wait for more! I will always buy your music Maddie as long as you keep true to yourself and keep it clean, unique, and honest!! I hope you stay you and don't let fame change you or your music!!


Maddie has GOT IT!


Can't stop listening.


Maddie Poppe had me with the Kermit song. Finding her brilliant song writing ability has been icing on the cake. Great album!!


Keep up the great music written from your heart! Congrats on the win! So happy that someone won whose humility for such a God given gift shines through her music!


American Idol has been a better year this because there is more young people which means young people like us can relate to them in certain ways. The American idol winner of this year Maddie Poppe, she is a really creative and talented person with a singer/songwriter voice and which there was not many of those this year. She deserved to win American Idol and her songs and voice shine so brightfully.


I love love love this. Maddie is a more pop friendly version of what Enya is to me. This is delightful, lighthearted yet deep at the same time, thoughtful. I’m glad I found my new favorite artist on American Idol!


Maddie is a fantastic songwriter with such unique vocals. Can’t wait to see more from this amazing artist


A true winner, please try and record some Nora Jones songs. I’ll be the first to buy it. Also try cutting a high end recording for the audiophile. Nora Jones had her first CD released in the super audio format and now it’s a collectors CD. Hard to find.


Her voice is so soothing and I could just listen to her sing all day! I highly recommend giving it a listen!


Songs from the Basement deserves everyone’s attention and I’m so glad Maddie is the new American Idol winner just for that reason. Each song is as authentic as it is emotional while remaining vocally flawless. Maddie is one of a kind!


Congrats on winning American Idol! I adore you, you had me knowing you are a singer song writer, I’ll never forget crying when you sang this in the show! I am so proud for you! Stay humble! Can’t wait to see what more you will give us!

Night out hybrid

Keep it goin Maddy


From when I saw her audition on American Idol she was my favorite because of her unique voice and her writing talent. This album is so fun to listen to and Maddie knows how to write and definitely sing a song! Congratulations on winning American Idol!!



Jeff M S

What a fabulous voice you’ve been blessed with.


LOVE this storytelling music!


Idk what the technical term for this girl’s voice is, but it makes me feel good about the world. It sounds like sitting in a pool of sunshine on a cool spring day, when you know you’ll never be more comfortable or at peace. I hate my own voice but hearing her makes me want to sing again, as long as I’m singing along to her songs. She’s got a gift for putting her feelings into words and making me feel them too. If you don’t buy this album, at least take a few moments to listen to it, because once you do, you won’t forget about it.


Can’t believe she won “!!


Wonderful artist. Pleasant voice. A story with each song and the delivery is great. Nice compositions.


Such a refreshing artist! Love her sound!


Every song on here is duds, no filler.


This song is incredible!


Love everything! Originality, tone of her voice, amazing range...she’s got it all! More music please!!! 😊


Love this album and all of the songs. So good.

Big Fan in Texas

Blessed by the music gods.Her voice is a musical note in itself as she breathes life into lyrics.Oh Maddie!☺️




love every song


Your Number One, sure hope you win!!! Showing my support buying your album. Love your talent & voice. Winner all the way!!


Can't wait to hear your album to be played all across America's radio stations! Looking forward to the release of your 2nd album! Goodluck on American Idol. No matter what happens, your songs will be played over and over in many households from now on and well into your very successful career in the music industry.


Whether she wins American idol or not, she’s so talented. Truly the entire package with her voice, the instruments she plays, writing AMAZING songs. So looking forward to what’s to come, loveeee this album!!


Idol material!

Nardeen the Queen

Maddie Poppe is so talented. Original, creative, best voice, amazing songs. I'm rooting for her to win American Idol. She is my favorite singer and songwriter. "Her voice is timeless," you never want to stop listening. Beautiful album.


Maddie is such a beautiful person! I love this!


Great vocalist and artist, wonderful music!

Music colors

She blew away the other 14 Idol hopefuls with this performance and song choice. I came onto to iTunes to download THAT very song...and discovered she has truly paid her dues. One doesn't have to win American Idol top prize to become a bonified star and make millions. Can anyone say, Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, Chris Dawtry.. I think she could totally win this. Unless American Idol cheats plays up the PC card with other contestants.


Maddie has a unique tone and deliverance that sets her apart from anyone else. She could literally sing the phone book or just hum and it would be beautiful. Big things are coming for this singer/songwriter!❤️


The clarity in her voice is unmatched. I seriously cannot get enough. The song, "Don't Ever Let Your Children Grow Up." is one of the best songs I've heard in a very long time. So glad to have seen her on American Idol. I am truly a fan.


Love her!!! Her voice is an original!


I’m amazed. I heard Maddie sing on American Idol. I had to get her music. It’s amazing!! I really hope you win and release more

Chey ♥️

now on American Idol, Maddie Poppe showed talent long ago and her song don’t let your children grow up astonishes anyone who has a soul.

William Joeseph

I heard about this from ‘American Idol’ I hope you win!

Jakee 😋

Words cannot describe your voice. Your music is so unique and original. Your voice is soothing.

Aly deford12

Maddie Poppe, your voice is so phenomenal and unique. I absolutely love your style of music and are an amazing songwriter!!!!


If you are looking for originality, here you go! Maddie is sooo good! Congrats on your first album Maddie!