Foo Fighters - Soldier

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Soldier - Single Tracklist:


Screw all the politics, this song is just bad.


Ok first off, I’m not trying to offend anyone. Second, I don’t like this for four reasons: 1. The song sounds like almost nothing went into it. 2. It’s not catchy. 3. The cause it not something I can really care about. Sure, women’s rights are important, but I will not root for something that includes abortions. 4. It’s never a good idea to bring political music into a band that has not made political music, for example rage against the machine does almost all political music. I love almost every Foo song, but this one is pretty disappointing. Make music that everyone can agree on and love!



Mike Townley

Another soft song that could've been buried in any album they've released.


This is not fighters of the foo... this is an absolutely terrible song. No emotion, just bland and boring.


Thanks for the worthy cause!


Delicious Christian snowflake tears...


I love how the Foo Fighters are supporting Planned Parenthood. But of course, some people sadly get offended by their political views, and attack their music because of it. The band members have always been liberal, why is it a problem now?? But seriously, only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does involves abortion. No one should be restricted from getting one, and I'm going to buy this song just because it's getting donated to them.

Lucky # 47

Nearly 20 tears following the foo fighters and now I find the are supporting planned parenthood . 😩 . Words can’t describe how I feel right now .


Planned Parenthood, 33.5% Contraceptives and counseling 33.0% STD testing and treatment 15.5% Cancer prevention & screening 14.5% Health Services 3.0%. Abortion Services (cannot use governmental funding) .05%. Other services Planned Parenthood is the only medical option in many rural low income areas. Teen and unwanted pregnancy extremely low rates. I could go on but this is a review for a Foo Fighters song and I'm sure Dave and the band don't give a spit about those who don't by the song, disagree with their views on PP or what Captain Orange is tweeting about as of late.


I won’t do anything that supports looney Libtards, or their crooked ways. Planned parenthood is bad, they do unspeakable acts and lie about it. Stop supporting corruption people

Bad religion987

I might not like the song as much as Run, but all you idiots who hate planned parenthood made me buy it.


Stay out of politics


Planned Parenthood helps so many people in so many different ways. I don’t think most people realize all they do to help individuals and families.


Liberal garbage


Liberal iTunes and Liberal POOO fighters! Grohl JOKE - music JOKE - go away Upset moviegoer must be fat and single... Loser Liberals


I am thoroughly amused by the folks claiming that politics and music shouldn't mix. Apparently, they've not listened to rock music in the past five decades. Artists have every right to share their views, just as anyone else does. The people calling for Mr. Grohl (and other artists) to "shut up and play" simply don't understand that this is how democracy works. The Foo Fighters already topped my list among rock bands, and they just proved why I think they're the best band making music today. I enthusiastically paid my 99 cents for this track because the money is going to a good cause, and the track itself is excellent.


"What's wrong with Foo" should be their next album. THIS.

Gouge Away

Good song for a great cause


Love the Foo! Love a woman's right to choose! Love Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, I don't like this song.


Never bring politics into music. Terrible idea.

Upset moviegoer#1

🖕the haters


Thank you, guys, for supporting a great cause!

Nano's saga

Honestly, ever since they got into more ‘political’ situations, their music has seriously gone downhill. This song is a perfect example of what I am talking about.


The mix is crap. Song is boring.

Lord Darth Daddy

Great Song as usual from the Foo Fighters. Having said that. Perfectly happy to give money towards Planned Parenthood. Abortion is such a controversial issue. Being that there are very strong arguments for and against it, it is really not something that should be made illegal or targeted by an immoral POTUS just looking to make his base happy. There is something called seperation of church and state and things should not be made illegal of defunded simply because of the people in power's religious beliefs. Not that Trump has any. If you don't beleive in it don't get one. Having said that I don't believe in it either in most cases, but I do believe in the separation of church and state.


Love that this goes to planned parenthood, it made me an even bigger fan of Foo Fighters. The song is pretty good too!


Not a fan of planned parenthood, it is they're right to do what they want but for me I'd like to see PP dismantled.


I'm sure Dave Grohl would rather support womens rights and you nutty right wing christians not support his music. Man, and you people think Liberals are the pussies!😄

Baseballl Dude

I disagree with almost everything that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth... one thing that he is absolutely correct on, is that Planned Parenthood does a lot of good things for women but we can't support them because they do abortions. I would give this song 5 stars if it were actually good, but unfortunately it does not live up to the genius of Concrete and Gold.


It’s a mediocre song in the first place, but knowing the money goes to Planned Parenthood pretty much kills any chance of me buying this or probably any future Foo Fighters songs.


PP gets enough money from taxpayers anyway.


I’m not buying this song for the money to be donated to Planned Parenthood. They already get millions in tax payer dollars every year.