Silverstein - Short Songs

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Awesome album!


I bought that single because it lyrically was the best


These boys have my heart:) they are amazing..


longer songs of the same cd its awsome!!! one last dance it freaking awsome

Peter wanger

I won't buy this album legally. There's something morally wrong with selling an album with 7 songs under 30 seconds. That said, I love the direction Silverstein is going. I'll go see them everytime they tour, which is more I can say about a lot of other bands. I allow them a little leeway since they're Canadians. Haha


The first 11 originals are great, and every cover is atLEAST good, if not amazing. If Silverstein changes into a more punk rock band, well I won't be complaining.


The name of the album is SHORT SONGS. They say it right there you morons. Stop complaining they are too short. Don't buy it if you don't like it.


honestly, i gotta give these guys credit for being this ballsy to come out with an album like this. as much as i like these tracks, its not their best work, but still, pretty good


The good songs are really good, the others all kinda sound the same... Shane's clean vocals have really improved over the years, and it's one of the reasons I listen to these guys. Sadly, most of this album is growls and "ARGLBARGLWARGL!!!" If you're into that sort of thing then I guess you'll like this. It feels like they were just teasing us with incomplete songs, even though these are complete songs... I prefer longer songs with less growling. I'll be selling this back to the store I got it from when I get the chance...


1.29 for a minute song? who the f#[email protected] are these guys. 9.99 for an album two songs long?


6 albums later, and they still have it like they had it from day one! Short Songs is money well spent! all the haters aren't true Silverstein fans!


First, no this is not a ripoff. Its only 10 bucks for 22 songs. Why would you pay 1.29 for a single song? you could either spend 10 bucks on the whole album, or buy 8 out of 22 for MORE than 10 bucks. For a fan of Silverstein, there isnt a second thought on buying this album. Its just as amazing as their older stuff. This is a perfect album, and will lead into an even more amazing 7th album.


This would be amazing if all the songs werent under a minute and a half!!!


Shouldn't there be a discount or something? To me $5 bucks is seller (not $10). O_o


The first time through the album is ok but on the second time through it is definitely worth the money. It is like a cross between Silverstein and older punk rock.


So as they described this is a mini album extension to Rescue, to show their roots, so no they didn't change the sound permanently. It's different but just as awesome as anything they've put out. Love the heaviness they can pull it off perfectly. The slower songs like Sleep Around, One Last Dance and Brookfield are really good too. Some of the covers are meh.. I would've liked more original songs. I hope they still come out with an album 2013. Overall they album is great, buy it you won't regret it. My favorites are SOS, One Last Dance, Brookfield and Sin & Redemption


As I was listening to this, I was thinking about how hard it was to get into most of the songs. Don't get me wrong, I think Sick as Your Secrets, SOS, Brookefeild, and Sleep Around could stand on thier own in an LP, but songs like World On Fire and My Miserable Life were too quick. I get it, though, they were obviously having fun on this one (See Ya Bill, Short Songs, Coffe Mug, Quit Your Job, You Gotta Stay Positive) and in the end I can really say this is a fresh breath of air from them. As for the covers I love 236 E. Broadway, and Its my Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite, as well as all the ones I mentioned as a fun listen

Rockman II

Charging a $1.29 for songs that are less than 30 sec long is a ripoff. You are a fool to even entertain purchasing this. Just say NO to this ripoff.

Drew Nolen

Really ballsy to do this, and it paid off. You can tell that punk is definitely a huge influence on Silverstein, and the best of them came out. Highlights really come through in the covers, pretty much all of theoriginal songs are great. Id love another concept album Shane!


another awesome album...what else is new?

The Voice of Reason88

Funny a Album with so many covers can be made with such an original concept. Short songs was such a great idea The music is top notch as well. Album should be at least 4 1/2 to 5 stars

Steve Dietrich

Alright first of all people: Silverstein has not changed their sound permanently. They just had a full length album out less than a year ago and upon reflecting on a lot of their old favorite bands, they realized most of them wrote really short songs, and decided they wanted to write their own. They thought it would be fun to write an album with more of their influences present, hence the more punk rock/hardcore sound. I think its great; the songs are really heavy and catchy and most of them pull off the shortness so well. There is a song or two, like Sin & Redemption that I think would have been better as a full length song, but the rest are perfect just the way they are. SOS is a masterpiece. Also, iTunes doesn't acknowledge the fact that tracks 12-22 are covers. Overall this is a great mini-album by Silverstein and I really hope this doesn't stop them from releasing another full length in 2013 like their scheduled to.


I think Silverstein has REALLY improved :D this album is great!!! i love the guitar. and Shanes lyrics are so perfect. :3


Miss the ish that sounded like discovering the waterfront!!!


I haven't bought an album from them since shipwreck but I saw em live with agust burns red and they were awesome. The short songs all sounded great! good intentions was crazy live.


Stop reading these reviews and buy this album right now.


Seriously 12 years later and they are still amazing! This album consists of original songs as well as some covers. Short Songs is original and old school mixed. Silverstein is full of great guys making great music. Buy it.

Lawliet Rem

There's only a few bands that make it this long in their career with succesful albums. Silverstein is one of those few bands that remain. They have done so much and their work is greatly appreciated. But it seems to be they're only getting started. Short Songs not only proves how talented Silverstein actually is but it shows how much they've grow up since day one. It is an amazing album to listen to. I just cannot get enough.


Silverstein is awesome and always will be!