Sara Bareilles - More Love: Songs from Little Voice Season One

℗ 2020 Sara Bareilles, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

More Love: Songs from Little Voice Season One Tracklist:


As always - musical masterpiece by Sara B


Generally a pretty album...Sara is just such an emotional singer...The studio can mute that a bit ...But some interesting production choices here


Have been a fan of her since day one & I simply can't wait to listen to this album in it's entirety. Sara is one of the best!!


Love her voice but the songs seem adrift and wandering.


I will tell you who made you king (queen) of anything! Thank you Sara! Just some beautiful sounds for such an ugly time.

Agnes of Portland

Sara Bareilles just keeps getting better as a singer songwriter. Her poignant lyrics and soulful melodies never disappoint. A really feel good album for a challenging time.

Penny Millerz

I am a huge Sara fan and have been eagerly anticipating another album. This album was well worth the wait. Sara has the most beautiful voice and every song on this album is so heart felt and beautifully done. I can’t even choose a favorite song. They are all so well done!! Possibly my favorite album of all time!!


Sara Bareilles just writes the absolute best music. Little Voice is my favorite tv show and I am so glad we get to hear Sara sing songs from the show!

thereal mesh

Her voice 😍😍😍


Sara Bareilles is no stranger to writing songs that make people feel. Her last album (Amidst the Chaos) was a force of feeling: empowerment, heartbreak, blissful love, lost hope. This album falls right into that vein. In watching Little Voice, it was so evident that Sara wrote the music for it. There’s a quality in her phrasing, a lyrical prowess that’s unique to her. There’s a particular rhythm that her songs so easily fall into, allowing the listener to really take in the words, to let them marinate, to pause and reflect. This album does that as well. It’s not overproduced; the music complements the lyrics and allows them to shine. I’m so happy that we get to explore her interpretation of these songs that were sung so well by the cast and fit into such a beautiful storyline. This is exactly what I was hoping for: artistic beauty and a raw take on songs we’re used to seeing as part of a production. “Dear Hope” and “Simple and True” are particularly beautiful. “More Love” is an anthem for anyone on any given day in 2020.

The Dude1

This is a, album made with beautiful songs and love , love it !


AMAZING! She brightens up my day in these dark times.


I love this album as much as i love watching the TV series.


Her lyrics are magical


I really wanted to love this. The arrangements on the show are perfection. And with her having covered the songs from Waitress so perfectly I was hoping this was going to be similar. This sounds so TRIBAL and busy apart from a couple of songs. It’s like the heart goes out of songs with them being so overdone. This happened on her old album too. That’s what I loved most about her older stuff. They were so simple and full of heart. I’ll keep going back to her older stuff, and love the songs from the show with Britney O does on the show and purchased. Sadly this one is not for me.

C pizz

Such a great voice. Like a few of her later songs but this album has been amazing so far. Her voice is amazing and her talent is underrated. Maybe no pop songs on this album, but great to listen through the entire album


Fellow NorCal talented bad ass gives us a gorgeous album when we desperately need it. Thank you Sara


Sweet voice of Sara Bareilles with an amazing story to tell in each song. Love, love, love!


Sara Bareilles never fails to deliver. She created this show with so much heart and love. We all could use More Love right now. This album is a hug.