Foo Fighters - Saint Cecilia - EP

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Saint Cecilia - EP Tracklist:


Love it!!!


Man, this EP is so great. The foos are my absolute favorite, and have been for years and years. And the fact that it's free just accents how awesome they are!!


I wish there were more bands like Foo. They have such a great sense of humor about themselves. They went through a time where they almost splintered apart but they decided to get back up after getting pushed down on the playground. They can turn on you any second and rock you as hard as any band out there. They know when to take a break from each other. Years from now, a couple of them are going to start fooling around in somebody's basement and we're going to get another landmark record from it. I wish there were more bands like Foo.


Utterly amazing!!!


Freaking awesome!


These are amazing, I would pay for it but it's free! Heck yeah!

Poly 47 wire

The foo fighters are so awful that they can't even give away their music.


Dave, his bands and music, and his love for his fans are nothing less than phenomenal!


First of all, that you for so much awesome music! Second, this is just another album of awesomeness and it's free! Enough though I just picked this up, it feels like Christmas. You guys totally ROCK! Thank you for this and don't stop making music please!

Matthias the Capitalist

One of my all-time favorite bands, this EP proves they only get better with age. Grohl is the man-- I was ready to buy it on the strength of the new radio song and I log into ITunes only to find out it's free?!?!? You gotta love it. This band has been consistently putting out great albums for over 20 years now and they absolutely KILL live. Thanks Dave, I hope you guys keep going another 20 years at minimum.

Big Jim 58

The Foo Fighters have always been great and this shows it. Amazing EP.

Solar Turtle

at first i wasnt crazy about that song but i gotta say its practically my favourite foo fighters song now, im really impressed! keep up the good work grohl


This is great nufffff said.


The best out of all of these is most likely "the never ending sigh" they are all good but that song has pure foo in it great EP guys this is what we want!!!!🤘🏻


I've loved the Foo Fighters for years and to give us free music just makes me love them more! As always, they give us their all and these songs are perfect! Thank you!!


What an album, it's got a taste of everything from fast to slow. The melodies just roll through each song like one big song.


great little ep, however iTunes’ download quality is crap!!!! especially my favorite song “Sean”. buzzkill.


Download it! It's awesome as always and free!!


Freakin awesome EP. Love it. Ranks with Metallica's last EP Beyond Magnetic. Great idea! FOO METALLICA EP made old school in the garage with a touch of the Melvins and Soundgarden on a track or two.....Thankyou

Naythan Rôck

Foo Fighters done it again!


The tone of the Album is a perfect example of that Old School Foo Fighters sound we love with many newer Foo Fighters influences to complement it.


Love it, Feel it \m/


As a kid of the 90's it makes me so happy to have an amazing group like FF around still!


Not a bad band, just not my thing. I wonder where that girl went with the FF tattoo on her shoulder. Yikes!

The assassin of awesome

Good job for this ep. good stuff


Solid tracks! Love free music as well! Hope there's a new album coming 😉

Red dude5

Great album!!!! I have never said this about something that's FREE but I would PAY for this!!!!

Bonhams love child

EP is ok Lyrics are not as good as I would like them to be

Alexa Korano

I think this is a best way to make gift for everyone. Thanks very much, cause good music saves our lives and souls.

[email protected]

This is such an amazing EP. All of the songs have completely different paces and beats. They are all awesome songs written by the foo fighters.


They are just marginally better than nickleback. They use the same 3 chord songwriting technique.




When I first heard Saint Cecilia I was amazed! Now it's part of my playlist and I listen to it almost everyday


Honestly hoping they come out with one more banger album


Awesome group of songs like the foo fighters I grew up with, rock on!!!

ye ye ye

Instant sounds of classic raw foo fighters. Up beat, raving power cord progressions. Love it


I love the Foos. I can honestly say that they have never put out an album that I've hated. This EP is great! Thanks for the free music! I will always support this band.


I love the foo fighters! When I saw this ep, for free, I was so excited! After listening to it numerous times I really really enjoy this album! Great jobs guys you're killin it


The foo never disappoint!!!


FREE??? What the ?!?! LOVE IT!


So, I’m a huge Muse fan. I just saw them live and have been obsessed with their new album and haven't been listening to anything else. This EP has found a way to pull me away for a while. It is really good. And it’s free so why not get it.


Awesome!!! It is worth saying twice.

Shawn Fitness

Other than it is completely epic… It is completely epic! Awesome album :-)


Thank You Foo Fighters!!!!!!!

Mikki Marie

How gracious and such a sign of love to the fans. Reinforces my devotion to the Foo


Thanks iTunes this is a nice free gift. This band Rocks.



I am Dr. Remulak

can do no wrong. Good EP. Get it.