Ronnie Dunn - Re-Dunn

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Re-Dunn Tracklist:


I love hearing you more. You have the best voice in country music.


Still one of the best voices in country music


Love this album , songs I loved with the voice of a man whose voice is one I love!

Roth Baby!

Not sure what’s worse country music or the rednecks that listen to it

#1 Music Junkie

#ReDunn is fantastic ! Most of these songs sound better than from the original artist.I give RDunn A Perfect Score💯


Attention everyone get this album and enjoy the magnificent voice of Ronnie Dunn, a true country genius! Please keep making your music RD you are the greatest! This new country offered need its own genre it’s not true country and never will be.

Bobby Clayton

Good Music. Too bad Itunes won't let me buy it. Money in my account but not working.


I think they the place to start is to ask yourself “what is a cover?” A cover to me is a reimagining or a reinterpretation of the original work. Ronnie Dunn knocks that out of the park 24 times in a row. The slightly nod to country is here in these tracks and it well received by this listener. This is absolutely worth your time and money. Very well done.


This is just awful. I actually love all the songs but surely such an artist can do better. The production is poor at best. Even more disappointing is the vocals weren’t that great. I wish I had my money and my time back. Why would such a talented artist do something as pathetically done? Makes me sad, actually.


This guys vocal abilities are amazing!!!!


You sir absolutely nailed the song “How long” I can’t stop listening to it. Thank you for this amazing album, a home run.

All about the Music!

Dunn certainly did justice to these iconic songs by lending his iconic voice to them! Well Dunn!!!


This album is great! BUY IT,you will love it too!


But get back together! Best duo of all time!

Canes Fan37

Outstanding Ronnie! You never disappoint


It's hard for even Ronnie Dunn to hold a candle to some of the originals (as I know them): George on Amarillo By Morning, LeeAnn on Ashes By Now (but one I wanted), Merle- That's the Way Love Goes, and Dwight- Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues. But he isn't supposed to 'sound like the orginals', so you have to listen just to listen. Does HE do a good job? Yes There were 12-14 songs I planned to buy. It was cheaper to buy the complete album and get some that were on my 'marginal list'. Still has a wonderful voice after all this time - many of these songs are worth listening to.


Some folks don't realize what profligate writers/performers Brooks & Dunn were. This album a wonderful reminder how country music lies at the heart of other songs and genres. Ronnie does a great job revisiting some classic songs. This album a must have.


Album is done to perfection


Best covers album I’ve ever heard! These songs are incredible and Ronnie sounds amazing!!


In my humble opinion, Ronnie Dunn has a singing voice that is in the top 5 all time in the country genre for male vocals. Love his cover of Amarillo by Morning.


The songs are done well but they are nothing like the originals....George Strait in particular

Thomas Mickie

Ronnie Dunn is literally twice the singer that trash a** George Strait ever was 🤷🏻‍♂️

Electric Skydog

The beauty of a great country song performed by a very special singer the best. Awesome to have these songs going into the new year. Makes driving the highway a little easier.

Cinns Mom

The best voice in any genre. Could listen to him 24/7.


It say's Re-Dunn can't the critics read? Getar Dunn Ronnie!




That voice isn’t made for George Strait kind of songs. Stick to what you know


I definitely will be getting this when it comes out just wish it was sooner!! 😃


Hell Yea....Can’t wait for the rest of the album to drop.


Ronnie Dunn brings his awesome vocals to classics like How Long by Ace. What more can you ask for?


There’s nobody that does these epic classics better than Mr Ronnie Dunn; could not have chosen a better playlist to Re-Dunn! I’m predicting he takes any of these to #1. Can’t wait to hear the rest on this album.


I’m so glad you decided to cut this album your spin on all these classics is amazing huge Brooks & Dunn fan but to hear you Ronnie do something on your own and to take a classic song and twist it to fit your style again amazing

Water Boy K

Been a huge Ronnie Dunn fan since seeing Brooks & Dunn at the York Fair in PA the week of the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001. He handled the situation amazingly with thoughtful words then opened the show with Living in America. It was the most patriotic experience of my life that evening. You could feel what it was like to be a proud American that night. There is no way to replicate or imitate that experience. And the music was not too shabby either!!! The Re-Dunn Album is incredible and I love the variation of songs. Ronnie’s singing style is unmatched. Like I said in the subject like. Ronnie “Dunn it up right!!!” PS. One of the items on my bucket list is to write a song with Ronnie Dunn. never know...we are living in America and anything can happen...


Ronnie freaking Dunn!!! Literally the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!! The voice of a generation! This album RULES!!!




So exited to see this in preorders! I am loving the songs released so far and can’t wait until the whole album is released. Keep them coming Ronnie!


Ronnie could sing the phone book and it would kick butt!!! January can’t get here soon enough!!!


As my screen name implies, I’m a metal guy. Never been into country, although I like some of it, and I love Ronnie Dunn. His voice is awesome, I think he’s one of the best singers ever in any genre, I like the sound , the tone quality and the bluesy undertones. I hope Ronnie continues to perform for years to come.


RE-Dunn = Brilliant. For me, there is no other male country voice quite like his or the shear joy I get from hearing Ronnie Dunn’s voice, and his delivery.


Holy Guacamole! There he is with that voice again! Bring it on RD! I bought the first two and we’ll play them till the needle breaks. Waiting in the rest! No other voice in music like his. Loved you long time.