Richard Marx - LIMITLESS

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LIMITLESS Tracklist:

john F NY

Love the new ballad from Richard Marx, Not In Love. It is so sad, but so beautiful pust tears in your eyes. John F. NY


I have to admit, I’ve never been a true follower of Richard Marx. Just saw him on News and he performed online while in Isolation, his song “Limitless”. I was impressed. Thought I check out the Album. Was only going to download that one song. But as I listened to his other songs on this Album, I was impressed. His Music has gotten better and better, more mature and sophisticated. So many catchy and addictive songs. I was surprised and impressed. He got me singing and dancing during my worst moment during illness and isolation, and to his Love songs, nonetheless!!! Gave me hope. I just paid for and downloaded like 6 of his Songs on the “Limitless” Album alone!!!! Look forward to his Future Release Music and Albums. Way to go Richard, keep it up!!! You have a New Fan!!


Limitless is my favorite!


What can you say about Richard,well a lot ! He’s timeless .His vocals are still so amazing.His song writing still one of best !Go see him live you would regret it and this new album,wow incredible!

Needs to Lose

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Catchy tunes, amazing voice. The first time I heard Another One Down I was hoping the remaining songs were as good. They are. Such a great talent and entertainer. Well done, Mr. Marx.


Good album but I wish he did not wait so long between albums. Hopefully it’s not 5 or 6 years before he releases another album.


So very in love with his music!


He only gets better as the years go by. Fantastic album, catchy songs, and his voice sounds amazing!!!


Still one of the best singer/songwriters out there. Fabulous in concert! Favorite songs on Limitless: Love Affair That Lasts Forever and Another One Down. Buy/Download this album and enjoy!

Coaches eyes

Exceptional lyrics with a modern day sound and back to the great 80’s. As a teacher, A+++!


I have a Richard Marx mix of the hits and songs I like from his first 4 albums. I played it for my wife just recently on a road trip and she recognized many of the songs and commented on how recognizable his voice is. I played her the first two songs off this album and asked her to guess who it was and she guessed Nick Jonas. My point is that the music is overpowering his voice. I realize times have changed and he needs to grow as an artist, but this isn't the way. I also saw him in concert in a small and personal venue and his voice resonated throughout the hall because his voice was stronger than the sounds of the music. Please go back to what made you great!


Limitless is a tremendous new offering from this underrated artist whose talent spans songwriting, vocal talent, and production. For longstanding fans, there are tracks with familiar sounds, such as the sad piano ballad Not in Love, the surprising tearjerker acoustic This One (which reminds me musically of Falling and lyrically of When You Loved Me), and the country-rock Front Row Seat which resembles songs he’s previously written with/for Keith Urban (such as Long Hot Summer and Better Life). But where Limitless shines is the fresh sound you get when blending Richard’s tenor voice, ageless like vintage vine, with a more modern track, such as opener and first single Another One Down, co-written with and produced by his son Lucas Marx, or Let Go, co-written with his wife Daisy Fuentes and Morgan Page. Other standouts include the R&B-influenced Love Affair That Lasts Forever and my personal favorite—the upbeat All Along, a hybrid of 1980s keyboard and guitar sounds with 21st-century vocals and beat fused with unparalleled polish which follows through similar to a track from his last album from several years ago (Forgot to Remember, off 2014’s Beautiful Goodbye). This album has something to offer for just about any fan of popular music. Tracks are tightly produced, economical (most tracks running under 4 minutes), and harmoniously memorable. Limitless is the album that shows what happens when you combine quality classic vocal and songwriting talent with a willingness to try new sounds.


He is so awesome and all of these album awesome just as his other albums are .


I’ve been listening to Limitless all morning, it’s incredible! I have been a fan of Richard’s music for years. Richard your voice still sounds the same after all these years. Hopefully you’re coming out with more, can’t get enough of your music!


This is one of his best cds! I can’t stop listening to it. Of course Richard Marx can kill a ballad like a king, but the up tempos on this disc are crazy good! Limitless is an amazing song, lovin’ the updated vibe! Truly one of the best singer/songwriters out there! Love the cd start to finish!

Edwin J. Dunn

Richard’s voice is an instrument at it’s highest quality in his professional life. And what a range of songs on this project. Not your common Pop artist; Marx has become even richer and finer with time. I loved Marx’ music since the 1986-87 recording of his debut album (still instantly takes me back to my junior year of college, being forever tied to my first profound love.) This newest release links the arc of my adult life with his musical score. Thanks, Richard.


Glad to hear new music from him. Always been a great artist.


Still the only singer to have his first 7 singles reach GM the Billboard Top Five. Richard Marx is one of the nicest celebrities alive, one of the best songwriters in music history, and has a voice stronger than most. Buy this album, and go see him perform live. He’s funny, talented, smart, and passionate. I love Richard.

Mark R Fan

I’ve had an emotional connection to Richard Marx music from Hold On To The Nights to Over My Head and everything in between I’ve had the pleasure to see his last 4 Northern California appearances. Fantastic songwriting and voice is as good as ever. Love the new single can’t wait to hear the rest. Have to say I am a grown man and his live performances bring tears to my eyes every time. So glad you are still making awesome music that we can connect to.


so far so good ,so I'm not let it go


I have always maintained he has one of the best voices in pop/rock. So much range. Nothing has changed from the 80s, till now. So good.


I love the first two songs released. Good stuff. Hope the rest of the album is just as good.

Indiana Preacher

I saw Mr. Marx when he was on the tour for his first CD. It was clear he was amazingly talented. His music is still filled with passion and emotion. He is propbably one of the most under-rated artists and lyrics writers around. Thank you for your music!


When I first heard “Another One Down”, I was already sold but I just listened to “Let Go” and..WOW!!! I’ve been a huge Richard Marx fan for many years and each song that comes out just gets better and better! So happy it was co-written with his beautiful wife Daisy Fuentes. Not only extremely talented but absolutely gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!! Thank you for yet another beautiful song! 😁