Silverstein - Rescue (Deluxe)

℗ 2011 Hopeless Records, Inc.

Rescue (Deluxe) Tracklist:


Hope to see you guys live one day. Keep it up!

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I love you Silverstein! Sacrifice ❤️


Not enough people know about Silverstein but I'm so glad I found them.


The best Silverstein album by far, and that is saying a lot because i'd give all of them (Short songs excluded) 5 stars. Texas Mickey is the best track i think they've ever released

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Why the f&%k havnt i heard these guys sooner?


Its perfect


Heavy and full of passion. Buy this album and keep on repeat. I love this album:)


By great artist.


This album and "Discovering" aree thee best! Silverstein is the best freaken pure band that is out there plus " a day to remember". Lestin to this album you will fall in love with it :D!!


This album is your best by far! Not only were the soft songs (Replace You, In Memory Of..., etc) fantastic and beautifully written, but the heavy songs (Live to Kill, Sacrifice, etc) had such great riffs you could feel the music pumping through the speakers. The best songs are The Artist, Dancing On My Grave, and Sacrifice! If you haven't yet, check out the music video for The Artist because it is very basic but totally awesome! And great use of your guest vocalists (Brendan Murphy of Counterparts, Anthony Rineri of Bayside) again! Can't wait until your next release of new music (NOT Short Songs).


Way to go back to your roots. The heaviness on this album blows me away. It's almost like they're just P.O.ed this whole album and I love it.


U NEED TO COME CLOSER TO CT.!!!!!!! this is an amazing album the best song is ALL of them but Live to Kill Medication and, Sacrifice are my favorite!!

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I must say that it's not an entirely new song genre but I love it any way.