Rage Against the Machine - Renegades

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Renegades Tracklist:

Thug life 2020

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We're not toddlers offer the real version of this great album.


I thought Volume 10 created "Pistolgrip Pump." Can't find that album anywhere on iTunes.




seriously underrated album by rage against the machine

Planthead 13

Good songs like Maggie's farm, I'm housin', ghost of tom joad, and renegades of funk. Battle of Los angles is great, so is evil empire and let's not forget about their first album. Rage lives on !


The songs are awesome, but compared to the CD… THERE IS NO LIVE MUSIC ON HERE!!!


Rap/rock band EVER! :::Drops Mic:::

Daddy M Smack dat Girl

Great album, like all of them. Just kind of ruins the message when their albums are being sold on ITunes, I refuse to buy them from here b

<3 Sharon

I first heard of RATM from Bruce Springsteen since he's such great friends with Tom Morello, so I thought I'd give them a listen and man are they great!! Their cover of Maggie's farm is so unique and amazing but their cover of Bruce's Song The Ghost of Tom Joad is phenomenal! It gives the song so much power, whenever I hear it I just wanna rock out!!

Sheeps foot

A necesity if you love metal or rage against the machine

xx sugar xxbear

instead of killing people listen to rage against the machine. it works just as well.


enough said.


Rage Against the Machine is the best band of all time. Anyone who thinks otherwise can bite me.


Maggies Farm. I used to chill at the five point cafe in Seattle and play that over the jukebox while waiting to go into work. Truely one of the best Dylan cover I've heard next to white stripes version of one more cup of coffee. It will make you want to tell the boss off.


I think How I Could Just Kill A Man and The Ghost of Tom Joad are obvious 10/10's, as for the others: Renegades of Funk 9/10... Pistol Grip Pump 8/10... Kick Out the Jams 8.5/10... Street Fighting Man 8.5/10... Maggie's Farm 8/10... Down On the Street 7/10.

I Love Tofu

These fools should have their vocal chords removed and their fingers amputated......


Great album. As always, Rage gets you pumped with some of the best music ever conceived, and these covers are no exception. Just for reference, I just finished writing a six page essay (or as I like to call it a rant) about the injustices suffered by Martin Luther King Jr. and connected his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience," two of the great RENEGADES in American history. While writing this essay, I listened to the Battle of Los Angeles all the way through. All I can say is RAGE = POWER, or in the words of Zack de la Rocha, "Anger is a gift."


rage is my favorite band, so i love it. All of these covers are awesome, some better than the originals. They made every cover thier own, and did a solid job on all of them.In my eyes by minor threat, I'm Housin', Maggie's Farm, and the ghost of tom joad are the best.


You don't know Rage. Quit faking it. Auto-tune universe listen to what's up: Get rid of all your crap music. Here's what you need: Bombtrack Killing in the Name Bullet in the Head Township Rebellion Freedom People of the Sun Bulls on Parade Tire Me Snakecharmer Year of tha Boomerang Wind Below Without a Face Down Rodeo Guerrilla Radio Maria Ashes in the Fall Born of a Broken Man War Within a Breath Maggie's Farm I'm Housin' Microphone Fiend The Ghost of Tom Joad How I Could Just Kill a Man ABSOLUTE NECESSITIES (My top 10): 1) Bullet in the Head 2) Killing in the Name 3) Snakecharmer 4) Freedom 5) Bulls on Parade 6) Tire Me 7) Maggie's Farm 8) Township Rebellion 9) The Ghost of Tom Joad 10) War Within A Breath


A must-buy for any Rage fan! Evil Empire is still the best album... Microphone Fiend: 10/10 Pistol Grip Pump: 9.5/10 Kick out the Jams: 6/10 Renegades of Funk: 10/10 Beautiful World: 4/10 I'm Housin': 8.5/10 In My Eyes: 9/10 How I could just Kill a Man: 10/10 The Ghost of Tom Joad: 10/10 Down on the Street: 8/10 Street Fighting Man: 7/10 Maggie's Farm: 8/10 Buy all of the Rage CD's! They're worth it!




Ive heard all the songs on this album... First let ne say that i like all the songs on it... But i think pistol grip pump is the best song on it. But its my opinion... It seems like alot of people like renegades of funk, and i like it to... But you should buy this WHOLE album


First of all, this doesn't sound like a bunch of covers, it sounds like a full-force Rage Against the Machine album. Many of the tracks barely resemble the originals, instead Rage makes them their own. From the Brilliantly done Dylan song, "Maggies Farm", the crunchy version of Springstein's, "Ghost of Tom Joad" to the funky guitars on "Renegades of Funk", this album will impress new or old fans. Although my favorite Rage album is Evil Empire, every Rage album is a 5-star album.


god bless this album


one of the worst bands i've herd. waist of money.

Maggots 4 life

Best RATM album ever!!


Everybody has one and they are all full of 5hit. Personally, I first found rage way back when mtv used to actually play music, but I can't remember what year it was, all I know is I was rather fu&%ed up at the time. When I got this cd I had just heard that rage gone their seperate ways and the band was going to back Chris Cornell. This is a great cover album, and this is why: RATM put thier style into it and kept true to the songs performed at the same time. Now I don't know why anybody would throw 5hit at Dimebag in this review forum, but kids let me tell you something that you are going to find out called perspective: when you get old and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or any of the number of illnesses that you will be stricken with and that will haunt your time upon it impending doom, fleeting moments of ignorant speech and attitudes that you have portaryed in your wreached lifetime will convey to you a guilt of stupidity and regret. Look mf's life is short keep your bad intentions out of other peoples's trouble and in the meantime enjoy this and all the Rage you can hear cause you never know you might just be stricken deaf.


My version of Renegades has the live versions of "Kick Out the Jams" and "How I Could Just Kill a Man". I feel lucky. :)


This album is awsome


Such a good cd.


Am I the ony person that absolutely loves Pistol Grip Pump and can't stand Maggie's Farm?


I remember buying this cd when it came out. There are some awesome covers for bands like cypress hill and the rolling stones. I do remember the cd had an extra track with Kill a Man live with cypress hill which was my favorite song on the album. So that one song might be worth buying the hard copy alone. All in all another incredible album form an incredible band.


Although this album is a cover album, Rage Against the Machine continues to push the boundaries between hard rock, funk and rap. Cypress Hill's How I Could Just Kill A Man stands out as one of RATM's greatest cover songs. Listen to the album in its entirety, it's outstanding. Their set list is extraordinary, pulling from artists such as "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen(The Ghost of Tom Joad), Cypress Hill(How I could Just Kill a Man), Erik B and Rakim(Microphone Fiend), Soul Sonic Force(Renegades of Funk) and The Rolling Stones (Street Fighting Man). Great finish for RATM.


Destroying the classics.One star for selecting the Volume 10 track.Otherwise ,check out the originals.I agree with all their politics and anger at the system but this album blows!!!


The best remake on here by far is "In My Eyes" by Minor Threat. But the whole album is full of good remakes.

Notorious B.E.N.

My favorite cover is "The Ghost of Tom Joad". I like the overall feeling that they give the song, and the guitar riff is awesome. Also, the Minor Threat cover is great.

me :DD

this band is basically the best thing that has happened to rock, there is no band that can ever match up to these guys. who ever agrees with me i high five you/ how i could just kill a man, pistol grip pump and microphone fiend are the best in this album so buy them people. you wont regret it :DD


not exactly a fan of these guys but renegades of funk is suchh a good song. sooo many memories hahaha. Say jam sucka!(JAM SUCKA) Say jam sucka!(JAM SUCKA) Say groove sucka (GROOVE SUCKA) Now groove sucka (GROOVE SUCKA) Say dance sucka (DANCE SUCKA) Say dance sucka (DANCE SUCKA) Say move sucka (MOVE SUCKA) Now move sucka (MOVE SUCKA) the best part of the song


maggies farm and the ghost of tom joad are the best songs this album is totally worth buying

Stone Knockler

I enjoyed listening to this album. It wasn't the best but i liked it. But i can't tell which ones were written by RATM. My favorite song on here is either Renegades Of Funk or The Ghost Of Tom Joad. But if you don't like bands who remake songs then this album isn't for you.


I love this album, i have nothing against it but i like r.a.t.m's original work better. Thier self titles and evil empire is when they were at their peak

i <3 pocket god

are all these songs covers?


Like many people, I am a fan of RATM. This here, however, is not their best work. The covers like Street Fighting Man and Maggies farm that didn't have any hip-hop to them before, were, well, abismal. Some of them were good, like kick out the jams. But by the end of the album it gets annoying that they have trounced all over some very good original material. Stick to THEIR original stuff and you should be fine.


Dude, it doesn't matter how someone is introduced to a band. Honestly, Guitar Hero was the first time I heard them as well. Just because some one hears about a band thru a game rather than just suddenly knowing of their existence, does not make them any less of a fan, nor does it give you the right to make fun of them.

Dandy Lyin

Renegades of Funk is by far my favorite Rage song, but I can't get it ringtone style. Why not? This is my biggest issue with the iPhone, I actually have to pay for ringtones now, but can't find what I want. I'll stop whining now...


This is a great album, songs like Kick out the James, Renegades of Funk, im housin, Maggies farm, The Ghost of T.J. are all great songs by the best band in the world!!! We need a new cd RAGE!!


WOW. This is not what i expected from these guys. I. Love. This. Song.

Magyar Orzag

The Ghost Of Tom Joad is by far, one of the greatest songs ever written. Zach De La Rocha is a lyrical genius.