Silverstein - Redux: The First 10 Years

℗ 2019 NSEW Recordings

Redux: The First 10 Years Tracklist:

Mr. Mooseknuckle

....For me to pay twice for something. But I couldn’t pass up any reimagining of songs from Waterfront. Why not Already Dead though!? Still, this is great!


Always have been a fan and always will. From the beginning to the end. The new recordings are amazing and these are some of my favorite songs! Thank you Silverstein!


Everything you expect and then some


It’s always a risk when bands re-record old songs. Especially when those songs are as loved by fans as the ones Silverstein picked for Redux. Luckily, there were no missteps here and Silverstein found a way to breath new life into these classic tracks. Looking forward to when they do it again for the rest of their catalog.


Hands down will always be my favorite band! They never disappoint and always stay true to who they are as musicians!

D. U. D. D. E.

I love Silverstein so much!!! This new album of songs from the first 4 albums re recorded are so gooood!


Nice to hear some new versions of this stuff👍much better than the originals-but not new music so I kind of see this as lazy at the same time 🤷‍♂️ enjoying it either way


Amazing tracks with a much needed re recording! Sounds so good! Given the lack of technology of that time I would always wonder how some of the songs (especially the very poorly sounding ones) would be on a new console and here it is! 10/10

Small town kid

An absolute must for any true fan

Calvary's Dad

Found Silverstein by accident when they first started and have been hooked ever since. I have always wanted them to make an album of re recorded songs like this. Love the nostalgia of the songs as they were originally recorded but really excited to hear them re recorded!