Alanis Morissette - Reasons I Drink

℗ 2019 Epiphany Music marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers

Reasons I Drink - Single Tracklist:


So ready for this CD.


Welcome back girl! This is incredible!

Jedi Mathew

She was amazing then, she is still amazing.


Awesome song. I’ve loved pretty much all of her music since Jagged Little Pill dropped in the 90’s. You can tell Alanis is older now, but in the best way. Her voice has deepened a little, yet is just as unique and vital as ever. We need more artists like her back in the music industry! “Reasons I Drink” is definitely different from anything prior, but it grew on me the more I listened to it and its lyrics are extremely relatable and relevant to so many walks of life and age groups. It’s an anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with addiction in any form. I seriously cannot wait for this new album to drop. Let alone the 2020 World tour with Garbage and Liz Phair! Thank you music gods for blessing us with Alanis Morissette. She’s back!!

Johnny Tapias

Love the sound of this. I hope the album continues with this real band vibe. It’s nice to hear her with livevinstruments and a percussionist instead of drum machines and computer synths. Well done, Alanis.


This track has everything you want from an Alanis track: quality vocals, instrumentals, and lyrics. Looking forward to the upcoming album. I am hooked.

Adam A Anderson

Love the song, shows great promise for the forthcoming album!


and that's how you do it. a wonderful simple song with a voice of a generation.


I can’t stop listening to it. It sounds fresh and her voice sounds better than ever. I can’t wait for the whole album.


Hearing her voice in my ear was like soul sharing with an old friend, from 1994 to now, being reminded of a generational calling to never be silent, never apologize for your truth, still honest, still adressing shared issues that seam to permeate our generation. ❤️


Couldn’t get sick of this song if I tried.


Alanis is what I have needed. Song and lyrics are perfection


Love this, great way to comeback 😊


BACK! I didn't even know she had new music in the works, which shows how out of touch I am with music lol. Anyway, I was browsing the music store and came across this. LOVE this new song. It's Alanis' voice that we all know and love. Looking forward to when the album drops this spring and fingers crossed, a tour?!


Jagged Little Pill is a classic album. Never cared for her pop side. Plus she was never a great singer in the first place. But more power to her for still doing her thing 25 plus years later.

Gerald Kucia Jr.

One of the best (and most underrated) singer-songwriters of the era is back with another great record!


Can’t wait for the album! Great song can’t wait to hear all it!


Great single. Looking forward to getting the album. It has been way too long of a wait.

Nurk Twin

Welcome back! You are a no “BS” artist.


I gave it 4 stars because I know Alanis can do better than sing over a generic computer synthesized beat. Alanis voice dissonance sounds too echoed and muffled. I pray the rest of her future releases are more her old and true style.


Just what the music world needs with all of these boring pop tarts today. You know who you are taylor,camilla, demi,selena


I had no idea the best song of 2019 would come in December.....

Go Yahoo

Great tune


I love she returned to guitars! And this lady has a voice I’ve loved since I was 14 (1999). I’m now 34 and still an Alanis fan. Welcome back Alanis can’t wait to see you on tour and buy your new album in 2020




Such raw energy with which she addresses the distractions we use to evade facing true matters of the heart head-on. That howling on the chorus cuts my soul. The almost-all-acoustic production is fresh and crisp.

[email protected]

A beautiful voice! I’m, proud to hear that, and how amazing to hear Alanis, her tone , her vibe, has never, changed! One of the memorable concerts at “Riverfront in Cincinnati!” I’m glad to hear that voice and “Great lyrics “ Beautiful, voice! Go Alanis!


OMG LOVE this song!!! It's SO GOOD!! Alanis has a way with lyrics, she always has and that continues with 'Reasons I Drink'. Can't wait for the new album coming in May, 2020!!!


Alanis is sounding better than ever! This song has such a good beat and sound, she is telling her truth.


Relatable and real. Love it!


Thank U


Awesome song! God, I’ve missed your voice!!! Nice message!


Alanis Morissette’s return to music is a cause for celebration. I have always enjoyed her unique and powerful voice. “The Reasons I Drink” is definitely one of my favorites in 2019. Really looking forward to the whole album due out in May.


So happy to have Alanis back and this song is a great way to kick off a new era. Every song of hers speaks to me in a deep way and Reasons I Drink is no exception.


I didn’t know I needed this today


It’s feels good to hear that voice again. It’s been a minute


She always delivers great vocals and amazing writing! Overall a great track! Missed her so badly!


That voice always haunts me. Love it!


love this song and deep message thank you Alanis


Reasons I drink is a great first song to return with. It’s so beautiful. Your voice is appreciated.


There is no voice like Alanis, and the way she can pen thoughts into music is unparalleled. This song is no exception, with bright, fresh melodies and lyrics focusing on addiction/recovery, Alanis once again strikes a chord.


So happy this has been released.


This is a strong return single for such an iconic artist. Loving it so much.