Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

℗ 2020 Dead Oceans

Punisher Tracklist:



Sounds like everything else out there. Super boring. I always felt anyone can write ballads and it seems all she does is write slow introspective blah. How this deserves any Grammy nomination is beyond me. When she starts writing some variety and upbeat songs then maybe. Not one song has a catchy beat or melody. Might as well be siting at a poem reading and a bad one at that

turnip 2002 on a grave

absolutely incredibly. no words. 100/10. literally bury me with this album in my grave.

Ralph Bruner

I’m not ashamed to tell her I just voted for her a few times for this years grammys.... Thank you

brady r creasy

Every song is amazing im so blown away I love the emotion within phoebe’s voice the lyrics are amazing overall a beautiful album

Noah fry

great album! love the subtle humor throughout. and honestly i know the end is half a ballad


I can’t say just how great this album is. I had high expectations and I wasn’t even expecting how good it was. It’s easily album of the year, I don’t see any albums that could take that away from it. I just can’t help but listen to it, it’s so great.


Phoebe puts Billie Ellish or how ever u say her name to shame..


More morning stuff from Phoebes...


This album is very very good but is it me or is the instrument backing fuzzy or over blown mixing or is it supposed to be that way? example garden song the vocals are clear but instruments are fuzzy


I just recently discovered Phoebe’s music, and this album has cemented her as one of my favorite artists. I love all the subtle dark humor she puts in her songwriting, and melodies on this record are simply gorgeous. My favorite songs are: Savior Complex, Punisher, Chinese Satellite, and Kyoto. Best album of 2020.


Beautiful record


Pheobe Bridgers' 2nd album simply glides with beauty. "Kyoto" was a great change of pace and "Garden Song" and "I See You" are standouts. The last two are amazing as well. There's no filler here -- just great track after great track! Her lyrics are also stunningly crafted. Pheobe offers a fair share of surprises throughout... the ends of "Halloween" and "I Know the End" were particularly unique.


Listen to this album!!! This album is a beautiful bridge between Phoebe and the many genres and artists which inspire her. She has come into her own even more with Punisher owning an ominous folk sound only amplified by soft atmospheric vocals, and brilliant song writing. Punisher is an experience of both happiness, deep dread, and moving on, you need to listen.


I didn’t think she could top her last album but it looks like she is. Graceland too is amazing and different, love every song on this album and her voice is beautiful.


everything about this album is perfect


I only recently heard of Phoebe Bridgers, reading an entertaining profile of her in the New Yorker, and I was charmed enough to buy the first album. Phoebe continues to fulfill her promise and the hype. If you dig deeper, she is a popular collaborator and endlessly creative, with a self-deprecating sense of humor. As long as she stays true to herself and grounded, she will be the songwriter of her generation. This collection is uniformly excellent and compelling. She turns sadness and hard times into moving entertainment you want to listen to again and again. Best with headphones so you can understand the words.

James Poopsy


Trust and Us


the REAL tc

Beautiful album.

Lindz Coulson

Brilliant. Better than lady Gaga one might say ❤️


Transcends genres beautifully while telling a story of the apocalypse, self inflicted pain, and personal trauma


She is something special. When i listen to her music i just feel like only she can pull that off. Both of her abums are masterpieces. Only Lorde & Frank Ocean can go 2 for 2.. well.. until Phoebe that is🔥


Cohesive, cunning, dashing, dazzling. Highly recommend to listen all the way through without interruption to feel the flow. I really respect its engineering. The last song was so bold — such punctuation made me infatuated with Punisher as a body of work. The strings, the horns, the ambience, everything sweet is all enhanced by her direction. Beautiful. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you


Literally every song is amazing


People’s standards have really gone down eh. I like the eerie feel and simplicity of garden song but for the most part these tracks are nothing special. The problem with this artist for me is that every song’s melody seems close to being exactly the same. I see potential but she’s not there yet in my humble opinion 🤷🏻‍♀️


She does it again.. she’s so consistently perfect! Love her.


The main girls wish they had these lyrics.


Giving this album a one star rating because Lady Gaga doesn’t have the number one spot?? There’s something wrong with you. Anyway this is my favorite album so far.


phoebe never fails to make me question life. she tells me everything i need to know and i feel like she is a true angel, thank you phoebs for another beautiful album


Beautiful stuff. Bryan should be ashamed of himself for reviewing this at one star because Gaga is not in the number one spot.


And Wow


this woman never fails to prove how talented she is and how she is indeed one of the best lyrical artist of our generation. PLEASE give this album a listen you won’t regret it. 10/10 would recommend


This album takes everything from her last record and amplifies everything I loved about it.


An icon, a legend, & she is the moment

App KO!

I found Phoebe Bridgers on the movie “Between Two Ferns” they played about 20 seconds of her singing so I searched for the playlist of the movie and found that it was her then I bought her album “Stranger In The Alps”and have become a big fan of hers I wish Phoebe Bridgers would put her song “Waiting Room” on an album or as a single it is one of my favorite songs she sings and I have watched it on YouTube countless times I can’t wait for this new album to drop so I can ad it to my playlist


I will surrender my ears to her. She makes me want to continue this wretched life even with all its misery.


Title says all.