Powfu - death bed (feat. beabadoobee) [coffee for your head]

℗ 2020 Columbia Records [Robots and Humans].

death bed (feat. beabadoobee) [coffee for your head] - Single Tracklist:


I absolutely love this song! I can’t wait for music from you, because you’re about to blow-up! And a Godly artist? That’s the icing on the cake!


Love it


I can’t think without this song coming up in my head

dauchund lover

Eeeeeee I’ve only listened to this song twice but it’s stuck in my head and I’m going to beg for 2 dollars now




This song is on alternative there’s a 10 hour loop it’s on YouTube and I,m loving it and a it’s freaking me out I have a comic for this!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🐔

Alexxxxx Prestonnnn

Love it but why is this in alternative when it’s in the hip hop genre?


Amazing 🤩


Literally the best song ever so good it makes me sorta sad tho


Sent this to my girl and she loved it. Thanks for helping me make her happy. :)


I like this, it gets stuck in my head without me realizing, and I’m just subconsciously singing it in the back of my mind


Great song for a hot beverage and a fuzzy blanket next to a cold window on a rainy day ❤️ Which one of you F***s only gave it one star?

By Cole Bernard

Also it is an amazing song! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for making something wholesome and real


This song really hits different

Deku you nerd!!

This is honestly my favorite song I love it so much I’m gonna keep this short though Main thing song is the best

DiII Pickl3 v1

I’m scared to listen to the song, because of the title.


Quite honestly a song that actually touched me.


Love it sm.


Amazing song while I was dumped a few weeks back I had plans of a family I had the ring which I gave and was left alone in the darkness and was thinking of well offing myself a moment ago then I was listening to a few tracks and then bumped to this track and the main lyrics are my soul and well maybe the song would of been someone like me but now I wanna live to see if I can change her world to love me once more as much as I love her God help me!


I love it. Have a cup of coffee


Absolutely loveeeeee this song!!!!!!


And now it’s already super popular! Very sad, yes, but amazing!

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