Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding

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Hollywood's Bleeding Tracklist:


Great job Post, love that you are so diverse & can see you enjoy all forms of music, it shows in your writing & melodies. At 50+ I enjoy all music, from Rap to death metal... if that’s still a thing lol Best wishes on your career


I love how passionate he is. Now he’s been like that through his whole music career and this album is bound to be a grammy. He has so much good stuff. And if u r like me and u are a true fan. So don’t be hating, if u don’t like it then listen to somebody else. But this is close to his best album yet. I can’t wait to see what is next! #LoveUPost

buttcheak von stinkelsburf

Post is amazing I dig it no 1 star ratings or die


Post’s other material is definitely worth a listen. This album is awful in comparison. It’s almost like no one even tried. The songs are bland and simple. Post included way too many features, and they all mix horribly. I even hate the Travis Scott song and I love flame features. This type of lazy content makes me worry about his future.


I usually love Post Malone’s music but I did not enjoy this album. He should have taken more time to perfect it.


Thank u for such an art.


Amazing an example of actual cultured music


I don’t know how I feel about this more poppy stuff


Absolutely boring, thoughtless, and unoriginal. I thought I was listening to one long pointless song and then I realized I had finished the album.

the dortnite player dumb

Stop being followers already! I am sure you guys love his songs! Just because one person says he is awful don’t mean y’all can conclude in that! #team posty

Travis Contreras

Honestly the people who give this one star cause of the “crappy” music legit cannot hear one cuss word in one song like chill the heck out. It’s the music I like and a lot of others, and if your just gonna hate cause it isn’t you clean kids bop stuff why rate it?


It has definitely grown on me




Luv this man ❤️❤️❤️


i’m literally obsessed with this album 🥳🥳🥳❤️❤️ love u post malone


Best album by far.


love this. get well Post ..

Little Ninjagal

His music is pretty catchy, but some of his fans are incredibly childish and ridiculous. Addicted2HipHop116, You’re the one who needs to grow up. Anyone can rate Post Malone’s music, and give their opinions. Stop being immature. If someone doesn’t like his music, it doesn’t make them uncultured or low-lives. What it really means is that they have different taste in music, but you can handle that.


Absolutely love this album!!!!!


I love post malone he’s such a sweetie pie and deserves all the love and support. his music is amazing I love his voice.

Chilly Willy I Like Pancakes

I never understand when people knock an artist for evolving. You don't have to like every chapter of someone's musical career. It's his journey, we're along for the ride. I happen to love everything he is putting out. The very thing that people are critizing about him is what I appreciate about his music. It's not contained in a small box, he's all over the map. I love that about him. Keep 'em coming, man. You're crushing it. Be true to yourself. We love that about you and your music.


Someone called this garbage “cultured” and said we should grow up because we don’t know good music. That’s scary! Looks he’s a great guy and I’m sure he’s talented. It’s just not in the genre of music.

Aubrey 🌻

My personal favorite is Allergic, his songs are so catchy and they blow my mind on how good they are. If you are a person that likes rap and pop, this album is GREAT for you!

ton grandmére

litrally love this


I thought it was fire. Although certain songs weren’t as popular I still like it.


Love it keep up the good work my favs are circles And Hollywood’s Bleeding 😁😁😁😁 I would like more stony vibe but I love this album and I love staring at the sun 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Høw Šhøćkîñg

I’m sorry to Tell you This post but I asked My entire grade and entire bus which is better post molane or Daddyphatsnaps.... Anime raps are better then you 😂😂😂😂


Stay away from Ozzy Osbourne you walking talking drawing board.


People who complain about pop music are people who can’t grow up with our society. Half of songs that are popular is pop and rap music, so quit whining over songs like this. I know classic rock, 80’s, 90’s were good and all, but music has evolved into rap, pop, more country music, R&B, and new rock, etc.. I’m just putting it out there for people who aren’t flexible with music.


I love this album


No flaws. Baaangers.


I listen to this album on the way to and from work everyday.


Horrible music


Best album YET! I love it so much! Your songs make me inspired to get over my ex bff! My favorites are Take What You Want and Goodbyes! Someday I want to go to one of your tours. Post Malone, every time I have a bad day, the first thing I do is listen to your music, sing it as loud as I can, then I feel better. Ignore those haters getting on your nerves I believe in you! Keep up the great work! If you read this, have a great day! Yours Truly, agentcaitlin😁


This is just god awful......he sings like a girl!


Great album!!!

Whoa Cuz

He’s no Mac Miller, and can’t even rap. It’s a lapdog hippopotamus


Beach theme man for this year


I mean I tried everyone said he's good but its just not my thing, just know I at least listened to a few songs so dont @ me. I respect your opinions but just dont try to change mine. also I heard his body guard quit because post Malone smelled to bad lol


I love!


I used to like Post Malone but know I feel like he makes more pop music then he does rap. He makes good music just not that much rap, if your gonna make more pop type music just put your album under the pop category of music and stop putting it as rap. Like enemies with DaBaby for the most part DaBaby is doing most of the rapping on that song. I just want more Stoney vibes when he actually use to rap.


Post just keeps getting better

my butt88584

This album is good but I’d like some more stony vibes


My fav voice


Omg I don’t know why I love Postie, but I do! Swae Lee slid on the track and made it special. The album, well, I bought, but haven’t listened because I cannot take sunflower off of repeat! Sunflower...

Yeet YE


Ben Kenon

Do people really listen to this rich poser cry about how sad he is while wearing a 24k gold grill and driving cars that cost more than your house?