Pendulum - Immersion (Deluxe Version)

℗ 2010 Warner Music UK Limited

Immersion (Deluxe Version) Tracklist:


I wish I didn’t make this purchase. What’s with all the synthesizers? What year are we in? How do people listen to this crap? I kept telling myself it’ll get better but it never did and I quit a few songs in. I want my money back. Worst Album ever!!!

Odracir Solava

I first heard of Pendulum when the song propane nightmares came out. I was a fan ever since the album in silico came out! They started the knife party duo and pendulum just vanished... I do prefer pendulum better than knife party. A dj set I would not pay to see live but pendulum I so would pay to see live! Long live pendulum


Have to say this album has become my number one to listen to over and over. Have to say this group astonishes me with this album and I can say anyone will enjoy this and has to be a must have in their library.

Grey Mann

Best album yet. Get it.

Th3 Kn1f3

There is only one great song which is The Island Pt. II Dusk.


The only thing I hate about the album is that it's put under Alternative, it should be put as Dance I think

Marcus Vigilante

I have already listened to this album so many times, you would've think it's been driven deep into the dirt with a big dubstep drill. But no, it's like there's some infinie force of resistance that only keeps you CONTINUING to discover more things about it to like. I have listened to it through seasons and it is ever still present and relevant. Even though it's electronica, it's constructed in a way as though a band could play it. There's a lot of music (in my opinion) that would be better of without the vocals, but I've never heard something that's so enhanced by the vocal. Bone crushing and mind breaking hardcore, I can't think of anything that translates the feeling more. You can reach new levels working out to this. I can imagine some of the songs as an intro for the "Naruto" series. This album has so much power packed into it, literally as energy contained in the disk, and you could run off it for year. Crafted with genious.


So I'm confused. Self vs self is SICK one my favorite songs for sure. But pendulum is like techno from what I see so I'm guessing its all in flames in the song + pendulum? Either way if you don't want pendulum do not pass up self vs self if you're a metal fan!!!


Simply a high good quality sound and lyrics. Definitely THIS electronic band is something you ought to have.


It's a great album and I'd like to listen to it all the time !! I Love It !!

Robert Pelletier

I love this cd it's the first one of their CDs i got.

Skrillex# 1

Is pendulum having COMPLETE albums and knife party has only EPs


I've been in love with Pendulum ever since I first heard Slam on DDR. This album did not disappoint.


Wow, you can definitely tell that these guys are the original Knife Party.


This album is a solid effort from Pendulum. Newcomers will find this album attractive and fans will be satisfied also. The music is a blend of alternative and electronic, though more electronic than alternative. Lyrics range from insightful to confusing, but they're much better than what you'll find in the majority of pop songs. Is this Pendulum's best album? Maybe not, but it goes to show that Pendulum has not "sold out" and is still putting a great deal of effort into their songs. Worth the buy, 4/5.


This music sounds more like Electronic more than being Alternative


The rest is better than the horrible first single… The deadmau5 remix is hilariously bad


This doesn't sounds like Alternative rock to me.


I really liked Hold your colour. It was Honestly my favorite album of you guys. I'm not a fan of the singing in this album. I feel it butchers the majority of the songs.


One does not simply buy this album and only listen to the island part 2, in my opinion that doesn't even compare to withccraft, or watercolor, and under the waves, and crush, and the island part 1, and immunize, and encoder!! JUST BUY THIS ALBUM PLEASE SO GOOD!

Wheeles I no how to spell it

The only song I hate that song doesn't even belong with this album

Thomas Jefferson the 2nd

Can't get over the sound!

Graham ohashi

Just letting you know, my favorite tracks that you should buy are tracks 1-23 ^^


I gotta say, I can listen to this album over and over without fast fowarding through any songs. It's amazing. Love it!


Amazing! Been listening nonstop!


I was listening to hardcore rap and came across these guys just now and omg im an immediate fan!!! I can't beleive I spent all those years missing out on these guys!




I honestly dont know why The Island part 1 and 2 are the only top rated because this whole album is pure mind-blowing beats. i personally think Witchcraft and Vulture are ones that should be the top but besides that, best album i have ever heard this year. (and its 2012 so thats saying something xD)


don't know about the other songs but set me on fire is probably the best track I've ever heard

tim the tom

it is a must have because it is sooooooooooo good!!! plus u need to get set me on fire...because it is so good and it can sound like a video game


Ive been listening to music i "thought" was good for years. But now i finally found that one band that is perfect for me. Lol and im from america btw

October Street

Alright, so I was introduced to Pendulum (thank god!) through the Internet, and was really getting into them when this album came out. IT'S FREAKING FANTASTIC. The style of D&B is ever present, as well as including some guitar rifts in as well. Did I mention that "The Island (Pt. 1 & )" make a great song for a party? Just sayin', it's just great. This is by far Pendulum's best album (although Hold Your Colour & In Silico are awesome as well), and should be listened to by EVERYONE! In all, a great and well worth the money album. Love you Pendulum!


I bought and downloaded Watercolour... but only part of the mp3 downloaded... i only got 1:25 of the song


Everyone should listen immesrion... Every single song has its own taste.. Specially Witchcraft . Best song ever!


never been much of a dnb fan, but PENDULUM. i mean seriously, man.


Love this album! My favorite songs are Crush and The Island Pt.1 and Pt.2...a must have have for your collection.


Nuff said.


Pendulum brings a new perspective of dance music with metal influence. Each song on this album is different and pleasing to hear. I have listened to this album multiples times now and never get tired of hearing it. Plus, any band that Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-Man) has a featured part in is five stars in my book.


Me being a HUGE Drum and Bass head (which isn't too common in the U.S.) and a huge Pendulum fan obviously made me fall in love with this album and making it my favorite album of all time making almost all of the songs on this album exceed the 100 play count mark after almost a year now. My friends were very surprised that I fell in love with this album even though it wasn't similar to the DnB sounds of Hold Your Color, but that didn't matter to me. I love how they created a fusion of sounds from Drum and Bass to Alternative/Metal Rock and it goes to show that Rob Swire and the rest of the Pendulum band are all genius! The only thing the saddens me about Pendulum is that the popularity is far less in America then in the UK. I wish people would have more respect for these kinds of sounds in America and for the Drum and Bass genre in general but what can you do? Anyways, if you haven't already bought this album and want to hear a different type of music of dnb and want to have your mind blown away then BUY THIS ALBUM!


This is an absolutely phenomenal album. Always been a huge fan of Pendulum in every direction they've gone since their debut album. They really have true talent and can appeal to many broad audiences. I've been hooked ever since I heard them way back when!


Fantastic album. One of the finest of it's kind to grace these ear drums. The level play and channel fades create an outstanding experience on a good pair headphones. Thank you Pendulum.


Exciting! Innovative. I love this cd


pendulum sounds better


This album blew me away! More so than their previous 2 releases 'Hold Your Colour' and 'In Silico'. I can't believe they collaborated with In Flames! Self vs Self is a great track! This album Is right in line with what Pendulum is about, nothing too fancy or different, just what you'd expect from them, but better. See them live If you can. They are amazing live!


After a friend turned me onto Pendulum's song "The Island Pt. 1", and after hearing the song several times on Sirius I decided to give the whole album a shot. I was amazed on how awesome this album really was. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes Electronic, Dance, Drum and Bass or Dubstep. The only disappointing thing is the UK Deluxe version contains 28 tracks with 8 videos while us in the US have to settle for the 20 song 3 video version.


This is one of the only albums worth the is incredible. You will absolutely not be disappointed.


Less bass, less drums? We need that Pendulum. We really do. The best is: 1.Witchcraft 2.The Island Part 2


Pendulum is hands down one of the greatest drum and bass groups out there! Their music just seems to transport you from this world into some other dimension! It's just mindblowing!!! Can't stop listening to The Island Pt. 1 and 2 WHAT A RUSH! And certainly, Watercolur and Withcraft ca't be left behind. Basically, the whole CD is amazing. Pendulum has done it again =)


I tried on like 3 devices and got errors but I can buy other things fine, grrrr

Vince kR

The Island is probably one of my favorite songs of all time, along with Watercolour and Crush. Best songs: Watercolour Crush The Island, Pt. 1 (Dawn) The Island, Pt 2 (Dusk) Witchcraft The Fountain These are my favorites but the whole album is great.