Pearl Jam - Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003

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Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 Tracklist:


Trust and Us



What a collection from one of the greatest bands of all time


I don't feel this music group's inspiration and their character connect. Please don't buy this album.


How could someone give this 3 stars what is wrong with this country? Oh god I sound like my father talking about the Eagles sorry.


Anti American SOBs!

Alyssa Andrews

The newer music is ok, but can’t hold a candle to black, daughter, Jeremy ect..

u look like a chicken nugget

Music has definitely became better

Cat for the Tillerman

Nice to get even as a longtime fan. I'm not usually into greatest hits albums.


If you're here then I don't need to tell you how great this band is so I will tell you that for some reason some of these songs have CD skips in them. Why iTunes would release and make you pay for bad cds I dunno? Authenticity? Lol


I think Pearl Jam is one of the best bands ever. If you don't know much about their music, this is a great album to start with. Watch PJ20 if you want to know more. You'll be hooked.


I Love this album and almost all of the songs on it Once, Alive, Jeremy, Black, Betterman etc. I highly recommend this album to anyone

Josh Pendleton

Sounds to me like they changed the way they played Yellow Ledbetter and Even Flow compared to the original albums they came from. Wondering if it's completely remade or what..


All due respect to nirvana, but pearl jam is the best band of the 90s. And in my opinion, and excellent compilation of their music. It's lacking a few tunes like "why go" and has a few tunes I don't really care for like do the evolution, but it's still well worth the money. I especially recommend the songs from Ten and Vs.and Vitalogy. To be honest, I don't share the bands liberal sentiment, but the honesty and incredible musicianship of their songs is too awesome. I'm 16, and when everybody around me listens to pop and fail to understand me, I listen to "black" and "Jeremy" like anthems. Regardless of vedder's political views, pj has written songs to uplift the downtrodden individuals of society... Hard rock style. Bravo.


Love this album,the writing,the vocals ,instrumental amazing😀❤️😘




Here is the thing. I'm not even a precious 90's child, but I love this. If you haven't heard Pearl Jam, you haven't heard music. 🙌🙏


Hard to believe it's been over 20 years since some of these songs came out. I remember them like it was yesterday. Pearl Jam really helped shape my youth and I'm forever grateful to be able to say that I grew up in one of the most prolific times in musical history.


never get tiered of listening to it


The title says it all. Purchase, listen and enjoy!


The only reason it got 4 is because it says there are 33 songs and has only 17... Any explanation?


Don't believe the haters on this album, this is a great album from one of the greatest bands from the best rock era (grunge). They (new bands) don't make music these days that's even worth buying the whole album for but this album is loaded with hits.


I've heard many Pearl Songs before. I came across him more recently from Eddie Veddie's Ukulele songs. I purchased this whole album and what a treat!

JIll Cordoni

Pearl Jam is one of my favorite bands- the talent they have is breath taking! I recently watched a documentary called "Twenty" on the second decade of Pearl Jam and have been listening to the older stuff since. The lyrics are like nothing else, Eddie's voice and range is to die for, and the bass and drums bring it all together. Elderly woman behind the counter is one of my favorites, it never disappoints.


Great music!

Baddog Prochoice

La mejor banda del mundo. Son súper arrechos


Heard rearviewmirror in MLB 2k11. The voice is more rock but the music is more alternative. Best one is rearviewmirror.


I think quite personally Pearl Jam is one of the most overratted bands ever. Along with R.E.M.. Its probably because im too hard rock for them. Eddie has a beautiful voice, but they only have a overall of about 10 songs that are good in their 20 years. They are too soft.

Diver Down 5342

When music was good and original.


Love Eddie vedder. Wish we could gift one song instead of a whole album.


I bought this album when I first started listening to pearl jam, and don't get me wrong it's amazing, but I wish I would have bought all of their albums individually instead. You will get hooked on this album. I can't get enough PJ.


This album is great for drives but if you love pearl jam get all their albums.


Simply the best grunge band ever


My favorite songs on this 2 disc set are: Animal (the reason i started listening to Pearl Jam), Go, State of Love and Trust, Hail, Hail, Corduroy, RearViewMirror, Spin the Black Circle, Save You, Nothing as it Seems, Breath, and Given to Fly.

eddie veder fan

greatest band ever my life goal is to see them in concert

Kris in MI

Best CD of all time. Even if you're a minor PJ fan, you'll appreciate this album. One of the only CD's that can be listened to all the way through thousands of times without losing an ounce of relevance. If you like the songs, find out what they are about and then you'll love those songs. I grew up in Seattle in the 80's and 90's and this is the soundtrack to my childhood. Gotta love it. I miss those days, but they are here on this album.


This is such a great album I just wish it also had Glorified G.


Why is "Last Kiss" on here if this was my FAV songs in order this would be at the bottom its to "In the Box" same with "Yellow Ledbetter" but this song is better than "Last Kiss" my favorite album is "DISC 1" because it has the greatest songs... Also even though i have PJ's Discography i got the Greatest Hits because it has my FAV SONG by PJ... "State of Love and Trust" TOP 5 FAV ON "Disc 1" 1. State of Love and Trust 2. Alive (2004 Remix) 3. Go 4. Once (2004 Remix) 5. Even Flow Disc 1: 1. Once (2004 Remix) 5/5 2. Alive (2004 Remix) 5/5 3. Even Flow 5/5 4. Jeremy 5/5 5. State of Love and Trust 5/5 6. Animal 5/5 7. Go 5/5 8. Dissident 5/5 9. Rearviewmirror 5/5 10. Spin the Black Circle 5/5 11. Corduroy 5/5 12. Not for You 5/5 13. I Got S**t 4.9/5 14. Hail, Hail 5/5 15. Do the Evolution 5/5 16. Save You 4.9/5 TOP 5 FAV ON "Disc 2" 1. Yellow Ledbetter 2. Black (2004 Remix) 3. Immortality 4. Nothingman 5. Given to Fly Disc 2: 1. Black (2004 Remix) 5/5 2. Breath 4.9/5 3. Daughter 5/5 4. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter In a Small Town 5/5 5. Immortality 5/5 6. Better Man 5/5 7. Nothingman 5/5 8. Who You Are 4.8/5 9. Off He Goes 5/5 10. Given to Fly 5/5 11. Wishlist 5/5 12. Last Kiss 4.7/5 13. Nothing As It Seems 5/5 14. Light Years 5/5 15. I Am Mine 5/5 16. Man of the Hour 4.9/5 17. Yellow Ledbetter 5/5

The Big Iron

It's quality Pearl Jam , you're good to go.


Last Kiss is one of my favorite songs ever and should definitely be on here. Pear Jam made this song amazing.


Has all the commercial songs that get you listening to PJ, and then the songs you've never heard that make you fall in love with them. Great message, great band, great tunes.


I consider myself to be a borderline "die hard" fan and I still believe this to be one of the most excellent, and well comprised greatest hits albums ever.


Last kiss is a beautiful song maybe your just tone deff.... And for you "die hard" fans, common sense dictates they aren't gonna put together a greatest hits album with a bunch of songs that the "casual" fans haven't heard. It's a greatest hits collection, as in the most commercially successful songs not the "die hard" fans favorite songs. Don't give this a bad rating just because you think they had better songs. Every song on here is amazing.


Yellow Ledbetter is a "quirky track"?


This song alone is worth the album, althought you CAN get it cheaper somewhere else. Also, notable entries include Elderly Woman..., Even Flow, and of course, Black. A great album and a great band, Pearl Jam. Love their songs.


This was Sony's decision to release this, so what their choices were for the greatest hits shouldn't be suprising, considering they were more focused on this selling. Still I don't care much for this, it has too many overplayed hits like Jeremy, Better Man, and Daughter. Last Kiss DOES NOT belong on here, considering that song honestly isn't in my top 100 best PJ songs. Overall, for the casual fan, this is a nice collection of songs, but for a die-hard fan, I would pass on this one.


This is perhaps one of my favorite albums ever! My favorite band by far is Pearl Jam. I grew up listening to these guys and I still listen to them today. The only thing that I don't like about this album is the version of Even Flow that's on here. I'd have preferred it to be the original version from Ten. That's the only flaw on this album, though.


This an awesome album. It has all the songs i like!!!!

Guns N' Roses FOREVER

awesome album but dont you think its kinda stupid it says greatest hits through 2003 but it says that it is the 2004 remix?


I dont know what it is im here listening to Pearl Jam and and giving them a second chance since that last couple of albums didnt do anything for me. But I'm listening to them now and im saying to myself what was I thinking they are still AWESOME!!!!. Ever since I saw eddie on SNL in 91 and saw them live in 97 in Los Angeles I was hooked. They had some rough times with Jack leaving, dave not getting along with eddie and they had there melodic phase but Overall they made some key decisions that has only helped the band and that is GETTING and Keeping MATT CAMERON on drums THE GREATEST DECISION THEY COULD HAVE EVER MADE!! PLEASE matt don't leave pearl jam do both if you have to since soundgarden is the band that you started in well with any notaritity anyways... Eddie, Jeff, Mike, Stone, and Matt keep up the Fantastic song writing and thank you for staying on this earth... and not going down the path of Layne, Kurt, Jimi, Jim, Keith, Cant wait to hear more from you guys... This album is pure PJ at there finest. A band that sounds just like the recording is a sign on how tight PJ is. Go explore more from pearl jam and let them take you to a place that only pearl jam can...


It's a great set of songs,but If I was in charge, I would've made this a 90's only collection taking off Save You, Nothing as it Seems, Light years, Man of the Hour, I am Mine, while also removing Last Kiss because it's a cover and one of their worst songs, it just accidentally got big because pop fans liked it as well as Who You Are, which only went #1 because it was the first single off No Code when PJ was the biggest band in the world, but they deliberatley releaseed the most boring song in a successful attempt to tear apart their own fame.. I would replace these tracks with (rating in parenthesis) Porch (10), Release (9), In My Tree (8), Red Mosquito(8), In Hiding(8), and Footsteps(8) because its one of their first 3 beloved songs along with Alive & Once...this would be the perfect combination of the 32 best and most important tracks from the biggest band of the 90's... Track by Track of the actual songs: 10's-Alive, Even Flow, Black, Jeremy, Rearviewmirror, State of Love, Breath, Corduroy, Given to Fly, Do the Evolution, Yellow Ledbetter, I Got Id 9's-Nothingman,Immortality, Once, Go, Animal, Save You, Spin the Black Circle, Not For You, Hail Hail, and probly Betterman although it's probly closer to an 8 while been a 10 live 8's-Dissident, Small Town, Off He Goes, Man of the Hour 7's-Daughter,Wishlist 6's-Nothing as it Seems, I am Mine 5's-Light Years (much better live), Lask Kiss (not even one of their top 100 studio songs)

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