Sara Bareilles - Once Upon Another Time - EP

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Once Upon Another Time - EP Tracklist:


There are three sweet, melodic tunes in this album. They are beautiful, and sung so well that the listener is held by their magic. Given artistic license, she is allowed a clinker. Sweet As Whole was juvenile drivel and doesn’t belong here. It brings down the desirability of the work. Pity.


Ok I didn't listen to the entirety of the EP I did preview it however and couldn't bring my self to buy a single song. I'm sorry I am still a fan of Sara's music but she completely changed her style. I was a big fan of Little Voices and I loved Kaleidoscope heart and I liked Love is Christmas single but this, This is complete trash sorry to use such harsh words but really and why do artist now feel the need to have a swear word in there songs when normally they don't I.E sweet as whole and now Jason Mraz new album with the song you F'n did it. I mean I don't mind swearing in songs but just because you can doesn't mean you have to as in know your audience before you do something rash. So in the end I hope when Sara comes out with a new album that it's better then this and she goes back to her up beat melodies and also lays off the swearing. God I feel like such a hypocrite some times sorry sara hope this wasn't to harsh I was manly mad cause of the swearing.


Sara's beautiful voice with slow simple beats is bliss.

Salvador Zendejas

I can't believe Sarah start singing such a crappy songs like sweet as a whole, she sounds cheap ,though she was more classy but she just join the getto club bad for her, beautiful voice wasted .

Set Album to Repeat

In this album, in only 25 minutes, Sara Bareilles took me on a rollercoaster of welcomed and unwelcomed emotions. Having songs that made me laugh like "Sweet As Whole" and songs that made me look deeper within myself like "Beautiful Girl" and "Bright Lights and Cityscapes". Amazing singer/songwriter, just simply breath taking.


Sweet as whole…lol I guess she’s the only person who can make explicit contents sound kind of beautiful. I still don’t find those contents charming, but it’s indeed a great song melody wise. Of course, except for this, everything else about this EP is perfect.


I fell in love with her music when Love Song was released and after that, I got all her albums. She was amazing to begin with, but she has gotten so much better with time. There is such a genuine quality that her voice holds. Once Upon Another Time - pure. That is what I think of when I hear this song. Her voice literally speaks for itself because she is singing a cappella. The song is hauntingly beautiful. Stay - amazing. End of story. Her lyrics are just so touching and they make me reminisce of that one person I wanted to Stay. Bright Lights and Cityscapes - BRB I’m crying because of how beautiful this is. Sweet as Whole - I laughed at this song. I love how snarky it is. But the best part is that I love how HONEST it is. If you don’t like cussing, don’t buy this. But if you appreciate snarky honesty, this is for you :) Lie to Me - Another one of those songs that made me have to admire how beautifully talented she is.


This is a really great album just wished it would have been a full album :) lol



Hey. It's me.

I love all of the songs on this album. And it's all worth it. Yes. She does curse in the song "Sweet As Whole," but honestly, I don't mind. Its stress-relieving and as she says better than drugs or a drink. It's also scientifically proven that cursing lets you release bad feelings and emotions. And Stay and the other songs are all very soulful. They get to you in ways not imagined. At the end, you need to know that it's worth it. Real fans will love this js! ;)


I am an avid fan of Sara's (I don't claim to be #1 or anything, that's rather naive), and have followed her from the beginning. But the first thing you should know about this album is that anybody who says that "Sara has done it again!" is just wrong. This is an explorative album, and it can come as quite a shocker for fans of hers'. However, from the haunting "Once Upon Another Time" to the absolutely terrific "Bright Lights and Ctiyscapes," this album has so much to offer. The emotion Sara manages to express blows me away every time, and the undeniably surprising nature of the album immerses you into an electrifying tour of this spectacular collection of feeling that drives you to grief and lifts you to laughter. Real music. Five out of five from me. The true beauty of this set of songs makes you fall just a little. So don't be afraid of heights.<3


Love all the songs especially Sweet As Whole


Though there is some confusion on the lyrics for "lie to me"


Amazing! Sweet As Whole is now become one of my favorite songs, love it. Great song to listen to at the end of a stressful day. Stay is so soulful and bitter sweet . Can't wait for more.

Bieber Fever Fan1

My favorite song on the EP is definitely "Lie to Me"! I love the use of piano and violin! Really I like all the songs on the EP besides "Sweet as Whole". I don't listen to songs with profanity in it. I even like "Once Apon Another Time" even though it doesn't have any music. I'm not a fan, I just like the lyrics in her songs. - JMM


I love Stay! And when people started to complain about Sweet As Whole I was like "is it really that bad?" So I looked up the lyrics and I was surprised because I thought she would only say a couple of 4 letters and stuff like that but it's a little more explicit than I thought but I don't really care she's a great artist and she can do what she wants to do so go Sara!!


Sara did it again. Every song is a gem. Her voice is flawless, her lyrics haunting, the music beautiful. 'Nuff said.


Where did the old CLEAN Sara berellies go that was such an inspiration to me?!?! Sweet as whole is kinda of makes no sense and is has horrible language and the others are better but had no effort in them. Don't get me wrong I still like her music and am not approving it just I am surprised in her and this album. Don't hate me for this comment I am sorry!!!! :-|


If this is what Sara can bring by doing a half album -- I say do that from now on. The 5-star reviews below are not exaggerated. Sweet As Whole is just hilarious poetry that makes you wish you were singing along with a bunch of strangers in a bar. This album has converted me to FAN status -- when's the next tour Sara?


This album shows the true essence of a person and it is her it's her it's not dolled up it's bare it's skeletal even. It is everything that a person is it's not meant to please anyone it is a collection of truly beautiful songs written from the bleeding heart of a gosh darn fantastic poet and an even more amazing songwriter and vocalist She shows all her strengths.


She's so good in maintaining her vocals and hitting the right notes. Just love her voice.


This is just... Amazing.


Love the new sound!!

Rob Matt Rubio

She da best , no hate!

zayn lover:)



People just don't know what it takes to be a musician. Trust me, I know, because this is what I've done my entire life. And I know, people will either love your music or hate your music. I think this album is a piece of fantastic art. So what if she curses in her music? Are you going to lie and pretend like you don't think some of the exact same things she's singing about? PUH-LEASE. Sara Bareilles is honestly someone that I look up to, as a musician, and anybody who dislikes her music is entitled to their opinion. Just know that you are truly missing out on exceptional music, and missing out on the qualities that makes said music quintessentially "Sara"


That's all.

TN&BSU 4 Life

I love that I have more of her music. I've been waiting ever since the first time I Kaleidoscope Heart. I can't get enough. Her voice is nothing shor of amazing & I'm already anticipating the next album. I see multiple complaints on "Sweet As Whole" as it is a little....different. But love it or hate it....everyone can relate to it. This is my official bad day at work song. I don't see how any of you can rate this 1 star....but opinions are like "As Whole's"...everyone has one. Here's my review on each song. "Once Upon Another Time" shows just how beautiful her voice is without music. I love acapella singing. I really hope I spelled that right. "Stay" is a simply amazing blusy work of art. It has an old school feel & it's perfect. "Lie To Me" caught me completely off guard with a hip-hop feel. A great example of her displaying her versatility. "A tongue like yours should be burned & branded"...very nice touch. "Sweet As Whole" is the one from the few reviews I've read....seems to be the reason for the low reviews. Yes, it's different than most of her work and to paraphrase someone on here...sounds like a bar song. It's catchy, creative, fun, & it's more that perfect when dealing with "special" people in your life. It's my official bad day song. Finally "Bright Lights & Cityscapes". Just another example of how she can mesmorize you with her voice. She's most played artist of the 1,000+ songs downloaded. I just love her voice and creativity. She's just a totally amazing artist.


Fills my heart up to overflowing. I love it. <3


Such a departure from what she usually does. GIRL GOT SOUL!!!


"Sweet As Whole" is the best song on this album! Good stuff...

Erica Mabry

I never listened to much of Sara's music before, except her songs on the radio. However, when I found this EP I was taken back by the emotion and simplicity. I really like the style of the EP, minus the strange song "Sweet As Whole". For one, if your going to include an outlier such as that song, please put it at the end of the EP so that the flow of the songs isn't messed up. My favorite song is the last, "Bright Lights and Cityscapes". For those of you who think this is boring, then you must just be someone who is into pop music, and not into music for the emotion. Look up the lyrics, give it a few listens, and I think you will learn to love it.


Shes back and better than ever. I still get chills. Her music moves me in a way I cannot describe.


this whole EP is just AMAZING it makes you laugh and cry but her vocals are LOVELY. shes one of a kind who can sing live and in the studio ONE OF MY FAVORITE ARTIST FOR SURE i think stay is my favorite on this EP but its to hard to pick


To all of those who are "incredibly disappointed" with "Sweet as Whole"...shove it. The song is great, so what if she is cursing? She's having fun and this album was for the fans. Let her have fun. Most songs that are created nowadays have curse words in them, but the moment Sara curses its a big no no. Get real! Sara is amazing, the end. Bring on the next album, girl!

new california republic (:

being little i watched her music video for love song on tv and it was cool..never thought she would cuss...alot


I love you Sara, but this album is TERRIBLE!!!! Especially the song "Sweet As A Whole" had me thinking of going to a bar and ensuring I was well past the legal limit to have any kind of understanding behind the making of this song. Again I love you Sara, but just wait until you have a full album. You are so much better than this.


Sara's Kaleidoscope Heart was fantastic. I didn't think she could get any better. I was wrong. This EP is pure genius!!


I just want more!! Sara is sounding better than ever. This EP is simply brilliant and I can't get enough.


I NEVER USUALLY comment, because I am an artist with a record out so I don't think I should, but.... She is truly The MOST talented artist (female) I've EVER heard. ALL SONGS ARE AMAZING! ESPECIALLY THE "Sweet as whole". This is why... As a song writer myself let me tell you people-- WE ALL WRITE SONGS LIKE THIS BUT NOT NEARLY AS GOOD AND WE DON'T HAVE THE BALLS TO SUBMIT TO THE RECORD LABEL! So unless you people can write something better-- please shut the f**k up!

Incepid Opinionist

From Ellen to the world!


She never ceases to amaze me...bring on the next album Sara xoxo


Sara Bareilles used to have awesome songs- like "Love Song" and "King of Anything" (despite the fact that they're the most popular), but this is terrible. It really has a negative tone that I don't find pleasant to listen to, especially "Sweet As Whole." Not only is it unnecessarily explicit, but the melody and song itself is abominable to hear. It's sad that her music has been brought down to this.


I'm so sick of people being so critical on itunes! It's not like you're a professional critic, just because you use a big vocabulary and act like you know so much about music doesn't mean your opinion is valued. Seriously, what was wrong with this amazing album?? Nothing of course! Sara has done it again! <3


Ever since I heard Gravity I had fallen in love with Sara's voice, there's something about it that's so soothing and special. I love this EP its simply amazing. I've cried to these songs, laughed even, they are just so loving. Just spend five dollars and hear it , it will awaken something inside you. <3


If she made a whole explicit cd, I'd buy it!


This album shows Sara at her finest. She takes you through a wide spectrum of emotions and has a truly hypnotic voice. She is moving, raw, hilarious, heart-breaking, and potty-mouthed. In on word, she is Sara. The only thing that is wrong with this is that it's just an EP! After these 5 tracks, you'll certainly be begging for more.

Tris I.

I've played studio sessions, as a drummer, for a million years... Before I comment on this new EP, I desperately want to say that, Gravity is, and I've played with some amazing talent, been in music my whole life, the most beautiful song I've ever heard. The melody, the chord progressions, the dissonance, the technical beauty, is truly Amazing!!! Now, I'm no saint... but really.... the "anger thing" again? Sure, you're on the sexy edge, right? You can be just as rhetorically off the wall as good ole Alanis, right? I don't think I've ever been so disappointed.... Sara, grow up. You're truly brilliant.... so, please write something truly from your heart, no shock needed, trust me....

pelnice manning

there no word had me speechless all i can do is play this loub and sing to it to the highest


I have always enjoyed Sara's music. I think she is one of the most amazing modern artist's because everything is just her. No alterations, nothing but Sara. I really love all of the songs on the EP except Sweet as a Whole. Sara, your music is beautiful, why do you have to go a ruin it by putting in swear words. It just dumbs down the song and the message that you're trying to express. I'm buying every song but that one.