Alanis Morissette - Not As We (Remixes)

℗ 2008 Maverick Recording Company

Not As We (Remixes) Tracklist:


I love Alanis' unique style of writing and singing, but "dance" remixes just do not suite her work, at all. If you think so, and like them, fine. I just don't. It's like trying to add chocolate frosting to Filet Mignon. The two things simply do not compliment one another, and are best left nowhere near one another.


definately not a fan of the original but the dangerous muse and holosound edits are my favorites. They totally draw you in and are great to play at any get-together


Somewhere in L.A., Alanis is puking right now as she thinks of this album. These remixes are poorly conceived and do violence to the original version; that's how bad they are. Avoid this nonsense.


I understand that remixes are marketing vehicles for record lables. Especially considering that Alanis is not a usual voice in the dance clubs. But these remixes are so bad. Starting from such a great material, all these guys managed to criple this song into very un-imaginative "four on the floor" beat with bunch of electro-cliches... No penny from me.


and usually slow songs sound terrible remixed but this is a decent package. It's nice to have the radio edition available.


These remixes are just what the song needs! It's such an emotional song anyway, and to take that energy and put it to a groove ready for the dancefloor is amazing! The DJ Lynnwood remix is the best one. Eddie Amador and Jack Shaft with a close second.


a fantastic song with decent remixes


This is a beautiful song and it means a lot to me personally. I feel like remixing it is a total dis to the song. Plus this is NOT a remix song. Remixes are sooooo chessy. Every blue moon you might find a good one, but normally they are a waste of time. I wish this song could have been exempt from becoming remixed. Click YES if you agree.


I've never liked techno, but i'm a huge Alanis fan so I finally decided to download some of the remixes. And to my surprise, I love them all. Mabye it's only because it's Alanis, but regardless they're all great. The Blow-Up Edit is my favorite.


I've been hoping they would release the version like the one on her video. In my opinion its better than the original one on the album. If you have to choose just one get #1.


These remixes actually solve a lot of my problem with this song's original version. All the other songs had a hook that drew me in, butt his one was quietly beautiful. Now I can listen to this beautiful song with beats!